Your divine right is to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched.  

But most of us have forgotten this.  

We came onto this planet and started taking on the ideas of those that came before us.  

Before we were 5, we were programmed to believe in our powerlessness.  

Family, friends, teachers, religious organisations, government propaganda and so much more, push their ideas onto us and because we trust that they must know better, we buy their theories - hook, line and sinker.  

We, who are created in the image and likeness of the Divine, POWERFUL CREATORS, begin to believe we are teeny-tiny worms that have no choice but to passively accept life any old how it presents itself to us.

We begin to act like slaves to money - We will do anything we have to do to make some.

We begin to act like slaves to the people around us - We buy into the drama, noise and nonsense and put their agenda before ours just so we can ‘belong’, even though we never quite feel like we are loved unconditionally.  

And so, most people live lives of quiet desperation while telling themselves they have no choice.  

But somewhere within a few of us, is the idea that there must be more, SO MUCH MORE to us than this.

There is the feeling that we are not quite on the path we are designed to be on.  

That we have lost our way.  

We DECIDE to get deliberate about our lives.  

I found myself at this crossroads.  

I was a well-paid pharmacist.  

I had my own house.  

I was married to a cool dude (and still am)  

I had 2 cars.  

Held various leadership roles at church.  

People looked up to me.  

Even those who I invited to live with me (because I was trying to save the world), thought I was fine. 

I was blessed to be a blessing, right?!  

I had worked hard to get there but I was sad a lot of the time, working more and more hours to get by because my debt just kept growing and growing (the more money I made, the less money I had!!!!).  

There was something wrong but I could not quite figure out what it was but hey, I was fulfilling all the world’s definitions of success so surely, I should be grateful and happy and getting richer.  

I tried to be grateful but I certainly was NOT happy or wealthier. 

It took bankruptcy and a 4 year long depression, plus the glorious entry of my 3 awesome princesses, to shake me loose of that dead end path.  

I looked in the eyes of my girls and I knew I could not teach them the same lessons that had been taught me.  

I could not let them get to adulthood thinking that they had to give up their own TRUE DESIGN just to make money.

I could not let them believe that keeping the people in their world happy, was any kind of path to their own happiness.  

And so, I started to listen to the Divine PROPERLY!

I started to pay attention to those inner urges that I had done my best to ignore for years, even though I would have told anyone that asked that I was spiritual and connected to God.  


And I started to live, to really truly live.

I have faced many fears.  

I have been stretched beyond what I thought was possible for me.  

And I am SO grateful for this journey that I began all those years ago.  

My external life is pretty darned awesome now and more than that, I am deeply, truly peaceful and happy and it gets better and better, the more I apply the principles you will learn on this bootcamp.

I feel exhilarated by life and all that is opening up to me as I live life deliberately.  

I discovered how to get all my needs AND Desires met and it was not just through working harder and harder or obeying the normal rules of life. I had tried that and it had failed me.

So, I started to distil out a new path with the Divine...

He guided, I listened and implemented (sometimes reluctantly, sometimes speedily) and showed clients, which led to faster results with the work we were doing together.


And I am on a mission to invite others to this journey back to themselves and the Divine.


Here's How To Position Yourself WIthin 15 Days To Receive All Your Needs & Desires Easily & Swiftly By Using Simple Divine Law

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Each day, starting Monday 1st August, you will receive a worksheet

On the worksheet, there will be

1. Text or audio-based training

2. A musical meditative contemplation to deepen your connection to the Divine and to yourself

3. Some days, there will be a Download from the Divine pertaining to the learning in that day's training

4. Journaling prompts or affirmations to solidify the work

I will also explain exactly what to do with all the pieces of the bootcamp. Most of it will be journal-based - We are created to be self-sufficient units capable of attracting to ourselves everything we need to create a great life-experience. You have already mastered practical hard work, but now you need to master the inner work that will make you a clear channel for all-round prosperity to flow.

The work will only take about 30 minutes at the maximum

So, if you are a driven spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are fed up with not being as prosperous as you had hoped to be by now and you are ready now to claim your divine birthright of a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant and love-drenched life, click the button below to work with me for 15 days to learn exactly how to make manifesting prosperity miracles easy, simple and swift.


This only works, if you work it.

If you are someone who needs hand-holding before you stay consistent with anything then this is not going to work for you...

This is only for action-oriented spiritual people who KNOW they are meant for more and are willing to do what it takes to create the more.

The actions I describe are rather simple, so simple that you may be tempted to jump days, to overcomplicate it, to tell yourself that it cannot work for you

And if you allow that inner craziness to win, you will fail.

Ultimately, it is consistency and a firm refusal to quit that will change your life. This bootcamp is just the beginning of you understanding and being able to use your power but if you will not do it consistently for 15 days straight please do not bother to buy it.


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Rapid Manifesting Bootcamp

"I listened to your webinar today for the 7 day prosperity surprise. After listening at lunchtime I went out to buy a journal to devote to this . I am already aligning to prosperity as this afternoon I received two free bunches of flowers , a reduced bus ticket from a driver who was singing and happy !!, I saw the numbers 222 on my taxi home , and been seeing the word ' BIG jumping out at me from billboards and messages . I am getting into alignment and looking forward to the surprises popping up this week"  

- JF  

"I am on day 6 of this experiment and I am so happy with my results - it’s hard to believe the power of doing these simple things! But it has had such a positive effect on my life - I am more open to learning from others and receiving. Oh and for actual physical results I have had a new sign up to my business opportunity and 2 messages unexpected from people interested!!  

Thank you so much Rosemary N Knight and to others I encourage you to put your all into it and expect to see prosperity"  

- SD  

"Hi RNK! It was a really amazing week. While I did not win the lottery (which would be too easy and the Universe is asking that I actually add value to the world for my money 😂) I did have some AMAZING spiritual shifts and last night, by pure “coincidence” stumbled across a posting for my dream job."  

- ML