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Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club

You are someone with vision and lets face it, you crave FREEDOM to make that vision come to life...  

Freedom to make money your way, to look after your family YOUR way, to make the difference you want to make, to the people you feel called to... YOUR WAY!  

Freedom from the past and the hold it has on you, keeping you trapped doing things that you feel you have to do to be responsible...  

Freedom from fitting into the box that friends, family have placed you in when you KNOW you are born for so much more...  

And yet, right now, you are a bit stuck. Life has dealt some heavy blows and you have lost some trust in yourself and in others as well.  

However, there is a part of you that KNOWS that your past was not all for nothing! There was purpose in the pain!  

And now, you are ready to move forward and live life to its fullness because there is an urgency to break free and you feel unfulfilled and definitely NOT on purpose. You know you are capable of so much more than you are currently doing but you're just not sure how to get to that dream life - A life where you are making a difference to the people you are called to and where you have figured out how to create an income from it.  

And so for this month, I have added this incredible bonus to the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club  

THE FREE LIFE - It is a 5 part bootcamp which you get full access to immediately and it takes you through a process of breaking free.  

1) Freedom in Relationships 2) Freedom In Sexuality & the Ability to love yourself fully 3) Freedom In Religion 4) Freedom In Your Work 5) The Deliberate Design Of A Powerful, FREE, Wealthy Life  

In my work with clients and in my own life, these are areas that HAVE TO be handled in order for you to experience the richness of a life lived well! And you get it for free in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club This month!  

It is time to reinvent your life!

Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club

This Is How To Achieve Financial Freedom Online While Making A Difference Doing What You Want When You Want!

Hey, hey, HEY! 

✔️ Do you have a story of difficulty and challenge that you have overcome? Something recent or from your childhood. 

✔️ Do you feel called to help other people overcome their hardships? You have a message that you want to share with the world... 

✔️ Do you also want/need to figure out how to make money online while at the same time fulfilling this calling on your life? After all, you do have responsibilities and bills... 

✔️ Do you struggle and get frustrated working all hours for other people, building their dreams when yours lie fallow? 

✔️ Do you dream of being financially stable enough to travel when you want to, to take your family to places when you want to, to work when you want to? 

✔️ Do you have many ideas, many passions that you want to figure out how to monetise and you are ready to START NOW to make things happen? You may want to write, to create music or art or you have a product or service or maybe you are not completely sure of the product or service yet but you are ready now to figure it out. 

✔️ Does it feel overwhelming (maybe scary), trying to figure out what to do to get your purpose-driven business off the ground? 

✔️ And do you know that you have to invest in yourself in order to progress but most courses are simply out of reach in terms of cost, no matter how much you want it? 

✔️ Do you sometimes feel isolated as you dream your big dreams? Everyone else around you seems to be satisfied or they just cannot understand why you care so much to make this work. 

Did you answer yes to most of these questions? Then let’s talk you and I...


I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I got on this path to living out the call on my life a little over 6 years ago... 

I am just an African girl who went through a lot of poverty and hardships, I worked hard just like you to escape my past and I became a pharmacist but my sad story continued until it led me to bankruptcy and 4 years of depression PLUS 3 Kids... 

And it took everything inside of me to find the courage to start again to rebuild my life on my terms... 

But I did it and so can you. 

I invested a lot in my business training and self development, even though at that time in 2010, I really could not afford anything but I knew I needed help because I had dabbled and tried this and that and never made anything work. 

I got determined and so I worked with multi-millionaire coaches/mentors and learnt what I needed to learn to more than replace my full time income as a pharmacist and I even won a Porsche Boxster when I was nominated business woman of the year in my mastermind group. 

And now, I am a property investor... 

I have written 12 books... 

I have built a social media presence that gets me in front of over a hundred thousand people every single day... 

Rosemary Nonny Knight

I have worked with many clients in many different industries to help them grow their businesses... 

I have an upcoming music album coming out... 

I have created and sold over 40 online products... 

I am the closest to God than I have ever been and He truly has become my supply... 

And I am happier, freer and more fulfilled than I have EVER been in my life.

I feel like a completely different person from just ten years ago... 

And now, I am sharing EVERYTHING with you because it is my calling to support a least 334000 people to live out their calling, creating wealth easily as they make a difference on the planet and draw even closer to their higher power.


You are (or are about to be) an entrepreneur(Product or service) or a creative (Books, music, Art) or undecided (You just know you are called to entrepreneurship, to make money and to do it online)

And you are done with playing small when you know you are born for more...

When you know you have a call on your life to fulfil...

When you know that you have come through some seriously tough situations and YOU ARE STILL STANDING - Nothing can break you and you KNOW that none of that was for nothing...

It is time now to start living out the call on your life and this is how...


Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club

Discover How To Achieve Purpose-Driven Financial Freedom!  

 🔴 Get customers, clients, recruits in abundance, even if you have never done it before 

The training received from the programs in addition to the daily ability to check in and get held accountable to your vision will mean that you discover just how straightforward it can be to grow your business when you have the right support in place 

🔴 Remove Mental Blocks To Success 

I am not just about the tips, tricks, strategies. If it was just information you needed, you would already be rich. I help you handle mindset blocks, spiritual blocks, whatever limiting beliefs that may be causing you to procrastinate and remain stuck. This is the next best thing to working with me one on one! 

🔴 Learn how to grow your business in just 90 minutes or less a day 

Business growth does not have to take all day. You might still be at work or you may want to spend time with family (I home educate my three daughters and still manage to have a highly-successful business) and I will show you the simple things to do to ensure your marketing does not take over everything. 

🔴 Learn How to Automate your Income Growth

Again, you want to be released from the day to day of marketing and sales in order to freely impact more people. Once you put certain automation strategies in place and you start receiving income regularly, it is surprising the freedom that that gives you to be more creative and hey, with it being an online business, you can start all that traelling you want to do!

🔴 Handle any money blocks that keep you from making and keeping your money 

You are working incredibly hard, aren’t you? And yet, you do not seem to be making the breakthroughs that you feel you should be making by now, right? Well, that was definitely me for a while and I learnt how to change things. It started with my money mindset. The Science of getting rich bootcamp, Master your money and the daily livestreams where I help you see where your thinking may be getting in the way of you creating wealth will all expose you to a new way of thinking and being and that will cause you to act differently and therefore, make more money. 

🔴 Conquer procrastination once and for all! 

There is a program for this as well but even more than information, there is transformation offered in the form of THE DAILY CHECK IN where you are accountable for taking daily small steps (or large ones!) to your goal. You are not alone in this. One of the biggest causes of procrasination is the fact that no one is checking in with you - LONELINESS!!! - Being part of the club will change that!

🔴 Take back your time from wherever you have dispersed it to 

(You will be surprised to learn just where your time is continually going) - As a leader, whether you think of yourself that way or not, you are probably giving out a heckuva lot more than you are receiving and you think that that is just the way it has to be. Come into the Club and you will start to see that your time could be better spent in different ways and you will also feel great about the way you begin to manage your time. 

🔴 Learn what social media platforms are hot right now and how to get traction with them 

Social media is not going anywhere and for people like us, this is a blessing! Why? Because as I said before, you are not a marketer, you are a leader with a message and there are people all over the different platforms waiting for leaders to rise up and grab their attention. Join The Club to learn how social media works and get tips and strategy for showing up powerfully 

🔴 Ask an unlimited number of questions and get answers within 24 hours usually live in the group so that you never have to wait, confused, hoping to figure out what to do! 

This is the best part of the Club! Getting answers quickly. Too many business owners get stuck in place because they come to a problem in business and have no one to go to for answers. That will not be you, any longer. 

🔴 Never run out of content ideas again as this group help you brainstorm and come up with a huge number of ideas

Become an even more creative person as you relax into discovering every part of you, including the parts of you that you were told to downplay. You will understand better why it is essential that you love every part of you in order to play to the fullness of you potential. How can your creativity flourish if you are hiding? 

🔴 How to make $5k or more every single month 

There is a straightforward process for you to learn to get to $5000 or more a month and being member of the club will ensure you stay on track to be the leader who is making money as well as impacting a lot of people. You will see how distracted and disjointed your efforts have been to date. Learn simple sales activities, lead magnet strategies, mailing list strategies and much more and find YOUR path to $5k or more faster than you ever could alone 

🔴 Manifest Your Goals Easier 

Become someone who actually makes things happen rather than someone who creates dream boards that never come to anything. Learn how to make the vision, reality fast. 

🔴 You are not alone

Entrepreneurs are a lonely bunch though you would not know it to look at all the shenanigans that go on online. If you have been in business for any length of time, you will know that you can get so caught up in believing that you are the only one that feels the way you do. you can get caught up in thinking that you just do not got it! And that alone is enough to make many a budding leader quit and return to the normal life. that no longer has to be you! Join the Club and always be surrounded by people who have your back - You are not alone anymore and one of the things that new members always comment on is the level of honesty in the Club. They suddenly realise that they were not all that crazy after all. It is just that they were surrounded by people who did not want to dream as big as we do. 

🔴 10% of your subscription goes to make a difference in the world 

This is something that we will do more of, as a Club - Impact more of the world. I know you want to do the work you are born to do and that is first priority, of course, and there is so much we can do together as a Club and as you reach financial independence then you are able to take part in more things as we, as a Club choose to impact our planet together. For now, rest assured that 10% of your subscription will go to charity to support women in Africa to get their business off the ground.

🔴 Learn mindset hacks that enable you to show up in the marketplace as the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry 

The marketplace can seem saturated for most people bit not for us Deliberate Millionaires! We stand out because you learn how to show up powerfully regardless of what is simmering under the surface for you because you learn strategies that enable you to get over holdbacks quickly!

🔴 Stop putting your life on hold, helping everyone else get theirs 

This is a leader trait that can seem good and nice and holy and right but actually ends up with you feeling resentful which immediately tells you that something is off. Being a member of the Club will help you see what it looks like to serve people healthily and wholesomely. Any other way is simply enabling dependence and preventing you from reaching your goals and you can be assured that I will call you on it.

🔴 Immerse yourself in an environment that reeks of success 

You are about to become a part of the highest energy entrepreneur group on the planet and you will not be able to help but become even more successful spiritually, financially, emotionally, relationally. 


Here is What You Get In The Club...

  • As a member of the Club, you will get everything you need to start and grow a business you adore, and to promote your books, music, art
  • 24 Mindset, Marketing, Sales Programs (See below for breakdown) That Cover Every Angle You Need To Build The Freedom lifestyle you desire making a difference and a fortune as you go… (Over $3000 in value)
  • Access to other High-Level Members In The Club which is currently on Facebook. This club alone would be worth at least $50 a month - You need an environment of go-getters - Spend time with them in the Club and you will elevate your income!
  • Individualised input from me every day within the Club - Questions answered as part of the Live Life Deliberately Livestream (Clients pay $2500 a month to work with me one on one currently)
  • One Live Group Coaching Call every single month with new training and also, live hot seats for you to dissect your business and give you a strategy for the month or to dig deep into any internal blocks you may have so that they can be turned around.



A clear, step-by-step plan delivered over 7 weeks to take you to Business Hero status with a business that consistently produces an income, day after day after day.


The DM’s Simple Social Media Strategy That Puts Money In your Bank Account Fast


If you're not building your email list, you're leaving thousands of dollars on the tables. This program will show you how to build one.


In this program, I will show you exactly how to generate customers, clients, recruits using both FREE & PAID Facebook Secrets!


After learning the step by step plan for business success, it is imperative that you deal with and conquer this insidious enemy and so this is dealt with next.


What will you do when things go wrong? How will you keep your website current? Find out by reading about website upkeep.


Make your big ideas actually happen in the quickest time possible.


The simple steps you need to take to make that first sale. All the resources needed and they really are not as much as you may think. 


What you know is of value to people, what you may not know is how to turn that knowledge into paying customers. Here's How...


Set Your Targets and attract all the customers, clients, recruits you want.


How To Use Your Words to Start A Movement On Social Media And All Over The Internet & Grow An Audience That Buys & Buys from You


How long will fear be allowed to stop you? This program is going to demolish your fears and put you on the path to wealth creation! 


10 Days To Understand Getting Wealth Living Purpose-Driven


Daily Video Topic To Raise Your Visibility


10 Days To Put Your Products/Services Out Into The Marketplace


 Now, we need to work on why you are procrastinating and stop it from happening! And so we do that with this program. 


How to use FB advertising to increase your business revenue FAST


Everyone needs an email campaign and sales funnel that works and works and works – I will show you how to convert all those people into buyers


We will help you put your mind in the right place to attract lots of wealth while changing lives


Do you wonder what you are on earth to do? This program will make you so clear and then you will be able to even more determinedly be able to apply what you have learnt to date.


How to add 3000 people to your audience every 30 days or less


How to eliminate the competition in your niche and be the only, obvious choice for your prospects.


The Best Online Sales Boosting Techniques In Todays Marketplace 


75 Minute Workshop To Confidently Access Your Intuition And Use It To Grow Your Highly Profitable Online Business  

Let Me Tell You About The Investment

The DM Fast Track is normally $197 a month each and every month for as long as you are a member... 

BUT For 24 hours...

  • 73% off the regular investment and so you are only paying $12.99 a week for as long as you remain a member

So, you see, you have nothing to lose

No contracts - Come / go as you like!

Come in, take part, get answers, get support, be accelerated to $5000 a month and beyond...

If you are committed to living a purpose-driven life, building a highly profitable online business and elevating past financial independence, then here's your shortcut!

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They Thought I Could Not Do It But I Proved Them Wrong! 

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Hello again, I am the creator of the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club. It was created because, when I started in business, it was CRAZY expensive to get any assistance and unless you paid out thousands (which I had to), you just did not get the help you needed. 

And I feel called to create a space where people from any nation all around the world can afford to come in and get the tools and learning required to build a highly profitable business and a financially-free life. 

Getting a business off the ground is overwhelming – All the things you have to learn and implement and fit into an already busy life. I get it and so, I formed this Club for serious entrepreneurs and business owners who want more the fast track way.

And, please don’t get me wrong, I am no weakling and this Club is not for the weak! I coach powerful people because it takes a heckuva lot of grit to build a successful business.

I used to be a pharmacist…

Earning great money…

I owned a house, two cars, had a cleaner and by all accounts I had it made. I was far away from my third-world country origins and I was supposedly doing well apart from this feeling inside of me that there was more to me than this.

I knew I was called to impact more people and so I did my little thing here and there at the weekends and on any evening I could spare. I had people living with me and so on but I knew that I was still not fulfilling my full potential.

And finally it took me going bankrupt…

It took me getting depressed for the 4 years following this devastating (to me, at least) event…

And finally, waking up to the realisation that if I wanted something to be different then I had to get pretty darned deliberate about making it happen.

At this point, I had 3 princesses and the return to work was just not an option I wanted any longer and frankly, I had always known I was born to be more than a pharmacist so I finally built up a business that replaced my full time income, won myself a Porsche Boxster and got myself free of my career.

I say that all in one sentence but I assure you, it was much harder than that looks!

I worked my butt off, cried many tears and wondered if I would ever make it…

Rosemary Nonny Knight

But I did…

I made it…

And so can you!

And now I am building this Club as a gathering of leaders and powerful people from all over the world…

Leaders who know there is more to them than meets the eye…

Leaders who know that there is power in numbers…  

Leaders who know that their environment matters and so want to be surrounded by other forward thinkers…  

Leaders who will do what it takes to create the life they want…  

Leaders who though they are loath to admit it for fear of ridicule, want to change the world…  

And when you join this Club, you will be fully released to impact the world in the way you dream of and create the freedom lifestyle you want.  

I am committed to your success and I will help you get past your old stories and start creating the big ideas that live within you…  

Are you ready?!

Get LifeTime Access To Over $5000 of Business Training For ONE SMALL INVESTMENT

24 (At the moment!) Marketing, Mindset, Sales Training - Plus Bonus program 

Total Value - $3670.68

Access to A Secret Facebook Group With Access to International Coach, Rosemary Nonny Knight - Total Value $600 Per Year Plus $2500 a month

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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