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It is time to stop doubting yourself, stop comparing yourself unfavourably with others, stop living to other people's definition of success, start trusting yourself again and very determinedly MAKE YOUR BIG GOAL HAPPEN!


(And doubt is not allowed to take that away from you)

✅ You Deserve to live a life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love, not a life of settling for whatever scraps you manage to find.

✅ You deserve to have loving relationships, not be forever trapped in relationships that feel wrong, feel disempowering, feel dead because you are scared that 'this is as good as it gets and if I leave, I'll be alone as there is nothing out there for me'

✅ You do deserve to be loved, not trapped in a lonely, single life because you think 'there is something wrong with me'

✅ You deserve to have a healthy, energetic body. No, you do not have to feel weaker and tired-er all the time - that is just the weight of fear and doubt anchoring you down and that can be shaken.

✅ You deserve to have excess money in the bank, not forever living from one paycheck to the next, forever saying no to opportunities that you WANT TO take part in but you keep telling yourself that you can't afford. Money is not your master, my love! Money exists to support you! Learn how to let it!

✅ You deserve to do work that fills your heart with glee, not be trapped in a job or business that drains the life out of you and is 'not too bad, at least it pays the bills'

✅ You deserve to live a joyous, fun-filled adventure of a life, not be forever stressed-out, burnt-out, worried about how you are coming across to others, full of self doubt and self-criticism

It does not matter what life has thrown at you to date...

It does not matter how hard it has been up to now...

It does not matter how much struggle you have had to overcome to be here...

You KNOW you are meant for more.

And regardless of what nonsense self-doubt would have you believe...

✅ You are good enough

✅ You are strong enough

✅ You are wise enough

✅ You are skilled enough

✅ You have PAID enough (not that this should matter at all, as you came out of the womb, already worthy but I know the crazy workings of your mind, you think you need to earn stuff and THAT FALSE BELIEF is also why you need to do this bootcamp!)


Everything leading up to this moment, has prepared you to claim your real life

And now is the time for breakthrough.

You are supposed to be living a prosperous & abundant life and you know it

And yet, at this stage in the journey, you feel stuck, stagnant, nervous of going after all that you desire.

You don't completely know how it happened but it feels like self-doubt and fear have taken over the reins of your life

It did not happen all at once but as each nasty little event happened in your relationships and your life generally, you found yourself pulling back and playing smaller and smaller.

🔴 Some said you were 'too much' so you started to tame your tongue

🔴 Some betrayed you when you gave them your trust and you started to look at everyone with distrust and hold yourself back

🔴 Some others let you down and you started to think that everyone will finally let you down as they are 'just human' and always looking out for themselves.

🔴 You tried to do something different and it did not work and you started to tell the story that you have tried everything and nothing works for you

🔴 You made a mistake and it still dogs you and you are so scared of making a similar mistake again so you exist in self-distrust.

And so on and so on...

These little conversations, little events, peppered with some HUGE ones, all started to add up and make you feel like you just need to take a moment to catch your breath but you have been taking a moment for a little while now and it is beginning to feel like you are missing your life!

For as long as you can remember, you have been carrying a whole lot of weight for a whole lot of people and it has all started to anchor you down.

You want to break free but you feel so responsible for everyone and it feels nasty to acknowledge the fact that you do feel resentful towards them because it can all feel so draining and no one ever seems to be there for you when you need them.

They all seem to think that you have it all together and mostly, you do but you feel as though you are missing out on your life while supporting theirs.

But hey, you are a nice person and you don't want to say what you really think and so, that feeling is also buried inside of you, eating away at your confidence and self-esteem as you continually say NO to yourself while saying YES to everyone else.

Deep down, you know you don't seem to have the boldness that you used to have.

Your confidence is really low, particularly when you consider doing anything other than what you currently do

There is this crazy voice in your head, telling you that you will fail and that you are just too adult to be doing anything different now.

Telling you to stop dreaming and just settle down into a boring old, lack-filled life.

Telling you that you are not enough.

Telling you that the time is not right yet

Telling you to tone yourself down

And as much as you don't want to listen, you can see that you are not playing in life as much as you used to.


Much much MORE!


You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine

The same power that created everything you see, is coursing through your entire being



Which is why you are struggling to settle into supposed adulthood and the 'just surviving' life

You KNOW you are meant for more than that.

The question is, are you actually willing to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem so that you do make your BIG GOAL happen?

🔴 Many say YES to this but then go back to listening to the crazy voice inside that jeers at them and tells them that they cannot change anything.

🔴 Many say YES to this but then get scared about what they may have to do when they get bolder so they choose to stay in the safety of dissatisfaction.

🔴 Many say YES to this but then immediately tell themselves that they are past it and to give up before they make a fool of themselves

You are surely not the 'MANY'

✅ You are the one who is really, truly, freaking FED UP with living beneath your potential.

✅ You are the one who is fed up with waiting for 'ONE DAY'

✅ You are the one who is ready to take back authority over your life and your affairs.

✅ You are the one ready to stop betraying yourself and START TRULY LIVING NOW!


You are invited to join me now in the ultimate success mastery bootcamp...


It is time to ditch self-doubt & flick the switch to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

WOOHOO!  I am so excited to do this with you!

It is time that you awakened to the YOU that you have always known is inside you, waiting to be unleashed.

It is time you levelled up your life in the way you have always KNOWN you are called to do.

I mean, seriously, don't you realise that EVERYTHING you have been through has strengthened you, toughened you, made you resilient and powerful

This is not the time to be retreating!

This is the time to be CHARGING FORWARD, my love and this bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need to come right awake again.

This is not about working harder and harder.  You have already done that.  You ALREADY DO THAT! and it is not working because you are doing it as the duller, slightly defeated version of you.

There is a 10.0 version of you, waiting to be set free.

And we are digging that version of you out from all the layers of nonsense that life was allowed to dump on you.

Man, it took me more than 3 decades to finally WAKE UP to what I had been allowing the people and circumstances of my life to do to me.

It took me going bankrupt...

Getting depressed for 4 long years.

And finally looking into the eyes of my 3 princesses and I knew I had to show them a different way to do life...

Something inside me screamed...


This was after years of trying to appease this and that person.

This was after years of living to other people's definitions of success

This was after years of continually putting everyone else's needs before my own and going along to get along...

Or sometimes, when I just could not say YES, I would feel soooo guilty for letting the other person down and potentially hurting their feelings

All of this ate away at my energy, my confidence, my self-esteem

And let's not talk about the stuff that happened in childhood that I kept using as an excuse and story for not rising the heck up and claiming my life.

I finally got done with succumbing to the stories in my head and TOOK BACK DOMINION OVER MY OWN AWESOME LIFE.

I did the inner work.

I faced my inner demons

I leaned deeply onto the Divine

I worked with mentors, coaches and mastermind groups in order to change my mind from the inside out.

I learned whatever strategy I needed.

AND I ROSE VICTORIOUS with unshakeable self-confidence that has allowed me to keep showing up powerfully for my own awesome life, regardless of what events or circumstances happened to me on the way.

I KNOW where I am going

I KNOW what I am doing

And NOTHING is allowed to get in my way anymore.

This kind of confidence has allowed me to create the prosperous, free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life I now live with my husband and 3 princesses

And I am teaching EVERYTHING I have learnt about being unshakeable, relentless, bold, certain and SELF-CONFIDENT in this BOOTCAMP...

Click the button below to join me now in 77 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE, if you are that driven and VERY DETERMINED spiritual person who is done with holding back in life and who has a big goal you are ready to bring to life NOW. It is time to be UNSHAKEABLE & UNSTOPPABLE.



5 days on, 2 days off for the initial 8 weeks, you will receive an audio/video PLUS a worksheet, delivered to your inbox.  This starts on the Monday after you join in.


✅ How To Easily Tap Into Your Own Innate Confidence, Even Though It Has Been Buried Under Years Of Struggle & Sacrifice

You are a Divine being, having a human experience but you have been trained by people & events to forget your divinity. This has diminished your confidence massively. Join this program and learn how to VERY EASILY tap back into the confidence that is yours already, how to remove the layers that keep you from feeling confident and do it on your own, at home, without having to take any embarrassing action. This is private work, though people will certainly begin to notice your new-found confidence as you approach life from a more self-assured perspective.

✅ How To Know Without Any Doubt The The Divine Wants You To Prosper Exceedingly & Abundantly

You have been holding back from going after everything you want because a part of you worries that the Divine may not support your dreams. JOin this program and we will demolish those crazy beliefs that you have taken on from religion, parents, unnecessarily judgmental spiritual practices. Most of the beliefs you have, are hidden from view. They seem so normal to you but they keep you from deep intimacy with the Divine, which stops you feeling safe and supported in the world, which means that you keep allowing doubt to stop you from moving forward. There is magic in knowing that you are loved, safe and supported. You feel free to fly and do more of the things you desire to do. And it all comes so easily to you when this foundation is in place.

✅ How To Have The Inner Resolve To Keep Creating Your Vision

You are already so strong but you have been fighting in the wrong arena. This program will support you in getting super clear about your purpose, your true desires and in doing so, you will feel a new surge of enthusiasm that will lift you above 'struggle and sacrifice' thinking. Is it work when you are doing only what you love to do? Is it hard when you feel so energized by every single thing you GET TO DO each day? It is time for the struggle ideas to be dissolved. There is a new way to live life and it feels easy. You will start accomplishing things that you never thought you could or that you thought would be too hard and you will feel great while doing it.

✅ How To Stand Your Ground & Create Your Prosperous Life, Even When Those Around You Are Unsupportive

So much of your life has been spent wondering how you are coming across to the people around you. You have felt constrained by their opinions of you. You have either fought to prove them wrong or tried to be all they wanted you to be and that has drained you. As you take part in this program, you will become unapologetically you. You will stop noticing what others think. You will be so enamoured with where you are going and the life you are creating that nothing they do, say, think will distract you anymore. One day, you will look up and realise that you are now surrounded by people who love and empower you and you will know that it is simply because you attracted them from the inside as you chose to gently stop focusing on those you no longer wanted in your life.

✅ How To Be Kind To Yourself & Still Achieve Great Things

You have made mistakes in life and you have been punished enough, my love. It is time for you to let go and allow yourself to thrive and prosper. I can show you how to get past the past completely so that you are no longer haunted by past mistakes. It is time to start each day with a clean slate. Regardless of what went down in the past, you DESERVE to have a great life, if you will allow it. And you can with the simple techniques I teach you - You will release the embarrassment, the self-unlove, the self-distrust that has haunted you for so long now. You are worthy of the life you desire. Now, you can allow it.

✅ How To Turn Every Situation Into Something That Blesses & Accelerates You

Everything is working out for your good. It may not always feel like it but as you discover how to change the lens through which you see the world, you will realise that EVERYTHING is working our for YOU! You are safe, supported and completely loved and accepted. You do not have to jump through hoops or prove anything in order to achieve good things but life has convinced you of this nonsense. Work with me for these 77 days and you will start to see how easy it is to partner with the Divine to make every situation bless and accelerate you.

✅ Discover The Quickest Path To Inner & Outer Transformation Without Long Drawn-Out Rituals

So many spiritual paths take such a long time and then people never quite get the results they had hoped for. They focused so much on healing, they forgot to also create the life they want. The Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty teaches you to access your secret sauce that makes all these tedious rituals unnecessary. Transformation does not need to take FOREVER and you do not need to be perfect before you can experience all the good that is yours by divine right.

✅ How To Do The Next Thing, Even Though Afraid

Yes, there will be times when the thing you know you need to do, seems too scary to contemplate but being a member of this community will give you all the empowerment and encouragement you need to dare to take that one little step and as you see the big shifts that happen in your life because of one little step forward, you will be more inclined to move a little bit quicker each time. And you will also know a deep sense of being supported by the Divine from within as you cultivate a deep intimacy AS WELL AS you will feel the support and energy of myself and every other member of the Deliberate Millionaire Community.

✅ How To Become The Authority In Your Own Life

You always have been the authority in your own life, you just forgot and I will teach you how to remember this. Religion, family, friends etc taught you to give over responsibility for your life to a harsh deity, to your loved ones, to your boss, to the government and you have always felt that you had to do whatever was expected to stay on the good side of these various so-called authorities in your life. No, you did not knowingly do this but as you work with me in this program, you will start to see how you have given away your territory and throne to these external authority figures and you will easily reclaim every aspect of life and in doing that, prosperity can flow more swiftly into your life. It all starts with an inner transformation and automatically, new circumstances and opportunities start to show up in the physical reality, in accordance to your demands and wishes. Honey, you are sooooo much powerful than you realise.

✅ Learn The Difference Between Fear-Based and Love-Based Action

We all know someone who works SOOOOO hard and gets nowhere and then there is another person who does seemingly little and gets great results. The difference is the energy behind each action. Most of your actions were driven by fear, by the need to avoid some negative outcome and that kind of action will never give you the results you desire. HOwever, when you experience an inner shift that I will teach you all about within this program, you start taking action from a different foundation and even though you may be doing the exact same thing, the results are surprisingly a great way!

✅ How To Prevent The Resentment Buildup

So much of your energy is taken by the undertones of resentment that you feel but never speak of. You have given soooo much to other people and they never seem to be there when you need them and now, there is an undercurrent of distrust, hurt, anger, resentment and it is draining your energy. It is made worse when you do not acknowledge it. There are simple ways to work with energy so that you easily release anger, resentment, hurt, pain - You will learn all about it during these 77 days together

✅ Discover How To Raise Your Energy Levels So That Any Action You Do Take, Is Impactful

It is sooooo tedious to be struggling your way through life, working ever harder and still be getting nowhere. It feels sometimes like you are running fast to get further behind and that is certainly not the way it should be. I know that to the outside world, you are okay but you KNOW how much further you had wanted to be by now. But when you stop to think for a minute, all you can feel is drained. There are so many reasons for this and we will get them handled so that your energy levels soar and you start to accomplish so much more with much less effort.

✅ Discover The Prosperity Superpower You Were Conditioned To Ignore

It can feel like we were deposited here on the earth without an instruction manual for life and yet, it is not true. You have just forgotten how to use the tools you were given to create the life you wanted. In fact, you may not even know they exist because most people have been conditioned to ignore these superpowers. You will learn how to awaken your divine tools and use them to systematically create the life you desire, more swiftly than you previously thought possible.

✅ Getting crystal clear clarity that propels you powerfully forward

You have spent so long catering to the needs of others and now, you have forgotten your own needs, your own divine calling, purpose and vision. You have vague ideas of what you would like but vague ideas will never get you the results you desire so, as part of this work we do together, you can expect to get CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY about what you want as well as strategic plans to get there as quickly and easily as possible. Enough struggling for the sake of struggling. There is a whole other more joyous pathway to growth, if you will allow it.

✅ Removing Distractions From Your Life With Ease And Permanence That Does Not Fade In Weak Moments

You have experienced this before - You know something or someone is not good for you and so in a strong moment, you decide to get rid of them (nicely) and yet, then doubt overtakes you and you wonder why you think you can live without them or that thing and so, next thing you know, you have welcomed them back in, so grateful that they did not go too far away. After a few days, you are back to KNOWING that this is not right for you. We will handle the reason why you do this and help you shift through the nonsense so that your 'no' can be 'no' permanently and there will be no fear around it anymore because you will have replaced it with something more fulfilling and empowering.

✅ Discover The Deliberate Millionaire's Simple Daily Ritual

This ritual is so simple to do and it will work behind the scenes all day everyday to power-up your self-confidence and self-esteem. You start the day with it - clear instructions are given - and you will find that you become more and more of a magnet for all the good things that you desire because the ritual enables you to drop the repellants as well as emphasize the attractants in your life. This daily ritual, which takes about 25 minutes, will cause transformation from the inside out.

✅ How To Allow Yourself To Receive Good Things

I know you think you are allowing good things in but you are not. the Divine withholds nothing from you so your capacity to receive is the only factor that prevents or allows you to achieve every desire in life. This bootcamp will support you in clearing the limiting beliefs, the pains, the hurts, the energy drains that keep you from your highest good. It will be like switching on the light and seeing that everything you ever desired was always there, waiting for you to notice and take advantage of.

✅ Discover How To Remove Emotion & Move Forward Swiftly To Total Wealth And Success

I make a clear distinction between emotions and feelings. Emotions come up when you look at your physical reality and you react, react, react to it. Depending on what you are reacting to, this can help or hinder you. For most people, it is a hindrance because they think that their physical reality is stuck and there is nothing they can do. And yet, it is not true. However, if you then start acting as a stuck person, your life will continue to be stuck and all because you are allowing your emotions to run the show. Feelings, according to me, are deliberately chosen to enable you to take whatever action you need to take and they are in response to the completed vision you can see within you. You are not swayed by emotional ups and downs anymore when you start living form the inside out and I can teach you how to do this so that you are daily taking action to bring your chosen prosperous existence into the physical reality

✅ How the practice of gratitude will change everything for you

✅ How to handle and then use your painful feelings to accelerate your progress forward - Nothing is wasted

✅ Discover who to listen to and who NOT TO listen to

✅ How to embrace all parts of you - the wild and the gentle sides - so that you forge forward with precision and strength

✅ Level up your expectations so that when you get what you expect, it is EXACTLY what you want

✅ The actual use of willpower and why it has been letting you down recently

✅ What to do about the past and how to own the strength that it gives you

✅ How to stop with all the second-guessing and overthinking

✅ A magical little system that will give you all the wisdom and knowledge you need to move your life forward

✅ How to handle procrastination

✅ How to stop energy vampires from taking away your focus

✅ Get comfortable with being yourself again in all situations

✅ Heal the deep feeling that you are not enough

✅ Give yourself total permission to make as much money as you like doing ONLY What you want to do.



THE 15 AUDIOS ARE DELIVERED 5 days on, 2 days off starting in week 9 - This is deep, immersive training - Some worksheets are included. This teaches you EXACTLY why Deliberate Design Works and the steps to implement to receive the benefit of a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant and love-drenched life


Without the right foundation, nothing can work for long so let's go back to the beginning and put the foundation back in place. It is time to build your house on solid rock, not the shifting sand most people build on. 

Though I seem to talk in riddles, you understand what I mean. 

If life feels erratic and full of strife...

If life feels uncertain and if there is a lot of fear of losing the little you do have...

If life feels unfulfilling and dissatisfying, even though many may say you should be happy...

Then you have built your life on shifting sand and it is time to restore the foundations.

✅ You will switch on the prosperity flow with a few simple steps, as we prepare the subconscious mind for prosperity. Expect miracles from this first week.  

✅ Tap into the most powerful force on earth and ignite your prosperity flow. This just makes it sooo simple, swift and easy when you come from this foundation.  

✅ Reignite a love affair with the Divine so that you feel safe, loved and supported in the creation of your true design life.

✅ Learn simple techniques to cultivate the most important attitude for rapid manifestation  

✅ Understand how deliberate magic really works so that you do not have to take it all on faith alone. NO more blindly going along with anything. You will now see why it works and how it works.  

✅ Discover how to hear clear inner guidance so that you always have access to the next step for you. No more doing things because you have always done them or because someone told you it might work, only to discover that it does not work FOR YOU. Instead you learn exactly how to tap into infinite wisdom yourself and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity you desire in every area of your life.  

✅ There will be a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. You are coming home to your true self and it will feel good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design. You will know now that you could never have experienced true lasting prosperity when you were on the wrong path for you.


Between the foundation and the manifestation in the physical reality, there is the potential for many things to block the way. Things like false beliefs, resentments, weird ideas about being a puppet of the Divine/fate and so much more. 

These are usually things that you do not realise keep you from your prosperity. You tend to think that they are normal ways of thinking. I teach you how to identify these blocks to success and eliminate them so that you become a clear channel for the manifestation of your highest good.

✅ Learn how to increase the flow of prosperity towards you, in all areas of life, rather than experiencing ups and downs/ the negative OUTFLOW of prosperity.

✅ Discover how certain religious, cultural, mass mind beliefs keep you from ever prospering no matter how hard you beg and plead with the heavens. It just will never work until you realise these blockers and eliminate them  

✅ Discover how the past affects your ability to manifest your desires and simple techniques to finally release it all and allow in increased prosperity.

✅ Learn how to identify prosperity blockers and discover simple techniques to handle them so they stop affecting you  


And now that the foundation is in place and there is no longer any obstacles blocking you from your good, we can get very specific about the seeds we desire to plant.

In this module, I give you techniques to plant the right seeds in your subconscious mind so that they take root and generate the harvest in double quick time.

✅ Learn how to create decrees that energise your specific desires  

✅ Learn how to use your decrees to change your life  

✅ Understand the laws of abundance that are at work, allowing you to create the life you desire  

✅ Again, learn how to use specific fun strategies to fire up your vision and see it come to life faster than ever before  

✅ Cultivate an inner knowing that you are THAT powerful and you can create the life you want

✅ Understand why life has felt so up and down and how to stop allowing this to happen



Each week, we get together over the internet for an audio call. You can attend from anywhere in the world. There are a few options for the weekly call - There will be a maximum of 20 on each call to ensure everyone can get attention. They are up to 60 minutes long and they are held on...

✅ Tuesdays 5pm UK / 12 noon Eastern
✅ Wednesdays 12 noon UK / 7am Eastern
✅ Wednesdays 730 pm UK / 230pm Eastern
✅ Thursdays 3pm UK / 10am Eastern
✅ Thursdays 11pm UK / 6pm Eastern

To ensure that this is serving you, you will receive a simple document each week with 2/3 questions seeking to understand what your current trials / challenges / wins are. It is also an accountability document to ensure you are staying on track with your goal. The coaching calls will include training and hot seat coaching to address the issues detailed on the document.

This will, of course, mean that you are getting all that you need from the program as there is no area that will be left uncovered as long as you play your part and fill in the simple document and return it 12 hours before the call begins.

At times, I will start with a training based on what I see happening within the community.

Expect to build an unshakeable inner world as a result of this 77 days together. This will inevitably lead to your outer world shifting and changing to accommodate your demands upon it.

Expect To Achieve Your Big Goal.

Whether it is a relationship goal, a money goal, a work goal, a business goal, a health goal or whatever, KNOW that IT IS DONE, the moment you DECIDE to work with me in this program.

That will be your main focus in this work we do together. I will ask you what it is at the start of our time and each week, we will set out your agenda for the week ahead to ensure you get the result. And because you achieve this big goal, your confidence in yourself will soar.


It is time to stop ONE-DAY ing your life away.

It is time to stop playing the small game

It is time to stop pretending to be happy with life as it is.

It is time to break free of the self-imposed cage in which you find yourself

It is time to tap back into that power that you KNOW dwells within you

It is time to FLICK THE SWITCH to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life

Come join me now in 77 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE by clicking the button below and jumping on board.



(Only Available Until The Countdown Timer Hits Zero)

Work ONE On ONE With Me For Immediate Clarity Of Vision, Confidence & Direction!

✅ Get Crystal Clear Clarity on Your Life's Purpose

✅ Get A Personal Strategy To Bring It To Life

✅ Identify Obstacles To Living In Your Life's Purpose & Put A Plan In Place To Dissolve The Obstacles

✅ Leave the session feeling empowered, inspired and CERTAIN about what you are here on planet earth to create. Begin Now To Deliberately Design A Purpose-Driven & Prosperous Life That Feels Free, Fulfilled, Financially Abundant & Love-Drenched.

Get this private session when you choose to work with me in 77 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE. Book Your place on the program and I will send you over my diary. (Valued at $997)

Discover How To Predictably Create A Prosperity Miracle Within 14 Days

Get a FREE Seat On The Next FAITH Live Online Workshop

A Superiorly Excellent Faith Workshop! Thank You... It surpassed my expectations!" NLB


These are 2 hour workshops held only for REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE students


✅ Stop wondering how you are going to make the money stretch further than it does and just learn how to create more without working harder

✅ Learn the energy of money and what it takes to have a steady flow coming through to you all the time

✅ Understand what blocks the flow of money - These are pretty normal things that normal people do and you have probably be doing them, causing your money to stop

✅ Learn a simple strategy for attracting money whenever you need it

✅ Understand the stance you must take for money to flow to you freely and easily

✅ Turn your life around as you become the master over money, rather than continually allowing money to rule over you

✅ Learn how to spiritually conquer money and make it your ally and friend, rather than your oppressor

✅ Move from praying, affirming to actually receiving money within a short period of time and also learn how to keep the flow coming.


✅ How to attract your ideal life partner using simple manifestation techniques and strategies

Why It is Imperative That You Are completely Free Of guilt, Shame, Fear of Punishment When It Comes To Your Sexuality

Discover blocks to having a partner and dissolve them easily so that you do attract empowering love relationships

How to free yourself from religious conditioning when it comes to your sexuality

Learn how to create a solid bond with your partner, reignite the spark between you and cause love to grow

How to handle pornography, masturbation and whether this is something to be avoided and why

✅ Uncover a renewed sense of self-worth, a knowing that you can love and be loved easily, an increased KNOWING of your worth.

How To achieve orgasms that enable you to connect to the Divine and fully tap into creating the prosperous life you want

How to get the best out of all your relationships - siblings, children, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses

Relationships are a huge part of life and can cause a heckuva lot of drama - Come to this EXCLUSIVE workshop and learn how to manage the relationships in your life with finesse as the Divine being you are


This is the most recent recording of the workshop - This is not for sale anywhere

If you are called to make a difference to other people by using your spiritual and creative gifts such as healing, teaching, coaching, counselling, starting your own ministry, music, arts, crafts then you get a bonus copy of the 3 hour workshop I held recently - BRING YOUR DIVINELY INSPIRED ONLINE BUSINESS TO LIFE IN 1 DAY


PART 1 - The Mindset Of A Fulfilled & Profitable Messenger

✅ How to partner confidently with the Divine So that you get over any fears, doubts, worries that threaten your progress

✅ Understand how to use affirmations and prayer strategically to get fast results in business

✅ Notice & Dissolve the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you trapped in procrastination land

✅ Uncover, Identify & Begin to use the qualities within you that are most necessary to keep you moving forward confidently

✅ Finally realise that you are enough and your work is enough - You will learn how to give yourself permission to be a money-making messenger in the world

PART 2 - Determine What You Are Offering The World & Make It Enticing To The People You Are Called To Serve

✅ Learn different ways to package your message so that it is palatable to your people and profitable for you

✅ Break down your message into user-friendly chunks that enable you to get it out into the world more confidently

✅ Understand how to price what you have so that you are attractive to the people you want to help and at the same, pricing in a way that enables you to more than replace your current income

PART 3 - The Simple Love-Centred Way To Promote Yourself & Your Message In 90 Minutes A Day

  • ✅ This is when we cover all the technical bits - they are simpler than you think
  • ✅ How to automate things so that you can focus on delivering the message
  • ✅ How to get started with very little cash investment
  • ✅ How to speak directly to the hearts of those you want to support and help them make the great decision to work with you
  • ✅ The 3 main strategies that will improve lives and also, create a great living for you


✅ Learn the best way to decide on your niche

✅ Be Led through a simple system to help you figure out immediately what to sell, how to package it and how to price it for fast sales.

✅ Discover the EXACT steps to use in marketing your product online and start making sales swiftly and simply - It really is nowhere near as complicated as you have been led to believe.

✅ Understand how to get your energy behind your product so that the right people are inexplicably drawn to purchasing it

✅ Learn how to get started immediately even if you have no audience yet and very little capital.

✅ Partner with the Divine so that you get over any fears and doubts that threaten the fast launch of your online business.

✅ Know the mindset that guarantees failure when building your own business and discover how to avoid it and install a mindset that guarantees success

✅ Discover the best place to get support in a very cost-effective manner so that you are not alone in working out the details of your online business


When you choose to add on the bonus 77 day membership of The Deliberate Millionaires, you get these THREE MAJOR Things...


Each Saturday or Sunday, over the internet, we gather to address different topics around prosperity in all areas of life. You get cleared, elevated and accelerated. You will be informed of the exact times via email, when you join.

Let's shift the energy together.

Let's go deeper into the Divine together

Let's heal together

Let's rise victorious into greater prosperity together


This is a critical part of THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES. It is also the part, that you may be most tempted to hide from as you have been hurt by people and now, want to avoid people. And yet, we are created to do life with others.

We grow spiritually and personally around other people

The problem has been that you were choosing the wrong people, possibly because you thought you had no choice.

Well that changes now.

Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES' INCUBATOR (Currently a group on Facebook)

This is a place for connection, conversation, support, spiritual and personal growth, leadership growth and more

This is a place where you can be real

This is a place where you can be seen and where you can heal.

We are all immersed in a society that is all about fear - It promotes a need to protect ourselves from each other and in doing so, we learn to put on a facade in order to come across in a specific way. This facade takes a lot of energy to maintain and it ends up draining self-confidence because you are permanently telling yourself that the real you is not good enough for the world and so you need to have this facade to hide behind.

Coming into the group will demolish that idea.

As you allow yourself to be truly yourself with me in the group, you will release the need to hide.

You will rediscover the beauty and awesomeness of your inner being.

You will feel loved and cared for.

You will start uncovering the layers that have kept you from the life you desire

You will regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of your life.

You will regain the confidence to make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

All I ask is that you come into the group with a willingness to be your REAL, TRUE DESIGN self.

No lurking.

No putting on facades.

We are all in this together.

This is the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE REVOLUTION and you are welcome to join in.


This is an ever growing collection of immersion audio/video trainings that I have created over a period of time as I have made my transition away from self-doubt, unfulfillment and lack to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

I am returning home to who I truly am and I am documenting the journey as I go, for anyone done with the status quo and ready for a new path back to their own TRUE DESIGN.

And as you are someone who has been in my world for a little while, you already know that you feel drawn to and resonate with the work that I do.  

All I ask is that you LISTEN to the immersion programs for just 20 minutes a day


🔴 ROCK SOLID SELF BELIEF - 16 part immersion program: Turn You Into A Spiritual Maverick That Goes After Everything You Desire In Life & Business

🔴 EMPOWERED TO WIN - 10 part immersion program: Kick Hopelessness To The Kerb & Claim Your Freedom, Your Purpose & Your Rich Life Now

🔴 REIGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN - 12 part immersion program: Realign with your purpose, reconnect with unlimited power within, wake up and get back on path to your destiny

🔴 Focused. Fulfilled. Free - The Workshop

🔴FIND YOURSELF AGAIN IN THE MIDST OF CRAZY EVERYDAY LIFE - 14 Days to Remember who you are, release limiting behaviours and beliefs & deliberately design a fulfilling life of freedom and abundance

🔴Set Yourself Free

🔴 SELF-LOVE PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT - 28 Day Bootcamp To Love Yourself Into the Creation Of Purpose-Driven Profits & a Freedom Life You Adore Waking Up To

🔴ASK TO RECEIVE - 5 Part Immersion Program: Allow Divine intervention in any area of life

🔴 Money Mastery

🔴BUILDING BELIEF - 7 Part Immersion Program: Drive Fear Lack & Uncertainty Out Of Your Life Immediately

🔴 When Family Relationships Hurt

🔴Rise Victorious Out Of Victim Mentality

🔴SELF- ACCEPTANCE - 4 Part Immersion Training: Stop attracting the relationships & financial situations you fear, take the deliberate life pathway to more money and love

🔴ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE RICH - 7 Part Immersion Program: How to build trust in your ability to create as much wealth as you desire while living life the way you want to.

🔴How To Forgive When They Don't Deserve It

🔴 Worthy To Be Wealthy

🔴 PERSISTENCE - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to keep going when nothing is working & it all seems so bleak

🔴 BE PRODUCTIVE - Discover how to overcome procrastination, get focused and be your most productive self

🔴 BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY: A step by step plan for prosperity in all areas of life

🔴 HOW TO GROW YOUR SELF ESTEEM: 7 Part Immersion Audio training

🔴 Money Mysteries Revealed

🔴 STAY ON YOUR THRONE - 5 Part Immersion Program PLUS Empower Experience - 7 Powerful Strategies That Stop You From Giving Into The Everyday Nonsense That Keeps You From Your Prosperous Destiny.

🔴 DELIBERATELY CULTIVATE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS - 7 Part Immersion Program That Teaches You How To Develop Relationships That Feel Good, That Are Empowering, That Are Life-Enhancing

🔴 THE REBIRTH: Perceive the kingdom realm in your life as you experience this immersion training

🔴 THE DELIBERATE LIFE METHOD TRAINING - 10 Part Immersion Video Training: Increased freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

🔴 THE MAP TO PROSPERITY - How to Easily Create Money & Success By Following The Deliberate Life Pathway

🔴 PERSON OF INFLUENCE - 7 Keys To Being A Wise, Financially-Abundant Change-Maker With A Huge Platform That Changes Lives & Makes A Difference Now  

🔴 Open To Receive  

🔴 FIELD OF GOLD: How To Handle Relationship & Work Issues To Access True Lasting Prosperity In Every Area Of Life.  

🔴 PRAISE: The Pathway From Trial To triumph  

🔴 Resurrect The Vision

🔴 Wellspring of Prosperity  

🔴 Expand Your Capacity For Prosperity  

🔴 BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE: 5 Keys to becoming the deliberate creator of an abundant happy life

🔴 Decisive Life Designer 

🔴 How To Change Your Life

🔴 It Is Done

🔴 Against All Odds I Rise

🔴 The Power of Decision


🔴 DISCERN YOUR TRUE DESIGN - 2 Hour Immersion Workshop: Change lives, make money online rapidly and be ridiculously happy as you uncover and be you unapologetically

🔴 DILLY-DALLYING DESTROYER: How to overcome procrastination, stop self-doubt in its tracks and put yourself back in the Driver's Seat of your life so that you can make money online...rapidly, change lives and make your mark on this planet now

🔴 THE UNAPOLOGETIC RISE OF THE QUEEN - 7 Part Immersion Program: The Attitudes & Steps To Take Back Dominion Over Your Life & Affairs

🔴 LIMITLESS - 14 Part Immersion Program: Repair Your relationship to God, to Love, to Money & Start Now to Experience Limitless Living

🔴FREE YOUR INNER CHILD - 5 Part Immersion Program: Recover your zest for life & allow yourself to truly prosper in every single area of life

🔴 YOU HAVE THE POWER: 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Powerful techniques that enable you to deliberately design & manifest the prosperity you want easily, simply, immediately

🔴 TUNING INTO WEALTH - 5 Part Audio/Video Immersion Program

🔴 BUSINESS AS YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH PATHWAY - 5 Part Audio/Video Immersion Program

🔴 FORGIVENESS - The Path Of Power - 3 Part Immersion Program That Teaches you a step-by-step process to forgive yourself & others. It also sorts out the reasons why you would not forgive.

🔴 HEAL & GROW RICH - 7 Part Audio Immersion Training: Release The Blocks That Block Your Prosperous Life  

🔴 Live Large & In Charge - Thank & Grow Rich

🔴 Remember Who You Are 

🔴 7 Ways To Shorten, Overcome & Get Past A Struggle Season  

🔴 LIGHT OF THE WORLD - 21 Day Bootcamp: Reconnect with Your divine calling, conquer mental blocks to success and find the courage to take action to build a platform that allows you to make the difference and the income you desire to make

🔴 Pray Your Way Prosperous  

🔴 Path of Peace

🔴 Outrageous Joy

🔴 Massive Acceleration  

🔴 I AM ENOUGH - 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Release The Need To Look 'Good', Return To Your True Design, REset Your Set Point for abundance as you learn to love, trust yourself and open up to new opportunities to prosper

🔴 Divine Guidance

🔴 While You Wait...  

🔴 The Abundance Overflow  

🔴 Level-Headed

🔴 THE FEARLESS WARRIOR - 10 part immersion program: Breakthrough for people ready to make money, live life & build business more courageously

🔴 The Science Of Getting Rich 10 Day Challenge

🔴 CHARISMATIC - 5 Part Immersion Program: Dump the self-doubt, own your greatness, deliberately design the prosperous life you desire and begin impacting & influencing others to join you on the journey back to the charismatic, powerful self.

🔴 How To Handle The Toxic Relationship With Mother

🔴 PROSPEROUS ATTITUDES - 8 Part Immersion Program: The BEatitudes Reimagined - Deepen your Connection To The Divine, Expand Your Awareness & Allow Yourself To Experience Greater Prosperity In all Areas

🔴 EMBODY YOUR DIVINE RICH IDENTITY NOW - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to attract more wealth to you faster than ever before as you deliberately become someone that money enjoys being around

🔴 SELF-AFFECTION - 5 Part Immersion Program - Leave behind survivor mode and unleash your thriving warrior



🔴 HOW TO LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY - 4 Part Immersion Program That Awakens Your Intuition



The recorded calls PLUS Slides (1 Delivered each week) cover

CALL 1: Connection to the Supernatural - TURN ON THE PROSPERITY FLOW

✅ You will switch on the prosperity flow with a few simple steps, as we prepare the subconscious mind for prosperity. Expect miracles from this first week.  

✅ Tap into the most powerful force on earth and ignite your prosperity flow. This just makes it sooo simple, swift and easy when you come from this foundation.  

✅ Learn simple techniques to cultivate the most important attitude for rapid manifestation

✅ Discover different ways to use visualisation to bring about the desires of your heart.

✅ Understand how deliberate magic really works so that you do not have to take it all on faith alone. NO more blindly going along with anything. You will now see why it works and how it works. 

✅ Discover how to hear clear inner guidance so that you always have access to the next step for you. No more doing things because you have always done them or because someone told you it might work, only to discover that it does not work FOR YOU. Instead you learn exactly how to tap into infinite wisdom yourself and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity you desire in every area of your life.  

✅ There will be a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. You are coming home to your true self and it will feel good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design. You will know now that you could never have experienced true lasting prosperity when you were on the wrong path for you.  

CALL 2: Healing The Past, Present, Future - TURN UP THE PROSPERITY FLOW

✅ Learn how to increase the flow of prosperity towards you, in all areas of life, rather than experiencing ups and downs/ the negative OUTFLOW of prosperity.  

✅ Learn how to identify prosperity blockers and discover simple techniques to handle them so they stop affecting you  

✅ Learn a simple 60 second strategy to power up the speed with which you manifest your desires  

✅ Discover how certain religious, cultural, mass mind beliefs keep you from ever prospering no matter how hard you beg and plead with the heavens. It just will never work until you realise these blockers and eliminate them  

✅ Discover how the past affects your ability to manifest your desires and simple techniques to finally release it all and allow in increased prosperity.  

✅ Understand why money is one of the easiest things to attract when you get rid of certain ideas that do not support its attraction. Learn how to get rid of those ideas and also learn the traps most people fall into when seeking to increase their financial abundance. Learn how to avoid those and become a magnet for money.


✅ Using your current life dramas, learn how to get super clear on what you desire.  

✅ Learn how to create decrees that energise your specific desires  

✅ Learn how to use your decrees/affirmation to change your life  

✅ Understand the laws of abundance that are at work, allowing you to create the life you desire  

✅ Again, learn how to use specific fun strategies to fire up your vision and see it come to life faster than ever before  

✅ Cultivate an inner knowing that you are THAT powerful and you can create the life you want  

✅ Understand why life has felt so up and down and how to stop allowing this to happen  

CALL 4: Deliberate Creation Of The Physical Reality - MASSIVE ACCELERATION IN ALL AREAS

✅ And now to take it out into the physical world, you will discover what you need to do to accelerate the appearance of prosperity in your relationships, health, work and money. You will realise that you NEVER have to do anything that will drain you or make you feel forced. The Deliberate Magic Method (or the process of manifestation) is supposed to be easy and simple and fun, not something you have to force yourself to do!  

✅ Get specific instructions on what to do when going through a really hard time in life so as to break through to your next level fast. How you act in times of difficulty determines whether you remain in difficulty or get propelled to your next level, you need to know how to stop recreating the same nonsensical situations. You can break free! This module will teach you how.  

✅No point getting a break through and then just falling back into your old life! So, in this module, you will understand completely EXACTLY what to do to maintain your breakthrough  

✅ We will look at relationships, health, money and work and you will discover the different actions that can be taken to bring about the vision you have for each area.  

✅ Understand that this is not some ‘hit or miss’ thing when you are following practical faith-building steps. Manifestation is guaranteed because it is a universal law. You can ask for anything and expect to see the fulfilment as long as you believe and this bootcamp will teach you EXACTLY HOW TO believe so it is not some vague thing but something you actively practise and grow.

If you are a driven spiritual person, determined to ditch self doubt and rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you easily create a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life, then Join THE '77 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE' Success Mastery Bootcamp Now

WE START the Monday after you join in. You will be informed when the live calls will be held, via email. Today, get yourself a notebook, if you do not already have one and earmark it for your spiritual practice. Start immersing yourself in the Abundance Library & map out your plan of transition to doing more of what you love.

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Order Summary


1 Initial DEEP DIVE 2 HOUR Personal Coaching Session Where we get crystal clear clarity on the life you desire and set your 90 day goal

11 Individual Coaching Sessions where we get you on path and clear the resistance to your prosperity


If this program resonates with you and you would like to talk to someone to ensure that it is a right fit for you, you are invited to book in a 15 minute private meeting over the phone with me by clicking the button below. During the call, we will discuss if REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE can support you in reaching your goal

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