It is time to stop doubting yourself, stop comparing yourself unfavourably with others, stop living to other people's definition of success, start trusting yourself again and very determinedly create the prosperous life you desire


(And self-doubt is not allowed to take that away from you)

✅ You Deserve to live a life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love, not a life of settling for whatever scraps you manage to pick up.

✅ You deserve to have loving relationships, not be forever trapped in relationships that feel wrong, feel disempowering, feel dead because you are scared that 'this is as good as it gets and if I leave these ones, there may be nothing out there for me'

✅ You do deserve to be loved, not trapped in a lonely, single life because you think 'there is something wrong with me'

✅ You deserve to have a healthy, energetic body. No, you do not have to feel weaker and tired-er all the time - that is just the weight of fear and doubt anchoring you down and that can be shaken.

✅ You deserve to have excess money in the bank, not forever living from one paycheck to the next, forever saying no to opportunities that you WANT TO take part in but you keep telling yourself that you can't afford. Money is not your master, my love! Money exists to support you! Learn how to let it!

✅ You deserve to do work that fills your heart with glee, not be trapped in a job or business that drains the life out of you and is 'not too bad, at least it pays the bills'

✅ You deserve to live a joyous, fun-filled adventure of a life, not be forever stressed-out, burnt-out, worried about how you are coming across to others, full of self doubt and self-criticism

It does not matter what life has thrown at you, to date

It does not matter how hard it has been up to now...

It does not matter how much struggle you have had to overcome to be here.

You KNOW you are meant for more.

And regardless of what nonsense self-doubt would have you believe, you also KNOW that...

✅ You are good enough

✅ You are strong enough

✅ You are wise enough

✅ You are skilled enough

✅ You have PAID enough (not that this should matter at all, as you came out of the womb, already worthy but I know the crazy workings of your mind, you think you need to earn stuff and That is also why you absolutely need this bootcamp!)


Everything has prepared you to claim your real life

And now is the time for breakthrough.

You are supposed to be living a prosperous & abundant life and you know it

And yet, at this stage in the journey, you feel stuck, stagnant, nervous of going after all that you desire.

You don't completely know how it happened but it feels like self-doubt and fear have taken over the reins of your life

It did not happen all at once but as each nasty little event happened in your relationships and your life generally, you found yourself pulling back and playing small.

🔴 Some said you were too much so you started to tame your tongue

🔴 Some betrayed you when you gave them your trust and you started to look at everyone with distrust and hold yourself back

🔴 Some others let you down and you started to think that everyone will finally let you down as they are just human and always looking out for themselves.

🔴 You tried to do something different and it did not work and you started to tell the story that you have tried everything and nothing works for you

🔴 You made a mistake and it still dogs you and you are so scared of making a similar mistake again so you exist in self-distrust.

And so on, little conversations, little events that all started to add up and make you feel like you just need to take a moment to catch your breath but you have been taking a moment for a little while now and you are getting scared that you are missing your life!

For as long as you can remember, you have been carrying a whole lot of weight for a whole lot of people and it has all started to anchor you down.

You want to break free but you feel so responsible for everyone and it feels nasty to acknowledge the fact that you do feel resentful towards them because it can all feel so draining and no one ever seems to be there for you when you need them.

They all seem to think that you have it all together and mostly, you do but you feel as though you are missing out on your life while supporting theirs.

But hey, you are a nice person and you don't want to say what you really think and so, that feeling is also buried inside of you, eating away at your confidence and self-esteem as you continually say NO to yourself while saying YES to everyone else.

Deep down, you know you don't seem to have the boldness that you used to have.

There is this crazy voice in your head, telling you that you will fail and that you are just too adult to be doing anything different now.

Telling you to stop dreaming and just settle down into a boring old, lack-filled life.

Telling you that you are not enough.

Telling you that the time is not right yet

Telling you to tone yourself down

And as much as you don't want to listen, you can see that you are not playing in life as much as you used to.


Much much MORE!


You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine

The same power that created everything you see, is coursing through your entire being



Which is why you are struggling to settle into supposed adulthood and the 'just surviving' life

You KNOW you are meant for more than that.

The question is, are you actually willing to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem so that you do claim the prosperous life you desire?

🔴 Many say YES to this but then go back to listening to the crazy voice inside that jeers at them and tells them that they cannot change anything.

🔴 Many say YES to this but then get scared about what they may have to do when they get bolder so they choose to stay in the safety of dissatisfaction.

🔴 Many say YES to this but then immediately tell themselves that they are past it and to give up before they make a fool of themselves

You are surely not the 'MANY'

✅ You are the one who is really, truly, freaking FED UP with living beneath your potential.

✅ You are the one who is fed up with waiting for 'ONE DAY'

✅ You are the one who is ready to take back authority over your life and your affairs.

✅ You are the one ready to stop betraying yourself and START TRULY LIVING NOW!


You are invited to join me now in my brand new bootcamp - 28 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE

It is time to ditch self-doubt & flick the switch to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

WOOHOO!  I am so excited to do this with you!

It is time that you awakened to the YOU that you have always known is inside you, waiting to be unleashed.

It is time you levelled up your life in the way you have always KNOWN you are called to do.

I mean, seriously, don't you realise that EVERYTHING you have been through has strengthened you, toughened you, made you resilient and powerful

This is not the time to be retreating!

This is the time to be CHARGING FORWARD, my love and this bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need to come right awake again.

This is not about working harder and harder.  You have already done that.  You ALREADY DO THAT! and it is not working because you are doing it as the duller, slightly defeated version of you.

There is a 10.0 version of you, waiting to be set free.

And we are digging that version of you out from all the layers of nonsense that life was allowed to dump on you.

Man, it took me more than 3 decades to finally WAKE UP to what I had been allowing the people and circumstances of my life to do to me.

It took me going bankrupt...

Getting depressed for 4 long years.

And finally looking into the eyes of my 3 princesses and I knew I had to show them a different way to do life...

Something inside me screamed...


This was after years of trying to appease this and that person.

This was after years of living to other people's definitions of success

This was after years of continually putting everyone else's needs before my own and going along to get along...

Or sometimes, when I just could not say YES, I would feel soooo guilty for letting the other person down and potentially hurting their feelings

All of this ate away at my energy, my confidence, my self-esteem

And let's not talk about the stuff that happened in childhood that I kept using as an excuse and story for not rising the heck up and claiming my life.

I finally got done with succumbing to the stories in my head and TOOK BACK DOMINION OVER MY OWN AWESOME LIFE.

I did the inner work.

I faced my inner demons

I leaned deeply onto the Divine

I worked with mentors, coaches and mastermind groups in order to change my mind from the inside out.

I learned whatever strategy I needed.

AND I ROSE VICTORIOUS with unshakeable self-confidence that has allowed me to keep showing up powerfully for my own awesome life, regardless of what events or circumstances happened to me on the way.

I KNOW where I am going

I KNOW what I am doing

And NOTHING is allowed to get in my way anymore.

This kind of confidence has allowed me to create the prosperous, free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life I now live with my husband and 3 princesses

And I am teaching EVERYTHING I have learnt about being unshakeable and bold and certain and SELF-CONFIDENT in this BOOTCAMP...

Join me now in 28 Days To Unshakeable Self-Confidence, if you are that driven and VERY DETERMINED spiritual person who is done with holding back from creating the relationships, body, work or money that you KNOW you desire and deserve.


Everyday for 28 days, you will receive an audio, video or written part of the bootcamp, delivered to your inbox.  This starts immediately

Everyday, you get journal prompts

You get to keep the content for life


You can attend from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection

You will be told, via email, when the calls will be held for your enrolment period

The training portion of the calls will cover

WEEK 1: Connection to the Supernatural - TURN ON THE PROSPERITY FLOW

✅ You will switch on the prosperity flow with a few simple steps, as we prepare the subconscious mind for prosperity. Expect miracles from this first week.  

✅ Tap into the most powerful force on earth and ignite your prosperity flow. This just makes it sooo simple, swift and easy when you come from this foundation.  

✅ Learn simple techniques to cultivate the most important attitude for rapid manifestation

✅ Discover different ways to use visualisation to bring about the desires of your heart.

✅ Understand how deliberate magic really works so that you do not have to take it all on faith alone. NO more blindly going along with anything. You will now see why it works and how it works. 

✅ Discover how to hear clear inner guidance so that you always have access to the next step for you. No more doing things because you have always done them or because someone told you it might work, only to discover that it does not work FOR YOU. Instead you learn exactly how to tap into infinite wisdom yourself and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity you desire in every area of your life.  

✅ There will be a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. You are coming home to your true self and it will feel good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design. You will know now that you could never have experienced true lasting prosperity when you were on the wrong path for you.  

WEEK 2: Healing The Past, Present, Future - TURN UP THE PROSPERITY FLOW

✅ Learn how to increase the flow of prosperity towards you, in all areas of life, rather than experiencing ups and downs/ the negative OUTFLOW of prosperity.  

✅ Learn how to identify prosperity blockers and discover simple techniques to handle them so they stop affecting you  

✅ Learn a simple 60 second strategy to power up the speed with which you manifest your desires  

✅ Discover how certain religious, cultural, mass mind beliefs keep you from ever prospering no matter how hard you beg and plead with the heavens. It just will never work until you realise these blockers and eliminate them  

✅ Discover how the past affects your ability to manifest your desires and simple techniques to finally release it all and allow in increased prosperity.  

✅ Understand why money is one of the easiest things to attract when you get rid of certain ideas that do not support its attraction. Learn how to get rid of those ideas and also learn the traps most people fall into when seeking to increase their financial abundance. Learn how to avoid those and become a magnet for money.


✅ Using your current life dramas, learn how to get super clear on what you desire.  

✅ Learn how to create decrees that energise your specific desires  

✅ Learn how to use your decrees/affirmation to change your life  

✅ Understand the laws of abundance that are at work, allowing you to create the life you desire  

✅ Again, learn how to use specific fun strategies to fire up your vision and see it come to life faster than ever before  

✅ Cultivate an inner knowing that you are THAT powerful and you can create the life you want  

✅ Understand why life has felt so up and down and how to stop allowing this to happen  

WEEK 4: Deliberate Creation Of The Physical Reality - MASSIVE ACCELERATION IN ALL AREAS

✅ And now to take it out into the physical world, you will discover what you need to do to accelerate the appearance of prosperity in your relationships, health, work and money. You will realise that you NEVER have to do anything that will drain you or make you feel forced. The Deliberate Magic Method (or the process of manifestation) is supposed to be easy and simple and fun, not something you have to force yourself to do!  

✅ Get specific instructions on what to do when going through a really hard time in life so as to break through to your next level fast. How you act in times of difficulty determines whether you remain in difficulty or get propelled to your next level, you need to know how to stop recreating the same nonsensical situations. You can break free! This module will teach you how.  

✅No point getting a break through and then just falling back into your old life! So, in this module, you will understand completely EXACTLY what to do to maintain your breakthrough  

✅ We will look at relationships, health, money and work and you will discover the different actions that can be taken to bring about the vision you have for each area.  

✅ Understand that this is not some ‘hit or miss’ thing when you are following practical faith-building steps. Manifestation is guaranteed because it is a universal law. You can ask for anything and expect to see the fulfilment as long as you believe and this bootcamp will teach you EXACTLY HOW TO believe so it is not some vague thing but something you actively practise and grow.

There will also be a time for hot seat coaching, questions and answers. 

Expect to clear anything holding you back in these live calls


✅ Where does true lasting self-confidence come from?

✅ Dump the limiting ideas that keep you from the foundation of self-confidence

✅ Building the inner fortitude to withstand whatever comes your way

✅ Having the courage to be disliked and still to stand your ground and go after your desires

✅ Dissolving the mistakes of the past so you start each day with a clean slate

✅ Turning every situation into something that blesses you

✅ Discover the quickest path to inner and outer transformation and it is certainly not what you think

✅ How to do the next thing, even though afraid

✅ How to become the authority in your own life

✅ Learn the difference between fear and love-based action

✅ Learn how to prevent the resentment buildup when helping other people so that all your energy is not eaten up in trying to pretend you do not feel resentful

✅ Discover how to raise your energy levels so that any action you do take, is impactful

✅ The superpower that will keep you going whatever happens

✅ Getting crystal clear clarity that propels you powerfully forward

✅ Removing distractions from your life with ease and permanence that does not fade in weak moments

✅ Daily simple ritual that will work behind the scenes all day everyday to power-up your self-confidence and self-esteem

✅ How to allow yourself to receive good things

✅ Discover how to remove emotion and move forward swiftly to total wealth and success

✅ How the practice of gratitude will change everything for you

✅ How to handle and then use your painful feelings to accelerate your progress forward - Nothing is wasted

✅ Discover who to listen to and who NOT TO listen to

✅ How to embrace all parts of you - the wild and the gentle sides - so that you forge forward with precision and strength

✅ Level up your expectations so that when you get what you expect, it is EXACTLY what you want

✅ The actual use of willpower and why it has been letting you down recently

✅ What to do about the past and how to own the strength that it gives you

✅ How to stop with all the second-guessing and overthinking

✅ A magical little system that will give you all the wisdom and knowledge you need to move your life forward

✅ How to handle procrastination

✅ How to stop energy vampires from taking away your focus

✅ Get comfortable with being yourself again in all situations

✅ Heal the deep feeling that you are not enough

✅ Give yourself total permission to make as much money as you like doing ONLY What you want to do.

This next 28 days will completely change your life.

It is time to stop ONE-DAY ing your life away.

It is time to stop playing the small game

It is time to stop pretending to be happy with life as it is.

It is time to break free of the self-imposed cage in which you find yourself

It is time to tap back into that power that you KNOW dwells within you

It is time to FLICK THE SWITCH to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life

Come join me now in 28 Days To Unshakeable Self-Confidence by clicking the button below and jumping on board.



To A Private Facebook Group

- Where We Can Do Life Together - One of your biggest problems is isolation. No one around you understands what you are trying to do with your life and so, you keep getting pulled back down. this safe space is exactly what you need to really integrate the work we are doing of building your confidence

- You Get All Situations Resolved - This is a safe space for real life discussion and support from me. Any topic goes. You deserve to prosper in EVERY area of life - relationships, health, money, job/business but without honesty about who you really are & what is really happening to you, you will never allow yourself to experience all that is yours. You do not have to feel alone anymore.

- Receive New Insights Into Living A Supernaturally Confident Life during weekly livestreams





THE HARD LIFE is just what you have chosen (unknowingly) and you keep choosing it because you do not realise there is another way.  

I grew up on the parable of Adam and Eve, supposedly the first two people on the planet living in a paradise of all paradises - The Garden Of Eden. . And they were given a simple choice…  

🔴 Be supported, loved, guided through life, going from one degree of glory to another as you decide what you want and get guided to it without any stress.  


🔴 Decide that you are being scammed and deceived, Choose to depend on your limited knowledge and experience to think your way through life, work your way through life, struggle to make anything work and feel as if the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.

Like most humans, they chose to walk away from love and try to make it happen on their own.

This is the same choice we are given each and every day and most people keep choosing the path of struggle instead of the path of peace & abundance.

And something just does not feel right, hence the low level depression and anxiety that most people walk around with.

And so, most people have been searching for a way back home.

A way back to that initial childlike innocence.

Most people end their search by distracting themselves with too much food, drink, drugs, sex, drama, religious activities, work.

They try to drown out the emptiness inside.

They try not to notice the limited success in their life.

You have been 'most' people for a long time now and I sense you are ready to break free, which is why you are here.


You sense deep inside that there is another more peaceful way to do life.  

There is...

The Abundance Library will help you discover that path - I call it the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY.

Just listen to a program while you go about your daily life, for 20 minutes or so a day.

If you are a driven spiritual person, determined to ditch self doubt and rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you easily create a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, then Join THE '28 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE' Now For $97 / £71

YOU START IMMEDIATELY. You will be informed when the live calls will be held, via email. Today, get yourself a notebook, if you do not already have one and earmark it for your spiritual practice. Start immersing yourself in the Abundance Library & map out your plan of transition to doing more of what you love.

Here's A Few Ways You Can Join

1. Join With Paypal - Full Payment of $97 / £71 (New Program Intro Pricing - Full Price is $499)


3. Join using an alternative (stripe) For Full Payment Of $97 / £71 (New Program Intro Pricing - Full Price is $499)

Order Summary
28 Days To Regain Unshakeable Self-Confidence (80% Discount)

Order Summary
28 Days To Regain Unshakeable Self-Confidence (80% Discount)