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Which does sound kinda crazy as the SPIRITSPEAKS book is already discounted...

But hey, I am pretty serious about supporting you to find and fulfil your life's purpose because that is my mission

The world needs ambitious spiritual people living in their true divine design.

Just imagine with me, the impact of 334000 spiritual people who remember who they are and are daily living in it.

No longer underearning

No longer under-achieving

No longer over-giving

But fully AWAKE and living out their true calling.

Able to serve those they are called to serve

Able to give to causes that move their hearts

Able to provide jobs for others because these ambitious spiritual ones have the finances available to live an abundant life.

Able to influence the arts, the media, the education of our young ones, the family unit, every arena of life

That vision excites me and so, yes, I added a bonus because I hope you choose to go beyond this first step and start a transformational journey to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life which I can definitely help you with.

But first, we start here...

With this bonus gift...


I cannot tell you the number of people I speak to, who are waiting, waiting, WAITING to get clear on what their life's purpose is before they take any action away from a life they do not love.  

And then there are those like you who do not wait for certainty - You take off. You have responsibilities. You have no time to secondguess and overthink but there is usually an overriding deep sense that there must be more to life than this.

You become dissatisfied with your work...

It starts to drain you...

And even if you start a business, you feel uncertain all the time...

Usually because you have chosen to do something simply because someone somewhere told you that it was the best way for you to pay your bills and you decided it was the responsible thing to do.

And so you are stuck in a life that looks successful to many but feels YUK to you.  

Because it is not your true design life.  

You have not uncovered your purpose.  

And so yes, you could keep going down this road of misalignment  

Or you could take a moment to pivot onto your true design path.  

One will lead you to more dissatisfaction.  

One will lead you to joy and prosperity in a way that feels good to you (rather than just looking good to others!)

It does not need to take lifetimes of fasting and praying, affirming and waiting on the Divine to figure out what you are here to do.  

Listen to the audio and expect to...

✅ Discover the biggest block to discovering your purpose and how to handle it.  

✅ Revealed: Simple steps to easily uncover your true design immediately  

✅ Receive a plan to earn with your Divine purpose so that you are able to make sure that every part of every day feels fulfilling

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A Client Talking About A Program & SpiritSpeaks

Still Not Sure?

Let me explain a little more…

You are that person who has created some success and you are that person who SHOULD be happy with it because you have more than most. However, you are not happy and you wonder if you are just a little too greedy or maybe you just want too much and so you procrastinate and dither on trying to go for your true vision and a part of you doubts strongly that you even KNOW your true design vision or life's purpose.

This is about reinventing your life, not because there is anything majorly wrong with your current one – At least not to people looking on the outside in but because YOU KNOW you are meant for more.

Your life is disappearing before your eyes and you are nowhere near where you thought you would be by now…

You are not impacting the people or making the money you had hoped to be making…

You are not all that much in love with yourself anymore, if you ever were…

You are living to fulfil the agendas of many others but struggle to get your own true vision off the ground…

You feel resentful that you do not seem to have the time to follow your own pursuits while everyone else is being supported, BY YOU, to get theirs…

Are you done yet?

Because honey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I was you, once upon a time.

Pretending that I had it all sorted.

People looked up to me, even before I became a pharmacist and had the house, 2 cars, cleaner and the trappings of wealth…

(I have always been leader though I shied from it thinking that dampening out my drive was ‘humble’ and a ‘good’ thing to do.)

And yet, I had none of the freedom or fulfilment.

Life felt empty.

I woke up with low-level depression each day.

Yes, I slapped a smile on my face and got on with it but I KNEW I was in the wrong life for me.

And to make matters worse, there were all these rules of what I was allowed to do and what I was not…

How to be a good spiritual person and how not to be

How to be a good daughter, parent, employee...

I had relationships that manipulated me into giving more than I wanted to give but I felt I HAD to, in order to be 'loving'

I had religious beliefs that stifled me and kept me from real relationship with the Divine - It felt like I was always jumping thorugh hoops for this deity and never quite getting the reward (or permanently telling myself that the next life would be better and convincing myself to struggle and sacrifice in this life)

I was shrouded in fear, guilt and shame because I never felt quite enough…

And finally, after hitting the rock-bottom of bankruptcy and depression (which still no one saw – they still thought I GOT IT!), I got done with all that noise, nonsense and drama and decided to find and fulfill my life's purpose while generating a great income

Ultimately, I DELIBERATELY DECIDED to reinvent my life.

Within 18 months, I had started a business and replaced my full-time pharmacist income with a multi-6 figure income…

I started saying ‘FUCK NO’ to anything and anyone that did not take me closer to my life's purpose and TRUE DESIGN vision…

And now, I have built 2 businesses that surpassed my pharmacist income…

I have had the plastic surgery (#Operationbiggerboobssmallerwaist) I dreamt off…

Been to various different countries all round the world, just because I wanted to…

Worked with millionaire coaches to give me the latest and greatest information in personal & business growth which I pass on to my private clients and use to accelerate my business growth…

I am closer than ever before to the Divine and I help others do the same…


I really truly LOOOVE ME! and I REFUSE to ever settle for a less than ideal life again!

And I have helped lots of clients with that too…

I got over my sad family story with lots of fear, sexual abuse, physical abuse and so on to live free of the rules, traditions and all that nonsense.

Honey I reinvented my life and now, I help other ambitious spiritual people like you to regain your confidence and to deliberately create a great income aligned to your life's purpose.

So, are you still feeling indecisive?

Leave now – this is not for the weak -minded!

But if you are done with messing around with your ONE life, then click the button below and let's begin the adventure of making a difference and a great income in your true design life. Get the Book delivered to your email inbox, in addition to lots of other great emails - I am VERY prolific. Woohoo! Click the button below and let's do this


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