Being spiritual does not mean that forgiveness comes easy to you.

Growing older does not make forgiveness come easier to you

Being a nice person does not mean you do not carry a heavy weight of resentments around with you

The regular practice of forgiveness is the only thing that makes forgiveness easier to do.

As spiritual people, we know how important forgiveness is...

We know that we cannot carry the energy of unforgiveness and resentment around with us and still expect to manifest a peaceful, prosperous life

We know that unforgiveness has the potential of making us ill, physically ill.

We may know these things and we may even desperately want to be free and yet... YET... some things are just so hard to forgive, particularly when it is an ongoing situation that we have to continually deal with.

How difficult it feels to forgive then.

And what if the person does not even acknowledge that they have done anything wrong...

What if they do deserve to be punished for what they did.

What if it is something you yourself did, that you cannot let yourself go about?

Forgiveness can certainly feel tough

Self-Forgiveness IS THE TOUGHEST, particularly when you are someone with high hopes for yourself that you have not yet reached.

And yet... still... you deserve to be free.

You deserve peace

You are worthy of the very best of everything

And with practise and willingness, you can forgive, set yourself free and rediscover your power to create the prosperous, peaceful life you desire.

Come to this week's Empower Experience and allow me to teach you Self-Forgiveness

✅ Come learn to let the past go more easily so that it stops getting the way of the prosperous future you envision for you and your family

✅ Come learn to set yourself free to live fulfilled, abundant and love-drenched

✅ Come take back authority over your life, rather than continually handing it over to whatever or whoever offended you

✅ Come learn to be free of the guilt and shame of self-unforgiveness

✅ Come discover just how strong and resilient you truly are

✅ Come and become a clear channel for your highest good


We go live on Saturday, 10th July at 5pm UK or 12 noon Eastern. You can join via YouTube Live or Receive The Recording Within 5 days.

We start with a musical meditation that will energize you

I then go into the simple step-by step process that will enable you to forgive, love and accept yourself despite anything.

This, along with loving the Divine, is literally the most important step for personal transformation and success.

I strongly urge you to learn this self-forgiveness practice and IMPLEMENT it immediately.

People have regained their health when they practise forgiveness

People have obtained new jobs when they practise forgiveness

People have healed relationships when they practise forgiveness

People have increased their income when they practise forgiveness

I keep telling you that the Divine withholds nothing from you - The only question is...


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Imagine with me a world where everyone did this forgiveness work.

Imagine with me a world where the past was completely released and together, as magnificent humans, we build a more empowered, beautiful world for ourselves and our children

Imagine with me a world where no one holds anything against anyone else.

Imagine the depth of peace that would exist within your own heart, if you let go of all the resentment and angers you feel against this person or that thing.

Imagine if EVERYONE followed your example and chose to cultivate a deep inner peace within themselves

Imagine what your relationships would be like, if no one held anything against anyone else.

Imagine how countries would relate to other countries if spiritual people like you and I who chose to be clear inside, lead and choose to lead from a place of inner peace and clarity.

I know it can all seem so out there when 'little old you' is thinking of learning how to forgive

But YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE just by being your best self.

It really does make a difference in the world.

You have no idea the impact you could have on the people you forgive, just by letting them go free.

You have no idea how much energy you will release within yourself to focus on more useful pastimes, just by learning to forgive consistently.

Join me on the Deliberate Millionaire Path to peace & plenty because you are here on this planet for a reason and YOU, living your best life, makes a difference far beyond anything you can even imagine.

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