The Business Growth Mastermind For Spiritual Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Money Rapidly, Doing ONLY What They Love



You are in a career and you have started to transition into your own business but struggle to get the customers, clients, recruits you desire...


You are already in your own business but not making the money you desire to make, despite daily effort.

Ultimately, you are an action-taker.

You know you are born for and capable of something more.  

You know you are powerful.  

You are here to make a dent on the planet  

You are here to change lives and make a difference.  

AND YOU CHOOSE TO create a heckuva lot of wealth, as well.  

However, life has not always been kind to you.  

Yes, you have overcome many things but a part of you has felt pushed around and betrayed by the people in your life and the events of your life.

However, you are done with the sad story.

You have always been willing to do what it takes to overcome and now, you are even more FULLY COMMITTED to finding your path to total prosperity in every area of life.

You KNOW it is on you to get over the inner nonsense that sometimes clouds your judgement and though you are more comfortable with working harder and harder to get what you want, you finally see that that is simply not enough.

And you recognise that it is not enough to fast and pray either.

You are ready to master yourself, look into the dark places and heal whatever needs to be healed so that you can create the HIGHLY-PROFITABLE business you want without all the holdbacks.

You are not looking for a saviour.

You already know that you are pretty strong, thank you very much!

You just need a little support to see through the mire within yourself.

You know you are born for more, so much more.

And you are ready now to go beyond just working harder or praying harder to mastering your inner world too.

You want to TRULY understand how to use intuition/connection to the Divine because you sense that the wisdom you require is going to come from within.

You want prosperity in every area of life and you are no longer willing to settle for less.

You are willing to get rid of anything, anyone that gets in your way because you finally realise that the only way you can really be of service to anyone is when you have mastered your inner world and put clear boundaries in place against energy vampires in your life.

You are done with wasting your life, trying to be all things that people expect of you.

You are ready now to be WHO YOU ARE CREATED TO BE: 


There is a hunger in your soul to come alive.

You know there may be a transitional period of time that may be painful but you are ready to go the distance.

You have been floundering around in the darkness for too long, fighting, fighting, FIGHTING and you are fed up with it.


You want more for yourself and your loved ones, you know you are capable of more and you are certainly done with looking for magic bullets.

You are truly ready to do what it takes, until it takes.

This is your moment and you are ready to rise.

There is a hardness, an edge to you brought on by fighting so many battles.

But beneath the anger and frustration and tough exterior, is a softness.

A beautiful softness that seeks expression.

It will take courage for you to let this part out because you have been hurt so many times before.

But you are done with trying to be something you are not.

You are ready to trust that the Divine/Higher power/ higher self/ whatever you call 'Source of all there is’ is definitely backing you up, as you step deliberately into your true design life/business.

You are ready to trust that the ENTIRE Universe will support you in your becoming.

Though trust definitely does not come easy to you.

You are ready to embrace ALL OF YOU - the hard and the soft, the dark and the light, the feminine and the masculine, the action-taker and the playful, child-like side.

You finally see that the softness is not weakness.

It is truly a HUGE PART of your strength.

If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place.


This Is Where You Deliberately Design & Rapidly Create A Highly Profitable Business & A Free, Fulfilled & Financially-Abundant Life. 



1. The Deliberate Millionaire Library

Immediate access to over 75 business, personal and spiritual growth programs. Go deep into customer attraction & selling strategies that work in the current marketplace. Understand the limiting beliefs and behaviours that put a stranglehold on your business growth. If phenomenal business growth was just about knowing business strategy, everyone would be rich already. This library is a priceless resource that will catapult you to massive success if you immerse yourself in it.

2. Biz Growth Checklists

In my work with numerous business owners, particularly those in transition from career to business, overwhelm and an inability to find the time to think through the best actions to take, severely limit consistency in action. And without consistency, there will be no business growth. As a result of this, expect to be provided with checklists, at least twice each week, with simple steps that will lead to the accelerated growth of your business within about 90 minutes a day. No need to think excessively about what to do anymore, just churn through the list and be done with it quickly and simply. You will learn just how simple business growth is when it is not complicated with overthinking which inevitable leads to fear and procrastination. BE DONE WITH THAT FROM THIS DAY FORTH.

3. DM Agreement Live Event

There is power in two or more people agreeing on a goal. IT IS ALWAYS ACHIEVED FOR THAT PERSON! Every Monday, we gather in group and I lead an agreement event. You will be asked on Sunday to optionally provide your desired goal in the coming week and we will all agree with you that this will be done. It will feel magical as you see things come to pass so much faster than you doing it alone. We partner with each other and the Divine then things shift for the better, fast.

4. Personalised Support

Working with me one on one requires an investment of $25000 each year. The Deliberate Millionaire provides the closest thing to working with me one on one without the price tag. Come into the group, do what we call #DailyCheckIns - (This is where you share trials, triumphs and ask for support) - and I come in and answer you directly via video or text. You no longer have to try and work things out alone which eats up time massively. Instead, get support, a kick up the butt (if required) and clear steps to move forward fast.

5. Three Years Of Video Archives

Within the Facebook group and on the membership site, immerse yourself in 3 years worth of video trainings that will assist you in propelling your business forward fast.


1. Live Coaching Call Every Week- Tuesday: Times alternate between 6pm UK / 1pm Eastern or 1230pm UK / 730am Eastern

Questions Answered

Guidance Given To Grow your Business Rapidly

Mental & Emotional Blocks Identified & Cleared

2. Everything in the Mastermind PLUS 8 Weeks Access to the following High Level Programs


Passion Into Profits - Rosemary Nonny Knight


I see a world where the spirit-driven lead.

I see a world where we show those we are called to serve, how to live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives doing ONLY what we want to do.

I see a world where we KNOW our power to create whatever we desire out of life and business and we wield that power confidently & predictably.

I see a world where we show the power of connection to the Divine/Our Higher Selves as the source that makes EVERYTHING WORK SO MUCH FASTER AND BETTER.

I see a world where we are no longer held back by limiting ideas, where we have emotional mastery, where we are charging forward powerfully just as we are meant to.

And I am willing to play my part in creating this by giving you EVERYTHING I have paid out over $100,000 to learn and DECADES of my life studying, experimenting and making crazy mistakes just so YOU do not have to take so long.


✅ How to build mailing lists so that every email you send out generates new sales ✅ How to handle the fear of creating your vision ✅ How to grow a large social media following so that your posts generate new sales too ✅ How to use Facebook Advertising and always run profitable advertising campaigns ✅ How to write blogs that get people feeling like you are personally speaking to them ✅How to brand yourself online and offline ✅ How to write your own book and turn it into a bestseller ✅ How to become a content machine in very little time, allowing yourself to be seen as a leader in your industry very quickly. ✅ How to destroy the subtle inner victim that most people suffer with, so that you are powerfully designing life and business with ease. ✅ How to stay connected to the Divine and always receive guidance that leads to more profits in business and happiness in life. ✅ How to heal any stories of the past and move forward without all that baggage ✅ How to allow yourself to be really wealthy by doing the inner money mindset work ✅ How to be free to be you with no apology ✅ How to grow your business without any money ✅ How to completely accept yourself so that you allow yourself to create a life and business that truly pleases you. ✅ Discover different sales activities you can implement to increase your sales easily ✅ Managing the energy and time vampires in your life ✅ How to always have more than enough time to do ALL you need to do to grow your business ✅ Ask for and receive marketing overviews to see where the holes in your sales and marketing strategy are. This is on a first come-first served basis with new slots opening up each week ✅ Get crystal clear clarity on your true design business and life. BE ON PURPOSE. ✅ Eliminate emotional and mental blocks to success with the Deliberate Magic tools and strategies that you learn within the mastermind. ✅ How to handle self-doubt and fear so that they do not stop you from being the leader you are born to be ✅ How to be charismatic in the marketplace and immediately garner lots of profitable attention ✅ Discover shortcuts to the achievement of your goals ✅ How to create sales funnels that result in sales every single day - Begin waking up to money every day. ✅ How to add at least 5000 buyers to your list within the next 12 months easily. ✅ How to make business growth easier than ever before as you choose to do only what you want to do ✅ Be part of a community of entrepreneurs and level-up your thinking which will impact on your life and business as you more easily choose powerful behaviours that match your new level of thinking. ✅ How to be a positive, energetic person that others want to be around ✅ How to be happier and more at peace all the time ✅ How to draw to yourself relationships that empower you ✅ How to lean into your edge and be comfortable with it so that life becomes a lot more fun, thrilling and adventurous ✅ How to begin enjoying life now ✅ How to know what to sell and how to sell it. ✅ How to build an audience you adore so that you are waking up feeling so excited and privileged to serve them