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You sense the truth in that statement.  

There is a part of you that believes you are here to experience joy, adventure, happiness, wealth, success, unconditional love and freedom.

But there is also a big part of you that believes you are here to learn lessons, to be tested, to struggle, to sacrifice and try to be perfect as you wait until the next life to finally enjoy your existence.

And so, your life experience is a mixed bag of good and bad, with bad being in the lead.

And this is happening EVEN THOUGH you would SAY that you believe that LIFE IN ITS FULLNESS & ABUNDANCE are your divine right.

EVEN THOUGH you would say that you want more for yourself and your family.

And I can tell you why this is happening to you.

You have been PROGRAMMED & BRAINWASHED to hold yourself apart from the very things you CLAIM TO desire.  

The mass-mind-programming that we are all exposed to, tells you that life is struggle, pay bills, be grateful that you survive and then die believing for a heavenly and happy after-life.

From school to religion to the jobs you felt you had to take on in order to survive, it all tells you that you cannot have what you desire, and that you must just do what you are told until you die, in order to be safe.

This programming, slowly but surely, eats away at you and before you know it, you feel trapped in a life that is far less than what you thought you would be living by now.

Your every move is punctuated by doubt and fear but you don't even notice anymore because 'THAT'S JUST LIFE'.

However, You are the kind of person who will not be tamed.

You are someone who longs for freedom.

You are someone who tries to break free from the 'system'...

There is a part of you that just cannot quit and accept the nonsense.

You really do believe you are meant for more.

You really do believe that you are meant to thrive and prosper in all areas of life.

You really do believe that you can be financially free AND Fulfilled

You really do believe you can create generational wealth

You really do believe you can be, do, have more...

And you have tried but something seems to get in the way.

You would say that YOU are the only thing in your way and that is true but you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR WAY!

HERE'S A HINT - without changing your beliefs about what you are allowed to experience, you simply keep creating the same restricted, unfulfilling situation, no matter how hard you work, pray or affirm.

Because whether you realise it or not, you are a much more powerful creator than the world would have you believe.


When you are convinced deep within you that you are here to struggle and just get by, you will find that that situation continues to create itself for you, over and over and over again.  

Relationships will feel hard.  

Making money will feel hard.  

Trying to get your own business going will feel hard

Family Rosemary Nonny Knight

Staying healthy will feel hard.

Whatever you do, will just feel so very hard.  

And you will be convinced that that is just the way it is supposed to be.  

But it is not.




THE HARD LIFE is just what you have chosen (unknowingly) and keep choosing it because you do not realise there is another way.  

I grew up on the parable of Adam and Eve, supposedly the first two people on the planet living in a paradise of all paradises - The Garden Of Eden. . And they were given a simple choice…  

🔴 Be supported, loved, guided through life, going from one degree of glory to another as you decide what you want and get guided to it without any stress.  


🔴 Decide that you are being scammed and deceived, Choose to depend on your limited knowledge and experience to think your way through life, work your way through life, struggle to make anything work and feel as if the burdens of the world are on your shoulders.

Like most humans, they chose to walk away from love and try to make it happen on their own.

This is the same choice we are given each and every day and most people keep choosing the path of struggle instead of the path of peace & abundance.

And something just does not feel right, hence the low level depression and anxiety that most people walk around with.

And so, most people have been searching for a way back home.

A way back to that initial childlike innocence while at the same time, trying to appear reasonable, sensible to those around them who are AS CONFUSED as they themselves are!

Most people end their search by distracting themselves with too much food, drink, drugs, sex, drama, religious activities, work.

They try to drown out the emptiness inside.

They try not to notice the limited success in their life.

You have been 'most' people for a long time now and I sense you are ready to break free, which is why you are here.


On the one hand, you sense deep inside that there is another more prosperous way to do life.  

You feel the pull within you to return to that calm, restful, prosperous, purpose-driven way of living that calls out to you from deep within your soul but…  

You also find it hard to trust what you are hearing within you, to trust that the Divine/Universe will truly support you or to trust anyone that offers to show the way.  

You have been conditioned since birth to think in terms of struggle and dog-eat-dog and work hard forever and stay in painful relationships because you will be alone otherwise and so on.  

You catch glimpses of there being another way but… but… but it seems so unrealistic in the world you live and work in today.  

The media showers you with stories of wars and abuse of power and diminishing resources, pandemics and robots/foreigners taking over your livelihood and there are always more horrific stories all the time of people hurting people, people being scammed etc.  

So fear underpins your every move but you do not even realise it because everyone around you lives this way. . Except you keep hearing the whisper within you saying…


Are you willing to break free and find your way to it?  

You cannot think your way to it because your current level of thinking just keeps you in the same place

You cannot fight your way to it because that just causes you to think of LIFE as your enemy and you will always get what you expect

Ultimately, You cannot solve your problems at the same level of consciousness that caused the problems - I am sure Einstein said this.  

It will take reprogramming you from the inside out, over a period of time.  

A process of immersion in a different way of thinking to break you free from mass mind conditioned thinking.


There are no scary embarrassing actions to take.  

This is focused and personal inner work.

Simply start the day with the Deliberate Millionaire Daily Ritual (You Will Be Taught Within Your First 24 hours) 

And immerse yourself daily in the Deliberate Millionaire bootcamps/trainings which are delivered via email.

Do this each day and you will...

✅ Change The False Foundational Beliefs That Keep You In Financial Restriction & Unfulfillment.

✅ This Will Then Eliminate Your Unconscious Self-Limiting Behaviours.

✅ And You Will Change Your Life & Start To Deliberately Create A 6-Figure Income While Living Out Your Life's Purpose

It is simple to do.  

It is also simple not to do.  

Your inner 'sacrifice, suffering and struggle' machine will tell you to ignore this offer.

The fear & doubt will attempt to hold you back  

It will tell you not to believe that anything can change just by immersion.  

Well, the choice is yours; I can only invite you to another way. YOU ARE THE ONE TO TAKE THE PLUNGE. After all, what you are currently doing, is not working!

My mission is to give you the option of returning to your true design.  

It is on you to decide whether you will daily choose to immerse yourself and LISTEN to trainings with the full intention to experience financial relaxation & all-round prosperity.


When you become a member of OPULENCE, you get these 7 MAJOR Things...

1. The Deliberate Millionaire Bootcamps

We are clearing emotional and mental blocks from EVERY angle with these bootcamps.

From the Morning after joining in, you will receive a daily video/audio/worksheet 5 days on, 2 days off, via email.

Each month, you will be guided to handle a different area of life that can block your money inflow.

MONTH 1 - The Opulence Bootcamp (Money Mindset Course)

MONTH 2 - Easy Success Bootcamp (Divine Connection Course)

MONTH 3 - Thriving Bootcamp (Relationships course)

MONTH 4 - Slim Sexy Strong Healthy Bootcamp (Health Course)

MONTH 5 - Light Of The World (Online Business Course)

MONTH 6 & 7 - Brain Training Bootcamp

MONTH 8 & 9 - Transition Bootcamp (Return To Wholeness In All Areas Of Life)

MONTH 10 - The Quantum Leap (Heal The 4 Main Emotions That Keep You Stuck)

MONTH 11 - Unstoppable Confidence (Regain Self-Confidence)

MONTH 12 - Overflowing Love & Self Love Project (Love Yourself Back To Prosperity)

(The Full Breakdown Of The Bootcamps Can Be Found A Bit Further Down the Page)


Because everything affects EVERYTHING.

I have said this before but you cannot expect to clear money blocks and experience financial relaxation without handling all areas of your life. This is what leads to workaholism, relationship breakdowns, ill health, mental breakdowns. Building a fulfilled wealthy life is not for the unprepared or those unwilling to do the inner work necessary for success. These bootcamps have been specifically chosen to to take you on a transformational journey to ...

A) INNER PEACE - as you discover how to consistently rise above the noise, nonsense and drama in your inner and outer world.

B) PURPOSE - as you return home to your throne, your territory, your TRUE DESIGN, rather than continually forcing yourself to be someone you are not in order to comply with other people's expectations of you and the world's definitions of what success 'should' look like for you.

C) To A 6/7 FIGURE INCOME - As You demolish inner blocks to making money & making the difference you are meant to be making

The daily emails will also act as a daily reminder to do the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE DAILY RITUAL. You will be in a completely different place in 12 months' time as a result of taking full part in everything this program offers.

2. The Abundance Library


You have done the short courses and read the books...  

You have gone to the seminars and conferences...  

It all helps for a short period of time...  

You spend a lot of money and you come home to the same environment you left behind and it is not long before you are back to where you were, doing the same things, feeling the same way, with no support system in place to keep you on track...  

What if you tried something different?  

What if you tried deliberate immersion in a new way of thinking, acting, being with programs designed to help you transcend the noise, nonsense and drama of modern-day life? The Library consists of over 100 business, personal and spiritual growth audio & video programs. I continue to add to them as I learn and implement new things that accelerate my progress. I learn and then I teach it all to you. I intend for this to be the most extensive library of its kind on the planet. (yes, I have a HUGE vision!)  


And your current habits have got you to here which may be okay but you know that if you carry on, then you may well die with your music still in you...  

Immersion in new habits, starting with choosing to listen to something in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY for 20 minutes a day and doing the simple Deliberate Millionaire Daily Ritual (which is explained to you when you join) will propel you to a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life FAST.

You will be exposed to new ways of thinking and new patterns of behaviour. You have no idea just how immersed you are in ideas that hold you back but as you start to very deliberately choose to immerse yourself in higher-level ideas, the old ones will be drowned out and your actions will elevate to match your new patterns of thought. Financial relaxation becomes INEVITABLE when you are thinking and acting like the person who HAS ALREADY created it.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN for 15-20 minutes a day.

3. The Daily #SpiritSpeaks DIVINE DOWNLOADS

Each Monday To Friday morning, you will receive what I call #SpiritSpeaks - these are downloaded messages from the Divine that I receive for the community each day.  I used to make them available exclusively to my business clients but I know that more people need to hear this stuff, for their spiritual evolution. These daily messages will be exactly what you need to hear each day to give you wisdom, direction, clarity and certainty to handle whatever the day brings. They will also be the prompt that sets you on path to hear even more personally what the Divine is saying to YOU. Let these messages prime the pump for you, putting you at the right frequency to hear even more wisdom for your specific situations.

Hearing back from the Divine is so critical to the creation of a peaceful, fulfilling, wealthy life. We are made to live in connection to our source and without this connection, HOW CAN WE THRIVE?

Each day, you will be stirred, you will be called into a deeper connection to the Divine, you will stop caring so much what others think of you so that you can boldly create your true design life and you will start hearing the Divine for yourself and never ever feel abandoned again.

You are sooooo completely loved and it is time you truly felt this to the core of your being. The Daily Divine Download is exactly what you need to wake up to life in all its fullness

4. The Weekly OPULENCE Experience

This is a powerful, high-vibe, 90 minute-long weekly event (over ZOOM) where you will open up to ever-increasing prosperity in all areas of your life.

Expect to get into Theta (a more relaxed) brainwave state with live music and affirmations within the first 10 minutes of the Experience and expect to connect more deeply to The Divine. Your money blocks will be cleared because you are in a more receptive state for new, empowering beliefs. The music will raise your energy and normal emotional set-point, the affirmative words will speak new life into you and you will become a clearer channel for Divine love and for prosperity in every area of life.

The answer to every prayer is YES but if you have been blocked within yourself for some time, you can be sure that your answers have not been getting through. This MMMEE is designed to clear the way within you to receive your answers. The Divine withholds nothing and now as you attend these weekly events, you can expect to start seeing more of the things you have been asking for manifesting in your world. No more will you just work harder and harder to get nowhere, your efforts will suddenly start to be more productive.

Each OE compounds so that the more of these you attend LIVE, the freer, the clearer, the lighter you become.

DO NOT MISS THIS! Building a highly-successful career/business AND life ALWAYS goes beyond just taking lots of physical action. You must handle the inner parts of your subconscious mind that will sabotage your results. The OE is EXACTLY what you need to be set free to thrive and prosper, not just at work but also in EVERY SINGLE area of life.

Each OE includes an in-depth training - Focused on whatever Deliberate Millionaires need. You will also get your questions answered live. I will also support you in identifying any false limitations or beliefs so that you can blast past them to the prosperous (in all areas) reality you desire.

5. The Daily Prosperity Affirmation

Every Monday To Friday, you will receive an affirmation written specifically to help you reprogram your mind for financial abundance

You may also receive a money manifestation journaling prompt for you to work with within your journal as part of the Daily Ritual.

6. The Deliberate Millionaire Gathering

This is a critical part of OPULENCE. It is also the part that you may be most tempted to hide from as you have been hurt by people and now, want to avoid people. And yet, we are created to do life with others.

We grow spiritually and personally around other people

The problem has been that you were choosing the wrong people, possibly because you thought you had no choice.

Well that changes now.

Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE GATHERING (Currently a group on Facebook)

This is a place for connection, conversation, support, spiritual and personal growth, leadership growth and more

This is a place where you can be real

This is a place where you can be seen and where you can heal.

We are all immersed in a society that is all about fear - It promotes a need to protect ourselves from each other and in doing so, we learn to put on a facade in order to come across in a specific way. This facade takes a lot of energy to maintain and it ends up draining self-confidence because you are permanently telling yourself that the real you is not good enough for the world and so you need to have this facade to hide behind.

Coming into the group will demolish that idea.

As you allow yourself to be truly yourself with me in the group, you will release the need to hide.

You will rediscover the beauty and awesomeness of your inner being.

You will feel loved and cared for.

You will start uncovering the layers that have kept you from the life you desire

You will regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of your life.

You will regain the confidence to make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

All I ask is that you come into the group with a willingness to be your REAL, TRUE DESIGN self.

No lurking.

No putting on facades.

We are all in this together.

This is the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE REVOLUTION and you are welcome to join in.


These livestreams serve 2 purposes

1. To teach you simple spiritual practices that will supercharge your ability to manifest money quickly

2. Whether you feel lost or overwhelmed on your spiritual journey or you are facing real everyday life challenges/obstacles that prevent you from living your true design life, the LLD livestream will support you in moving forward. See it as your own personal 'Agony Aunt'/spiritual advisor - you do not have to figure things out alone anymore

Twice a week or more (depending on the number of questions that come into the group), Rosemary Nonny Knight - the Money Minister - comes into the group to offer intuitive guidance, support and wisdom to help you navigate any difficulties you may be facing. Whether you're struggling with financial restriction, relationship issues, health problems, or just feeling stuck in your spiritual growth, I am here to listen and offer practical, actionable advice to help you move forward.

Within the Incubator, you'll have the opportunity to share your challenges and ask questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment and then during the 'Live Life Deliberately' livestream event, I intuitively discern exactly what you need to do next to prosper in whatever area of life, as in, personalized guidance and advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, drawing on wisdom gleaned from connecting with the Divine. You will get crystal clear clarity on your next moves. No more indecision. This is what private clients pay thousands to access and now you can access this wisdom more cost-effectively as long as you are willing to ask for support in the group. 

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just starting out on your journey, the 'LIVE LIFE DELIBERATELY' event is a valuable resource to help you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and stay connected to your true purpose and values. So make sure to take advantage of it when you join.


1. Sit With The Divine On Your Own Each Day For A Few Minutes

2. Take part in the Bootcamp training you receive in your email inbox each day

3. Listen to 20 minutes of anything in the Abundance Library each day

4. Take part in the Gathering so that you are immersed in a community of ambitious go-getters like you

5. Come To The Opulence Experiences so that you are trained in the latest methods of using your personal power to create the financial reality and successful life you desire

It is simple to do.  

It is also simple not to do.  

Your inner 'sacrifice and struggle' machine will tell you to ignore this offer.

The self-doubt will attempt to hold you back  

It will tell you not to believe that anything can change just by doing simple things.  

Well, the choice is yours; I can only invite you to another way. YOU ARE THE ONE TO TAKE THE PLUNGE. After all, what you are currently doing, is not working!

My mission is to give you the option of returning to your true design.  

It is on you to decide to commit.

If you are that ambitious spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are ready now to set yourself free from doubt, fear and mass mind programming so that you can, more easily, create a 6 figure income (or more) while living in your life's purpose, then...

Come join OPULENCE by clicking the button below - And get the special rate while it is still available

Yes, I Want In



A large, lavish, opulent life is yours by divine right.  

However, most people live as slaves to money.  

Money determines everything they do.  

🔴 What job/business they do.  

🔴 Where they live.

🔴 Who they are in relationship with.  

🔴 What hobbies they take part in  

🔴 Whether they have hobbies at all!  

🔴 Whether they eat healthy or not  

🔴 Whether they go on vacation or not  

🔴 What experiences they are able to expose their children to.  

🔴 Whether they get training/mentoring or not  

🔴 Money can become the biggest source of relationship discord  

🔴 Money determines whether they allow themselves to live out their vision or not.

Almost every aspect of their life is determined by how much money they have.  

And the crazy thing is that most people do consider this to be the sensible, ‘right’ way to do things.  

I urge you to question that.  

I urge you to retrain yourself away from mass-mind-consciousness when it comes to money if you are determined to live a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.  

There is another way to think and it lends itself to increased money abundance and you will learn to put money in its rightful place in your life.  

Join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and you will receive the 28 day bootcamp in your first month delivered to your email inbox each day for 28 days. You can keep this forever.

It contains simple actions and journalling exercises to retrain your mind for more finance.  

Let money miracles become a normal part of your life.  

Change your way of perceiving money and as you relate to money differently, you will experience more money coming to you more easily.  

Join in by clicking one of the buttons on this page and then expect DAY 1 in your inbox within 24 hours of joining.


You have worked hard for so long.  

You have tried to do all that others tell you is the sure fire path to prosperity  

And it has not worked.  

Yes, you got so far.  

But then it all stopped and even the success you achieved felt unfurling and empty.  


We have been taught to worship the rational, the logical.  

We have been taught to believe only what we can see with our physical eyes.  

But this is a very limited way to live.  

You are divine being.  

You are created to do life with the Divine.  

There is no way to live to the fullness of your potential while ignoring this important part of you.  

Cultivating an intimate relationship with the Divine, the force that creates all life, is key.  

And that is what EASY SUCCESS is about.  

Returning to your TRUE DESIGN.  

In month 2 of your membership of the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY, you will receive each day for 28 days - an email with a daily thought and easy action to cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Divine.  

This, to me, is the source of all true lasting and fulfilling prosperity.  

This, to me, is pragmatic.  

It is not religious and follows no particular religion, though I was brought up christian so a lot of what I say comes from my upbringing but please understand that I personally KNOW that EVERYONE has access to this power, regardless of what name you may call your religion or whether you even have a religion. . And again, this Divine Connection is the only way to experience true, fulfilling prosperity in all areas of life.  

As always, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to something in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY each day and also journal around the simple thought you receive each day via email.  

Are you willing?



You will discover…

✅ Healing techniques that transform you from someone who seems to be surrounded by painful relationships to someone who is repellant to unhealthy relationships and who is magnetic to wholesome, empowered people.

✅ Energy release strategies that empower you to create a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life. So much energy has gone into maintaining the false relationships, you will be surprised to see how different you feel and how energised you become as you charge ahead to create a whole new, peace-infused life for yourself (and your children, if applicable)

✅ How to partner with the Divine in an empowered, intimate way so that you never feel alone ever again. When you really know your true source and you feel the truth of unconditional real love, you will never settle for a counterfeit again.

✅ Why it literally feels like you are being torn apart and what to do about the fiery pain so that it does not lead you down a worse path.  No matter what it feels like now, you can find respite.  I cannot promise no pain at all but as you understand what is happening, it may help you hold on through the fire because the result will be well worth it.

✅ Simple Ideas for helping your children through the inevitable changes to their life as you go through your own process.

✅ New parts of yourself that you did not even know existed.  You will be surprised to see just how powerful you can be when you pay attention and give affection to your own inner self.

✅ Guidelines to navigate the practical parts of healing to ensure you do not make rookie errors that just prolong the pain.


This used to be a private mentoring program but I want to make the taught portion of it available to you.

Living in health is sooooo important and your weight is a huge part of that.

You will discover…

🔴1. The real truth about what it takes to stop struggling with your weight once and for all... It is easier than you think and it will take you away from the yo-yo nature of dieting.  

🔴2. How to Reconnect more intimately and powerfully to the Divine so that you can get real guidance on your true target body weight, shape and design. This is critical. You are a spiritual being in a human body. If you try to only live from the human side, thinking that your struggle with weight is simply a physical one then yuo limit yur ability to break free. Let me teach you simple principles that makes eight management so much easier  

🔴3. What you are here on this planet to do. Crystal clear clarity of purpose will arise as a part of you being in this program, jumping on the phone with me and I will teach you simple ways to start living to your true design so that you are not self-harming anymore. That may sound horrid but when you do not respond to the cry of your deepest heart, you end up sabotaging yourself until you do.  

🔴4. A Simple 7 Step plan to eliminate dieting all together and easily live at a natural good weight forever. You will also eliminate the desire to overeat as well!  

🔴5. How To Use mindset strategies to clear and conquer any emotional/mental blocks to you staying on course. You will begin to love yourself deeply again so that yuo eliminae all this compulsive, addictive behaviour.  

🔴6. How To Reset your subconscious mind to stay on track permanently, rather than continuing to do this yo-yo thing.  

🔴7. How to rise above the fear that you will revert back to the old way. There wil be deep certainty by the end of this 4 week period that you really do have control again and can choose completely how you feel and look from now on. Get ready for EVERYTHING to change for the better! WOOHOO! I am soooooo excited for you.


We are the light of the world and the world is in such need of light.  

Look around you…  

You see young people in need of guidance…

Young mums in need of support and advise…  

Relationships breaking down because they just do not know how to stay together…  

People distant from their creator because no one is teaching them in a way that they can hear and understand…

Communities in need of leaders with a message to help them rise up and be their powerful selves…

People's bodies falling apart because conventonal medicine is not enough to fix the internal and external issues of life

For goodness sake, some people could just do with a good laugh, a wholesome entertainment program would help them…  

And I could go on...  

There you are…  

You have the message inside of you…  

You have music



A healing ministry

A service you can provide

A story to tell that your people need to hear

You are thirsty and aching to be all you know you could be…  

And yet, you hold back because of all the mind chatter and the lack of know-how and all the stuff you think gets in the way…

What if I told you that YOU ARE THE ONLY THING IN YOUR OWN WAY?!  

🔴Discover why knowing ‘HOW’ is irrelevant when you are truly living life as light of the world  

🔴 Discover how you can open yourself up to more wealth by sitting down and seemingly doing nothing - Many rush around doing all kinds of things and still not getting forward. You will learn how sitting still and doing specific simple things, you can attract so much more 

🔴Discover when to get into physical action and exactly what to do in order to get your message out into the world and start impacting the people you are called to serve.  

🔴 Step into a life of adventure and excitement as you stop living to the plans and designs that others have for you and instead tap into your true design and easily begin living it out.  

🔴You'll see how the mandate on your life, your mission, your calling, and your purpose will come out and lead as a guiding light for others to follow…  

🔴You will handle your money story so that you stop blocking the receipt of abundant wealth

🔴Learn how to calm down your mind chatter that stops you from going after everything you desire  

🔴No more indulging self-doubt and fear: Discover the simple things you can do to rise above all that low level thinking that keeps you on the ground floor of your life  

🔴Get simple little daily tasks that get your message out there boldly being the light of the world around you  

🔴Get clear on your message and what exactly you want to deliver to the world  

🔴Reconnect even more powerfully with the Divine so that you are always living from a guided place and able to spot opportunities that you would otherwise miss  

🔴Learn the simple actions you can take on places like instagram and Facebook to build your platform and get started in the next few days  

🔴 Learn how to actually make money doing the thing you are called to do. There is always a way - You just need to be willing to discover it and I will show you various models  

21 simple daily actions delivered day by day for 21 days to break you free from the nonsense of the past and get you on your purpose path, being the light of the world - making a difference and an income being YOU!


🔴 You will not be the same again after these 8 weeks together.

🔴 You will be unable to think the same way that has caused you all this painful, horrid drama

🔴 You will have all the practical actions you need to create physical wealth

🔴 You will be richer this year than any other year

🔴 You will show up more boldly and confidently because the thoughts you are now thinking will be those that empower and lift up

🔴 Your people will find you because they will be attracted to this new energy around you

🔴 You will be braver and more productive than you have ever been

🔴 You will spend less time overthinking and second guessing yourself

🔴 You will create a more pleasing environment to build your life

🔴 You will KNOW and claim all that you are born for and refuse to settle for any less

🔴 The anxiety and depression of the past will fade away as you own your real self

🔴 You will be calmer and more able to make powerful decisions to take you and your life forward

🔴 You will break chains that hold you to a personality that does not bring you joy!

🔴 You will be the creator of your reality in a more empowering way

🔴 You will know that you are a gift on this earth and you will start to let your light shine more boldly than ever before

🔴 Sales will increase because you will ask for what you want more confidently

🔴 You are champion and you know it and this bootcamp will get you there FAST!

🔴 Every business day – Monday to Friday, you will receive one new thought to ingest while removing any old stifling thinking

🔴 Every business day, for just 15 minutes, you will retrain your brain to think higher thoughts

🔴 Every business day, you will raise your awareness and design a more empowered day

This will literally come out of my quiet times…

You will hear from the Divine & you will hear from me…

And you will retrain your brain for success


Join me, honey, for a 40 day deep dive spiritual journey...  

  • A journey to reconnect in a more powerful way with Source/God/Universe - This is where you get wisdom, love, comfort, power. As you reconnect even more powerfully with your higher power, you remember more completely that you are created powerful, created to win, created to speak things into existence. You have heard of the law of attraction, well, there ain’t gonna be no attraction happening without this divine intimacy.
  • A journey through forgiveness - You need to be clear, completely CLEAR on the inside because honey, if not, someone or something is pulling your strings and you may not even know it. You are tied to them in ways that keep you in lack, unable to create fulfilling relationships and unable to live a purposeful life because your every move, whether you realise it or not is being controlled by THEM or IT! You must be free!  
  • A journey away from shame, guilt, blame, fear - all the things that keep you away from your prosperous life. If you feel these emotions, your time, energy, power is LITERALLY STOLEN FROM YOU as you do things to appease these emotions, spend time with people who drain your energy and ultimately DO NOTHING to design the life you want.  
  • A journey back to trust - Trusting yourself, trusting your higher power, trusting others when it is right to do so, trusting your calling - You have forgotten that you are capable of your calling and the crazy amazing time is this, we are entering an era where those who truly choose to pursue their purpose will find themselves head and shoulders ahead of the curve because the world is increasingly getting automated and people are losing the mundane jobs that they did not even want to do. Well, it is time to trust the call on your life  
  • A journey past mental and emotional blocks and triggers - Do you even realise that you are being triggered all the time and that those triggers are keeping you in an endless loop - repeating the same patterns again and again. You are born to walk a fulfilled path, a freedom road - It is time to get past the nonsense, look to see what needs to heal and do the inner work to make it so. You need support for this. I wish I could tell you that you can do this alone but how is it working out of you to try that? Be real and go after the life you really want.  
  • A journey to transcend the pain of the past - It is time to realise that you are not really as stuck as you think. It is just that the pain overshadows you and in some ways, you have gotten so used to living with the pain that you do not realise how much it stifles you. How much it has you in its grasp, keeping you feeling confused and unclear. It is time to learn to live above the pain and then be able to heal the pain when it does not hold you so tightly within its grasp  
  • A journey to remember your power, your divine nature, your purpose - Life is not happening to you. You are creating it but we need to get a lot more deliberate about creating it - this is hard to do when all you have ever known is people around you feeling like victims of circumstance and all you have ever been conditioned to think is that you need to wait for some help from on high. It is time to remember your creative abilities as you own your purpose, your true nature.  
  • A journey to bring that purpose to life, living out of it, creating abundance through it - We will also cover how to soar while living out the purpose on your life. Yes, you will gain clarity on what it is and then you will learn strategies for putting you and your thing out into the marketplace. Building a side hustle that allows you full expression of our gifts and then moving on into a full blown life that only includes living out the call on your life and monetising it. Learn how to handle money and attract it more easily than ever before!

IT IS TIME TO TRANSITION to a place of wholeness, prosperity, peace and purpose


20 Part Bootcamp: 5 days on, 2 days off  

🔴 Stop feeling like a disappointment to yourself and to family with promises you made of how life was going to look, still unmet. And I know it is not for lack of trying - It is just that when certain emotions cloud your path, then it is almost impossible to break through without some deliberate clearing work. It is time to BECOME the person who delivers what you promised  

🔴 Stop chanting affirmations to no avail. Discover how to become the person who actually sees things happen when you use affirmations. Learn to create them so they work for you and learn how and when to use them.

🔴 Overcome the 4 dominant emotional states that will keep you from everything you desire - Fear, Anger, Self-doubt and Guilt. Unfortunately, most people spend ALL their time in these states and do not even realise just how terrible it is to their goals and vision or they do, but are unsure about how to fix it.

🔴 Discover simple techniques that shift you internally causing you to resolve inner tension and instantly calm your mind so that you think clearly and powerfully. It is really impossible to live a prosperous life when you are shrouded in these emotions. Lots of spiritual people do not even realise what is getting in their way. 

🔴 20 Simple Tools. 5 For each emotion. Clear the Blocks that keep you from owning and living out your purpose and creating the prosperous life you desire


20 Part Bootcamp: 5 days on, 2 days off  

🔴 Discover how to get back in touch with the very heart of you - Your divine centre - so that you feel more powerful each and every day  

🔴 Discover how to clear all that is holding you back and keeping you from your highest good - Doubts and fears can literally keep you form your good. Let that not be the case any longer

🔴 Simple strategies to manifest your vision faster, easier and more powerfully than ever before  

🔴 Get Back in touch with your intuition and never ever lack for wisdom again - No more wondering if you are simply talking to yourself and be absolutely certain how you are being led  

🔴 Distil out your divine superpowers - Everyone has these from birth but we are trained in this physical reality to live based simply on the 5 senses which leaves us without our innate power to deliberately design a prosperous, opulent life

🔴 Immerse yourself in 20 Simple short ideas delivered 5 days on, 2 Days off with quick simple inner-power-strengthening tasks (on a worksheet) to supercharge your self-confidence and put you back on the path to claiming your prosperous and opulent real life. You were not placed on this planet to struggle and strive for every little thing, PROSPERITY IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT and this will go a long way to you claiming it  

🔴 Determine what you want, decide to create it and refuse any longer to let anyone or anything stop you as you grow in unstoppable confidence. THIS IS YOUR TIME!



  • This is when you go back in time to see who you were created to be before life happened and caused you to forget yourself. You remember what you are capable of…
  • You remember your dreams, passions, purpose, what you are here on this planet to do…  
  • The big plans that seemed so impossible will become real again as you do this work with me…  
  • You will have a purpose statement written out to refer back to, time and time again…  
  • You will learn how to keep your head in the game, despite whatever drama is brought into your consciousness…  
  • You will remember just how important your agenda is to the grand scheme of things…  
  • We will set the base level of simple activities that will welcome abundance, freedom, wealth into your life in a greater proportion than now.  


  • Every grand hero story has a moment of reinvention when the hero goes from feeling small and insignificant to realising that they are capable of so much more than they thought and you are no different.  
  • In this part of the bootcamp, you will learn how to deliberately design the life you actually want and get rid of anything you just do not want.  
  • How to own the selfish side of you and realise that it is in fact absolutely necessary to do what you need to do in order to do the work you are here to do…  
  • You will learn to give yourself permission to be your most powerful self – this slow-paced, ‘to scared to truly live’ version of you will be discarded in favour of your most powerful self…  
  • You will become the entrepreneurial leader that gets what you want…  
  • No more internal resistance to the power that is you, you will start taking massive and consistent action to make it so…  
  • You will learn to call in an audience of people who love what you are about as you show up as powerful leader that seems completely fearless…  
  • You will instil new beliefs that will cause you to power through any dark spots in life – You will change and so the way you deal with stuff will change too…  


  • This is when you do the work to get those relationship, wealth, impact goals met  
  • You will learn how to get past any false programming that holds you to old rules of religion, family, past story  
  • You will learn the simple daily actions that gets your goals met  
  • You will learn how to become an ideas machine and how to implement it quickly to realise the profits that come from fast action  
  • You will learn why you do not need lots of money right now in this social media age, in order to prosper…  
  • You will learn how to stop living like all the norms and reasonables around you and actually ramp up the speed without it adversely affecting you…  
  • You will learn what it is like to live fiercely and determinedly going after everything that is yours by birth…  
  • You will discover how much happier you are to live this full-bodied experience of life rather than the lack-lustre version that you used to settle for…  
  • You will start sprinting to the realisation of your dreams…  
  • You will KNOW that you are leader, not just in words but you will feel the power, the energy, the full on adrenaline that comes from playing full-out and making stuff happen quickly…  
  • You will also KNOW that you are loved and you deserve every good thing and so, no longer will you settle for anything less!  


A vast program library that covers business, spiritual and personal growth to immerse yourself in...

🔴 ROCK SOLID SELF BELIEF - 16 part immersion program: Turn You Into A Spiritual Maverick That Goes After Everything You Desire In Life & Business

🔴 EMPOWERED TO WIN - 10 part immersion program: Kick Hopelessness To The Kerb & Claim Your Freedom, Your Purpose & Your Rich Life Now

🔴 REIGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN - 12 part immersion program: Realign with your purpose, reconnect with unlimited power within, wake up and get back on path to your destiny

🔴 Focused. Fulfilled. Free - The Workshop

🔴FIND YOURSELF AGAIN IN THE MIDST OF CRAZY EVERYDAY LIFE - 14 Days to Remember who you are, release limiting behaviours and beliefs & deliberately design a fulfilling life of freedom and abundance

🔴Set Yourself Free

🔴 SELF-LOVE PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT - 28 Day Bootcamp To Love Yourself Into the Creation Of Purpose-Driven Profits & a Freedom Life You Adore Waking Up To

🔴ASK TO RECEIVE - 5 Part Immersion Program: Allow Divine intervention in any area of life

🔴 Money Mastery

🔴BUILDING BELIEF - 7 Part Immersion Program: Drive Fear Lack & Uncertainty Out Of Your Life Immediately

🔴 When Family Relationships Hurt

🔴Rise Victorious Out Of Victim Mentality

🔴SELF- ACCEPTANCE - 4 Part Immersion Training: Stop attracting the relationships & financial situations you fear, take the deliberate life pathway to more money and love

🔴ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE RICH - 7 Part Immersion Program: How to build trust in your ability to create as much wealth as you desire while living life the way you want to.

🔴How To Forgive When They Don't Deserve It

🔴 Worthy To Be Wealthy

🔴 PERSISTENCE - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to keep going when nothing is working & it all seems so bleak

🔴 BE PRODUCTIVE - Discover how to overcome procrastination, get focused and be your most productive self

🔴 BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY: A step by step plan for prosperity in all areas of life

🔴 HOW TO GROW YOUR SELF ESTEEM: 7 Part Immersion Audio training

🔴 Money Mysteries Revealed

🔴 THE REBIRTH: Perceive the kingdom realm in your life as you experience this immersion training

🔴 THE DELIBERATE LIFE METHOD TRAINING - 10 Part Immersion Video Training: Increased freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

🔴 The Map To Prosperity  

🔴 Person of Influence  

🔴 Open To Receive  

🔴 FIELD OF GOLD: How To Handle Relationship & Work Issues To Access True Lasting Prosperity In Every Area Of Life.  

🔴 PRAISE: The Pathway From Trial To triumph  

🔴 Resurrect The Vision

🔴 Wellspring of Prosperity  

🔴 Expand Your Capacity For Prosperity  

🔴 BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE: 5 Keys to becoming the deliberate creator of an abundant happy life

🔴 Decisive Life Designer 

🔴 How To Change Your Life

🔴 It Is Done

🔴 Against All Odds I Rise

🔴 The Power of Decision


🔴 DISCERN YOUR TRUE DESIGN - 2 Hour Immersion Workshop: Change lives, make money online rapidly and be ridiculously happy as you uncover and be you unapologetically

🔴 DILLY-DALLYING DESTROYER: How to overcome procrastination, stop self-doubt in its tracks and put yourself back in the Driver's Seat of your life so that you can make money online...rapidly, change lives and make your mark on this planet now

🔴 THE UNAPOLOGETIC RISE OF THE QUEEN - 7 Part Immersion Program: The Attitudes & Steps To Take Back Dominion Over Your Life & Affairs

🔴 LIMITLESS - 14 Part Immersion Program: Repair Your relationship to God, to Love, to Money & Start Now to Experience Limitless Living

🔴FREE YOUR INNER CHILD - 5 Part Immersion Program: Recover your zest for life & allow yourself to truly prosper in every single area of life

🔴 YOU HAVE THE POWER: 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Powerful techniques that enable you to deliberately design & manifest the prosperity you want easily, simply, immediately

🔴 TUNING INTO WEALTH - 5 Part Audio/Video Immersion Program


🔴 HEAL & GROW RICH - 7 Part Audio Immersion Training: Release The Blocks That Block Your Prosperous Life  

🔴 Live Large & In Charge - Thank & Grow Rich

🔴 Remember Who You Are 

🔴 7 Ways To Shorten, Overcome & Get Past A Struggle Season  

🔴 LIGHT OF THE WORLD - 21 Day Bootcamp: Reconnect with Your divine calling, conquer mental blocks to success and find the courage to take action to build a platform that allows you to make the difference and the income you desire to make

🔴 Pray Your Way Prosperous  

🔴 Path of Peace

🔴 Outrageous Joy  

🔴 Unstoppable Confidence  

🔴 The Quantum Leap  

🔴 Massive Acceleration  

🔴 I AM ENOUGH - 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Release The Need To Look 'Good', Return To Your True Design, REset Your Set Point for abundance as you learn to love, trust yourself and open up to new opportunities to prosper

🔴 Divine Guidance

🔴 While You Wait...  

🔴 The Abundance Overflow  

🔴 Level-Headed

🔴 THE FEARLESS WARRIOR - 10 part immersion program: Breakthrough for people ready to make money, live life & build business more courageously

🔴 The Science Of Getting Rich 10 Day Challenge

🔴 CHARISMATIC - 5 Part Immersion Program: Dump the self-doubt, own your greatness, deliberately design the prosperous life you desire and begin impacting & influencing others to join you on the journey back to the charismatic, powerful self.

🔴 How To Handle The Toxic Relationship With Mother

🔴 PROSPEROUS ATTITUDES - 8 Part Immersion Program: The BEatitudes Reimagined - Deepen your Connection To The Divine, Expand Your Awareness & Allow Yourself To Experience Greater Prosperity In all Areas

🔴 EMBODY YOUR DIVINE RICH IDENTITY NOW - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to attract more wealth to you faster than ever before as you deliberately become someone that money enjoys being around

🔴 SELF-AFFECTION - 5 Part Immersion Program - Leave behind survivor mode and unleash your thriving warrior





🔴 Increase your monthly income as you rewire your mindset for increased prosperity just by listening to the programs and by seeking assistance in coming up with a practical/spiritual strategy forward within the Deliberate Millionaire Gathering

🔴 Access To ALL of my Deliberate Immersion Programs, plus all the new ones I create in your 12 month membership - ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN. Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you access the ever-growing library of programs to grow your life and move deeper into prosperity in every single area.  

🔴 You will experience miracles in some or all areas of your life, I am always stunned and amazed at the quick differences people experience when they are willing to do the inner work  

🔴 You will KNOW what you are here to create on the planet and you will be willing to take the steps. No matter how unreasonable your true vision may have seemed at the start of your membership, you will know now that it is possible... if you are available.  

🔴 You will have a working intuition so you will KNOW that you always have access to the next step so no more just doing things because you have always done them and instead you will tap into the wisdom of the Divine and get individualised steps for you to summon in the prosperity in every area of your life  

🔴You will develop unstoppable confidence as you fully own who you are and what you are capable of. Without doing anything different consciously, you will start to experience more people listening to you, respecting you, seeking your guidance and believing in what you do because you are now giving off a purposeful energy, a feeling of assurance that you know what you are here for and you are on mission. That energy is charismatic.  

🔴 You will have begun to free yourself from the weights that have kept you bound up in a life that felt ugh! Whether it be relationships or beliefs, you will have identified and given yourself permission to say ‘NO THANKS’! And as a result, you will be freer to do more of what you want to do without holding back based on bad information  

🔴 You will begin to cultivate a deep sense of peace within you as you finally realise who you are. It is like coming home to your true self and it feels good, so good. You will know how to maintain that feeling and live from it so that you are staying in alignment with your true design self.  

🔴 Your vibe will rise as in, you will feel more joyful and happy simply because you have let go of the need to struggle, the need to go through pain before seeing any gain. You will have a new story of ease and flow to live into and you will immediately start seeing the perks of this kind of living  

🔴 You will stop being deceived by the physical reality as you learn how to manifest your every desire because now you know you are a divine creator. Part of your purpose is to design life any old how you want it and so as you step fully into this divine ability of yours, you will no longer be thrown off course by any weird happenings in the physical. You will see the end (As in the full manifestation) and you will KNOW that it is good.  

🔴 You will be so excited by this limitless life you now know you can create and you will know how to create the money you need to do whatever you set your mind to do. No longer will you be limited by a lack of time, money or anything like that because now that you know the source of it all and you know how to make yourself available, there are simply no more limits.  

🔴 You will learn how to make money faster being YOU! Rather than staying beneath the glass ceiling doing something that drains you. You cannot make money all that well when you are on the wrong path. As you get on the right path for you, you will find it more easy to create wealth on your own terms... as long as you are willing!  

🔴 You will be willing to do what it takes to begin and accelerate your transition from an unfulfilling job/business to a highly profitable and fulfilling online business that more than replaces your current income, if that is what you want. You will now know that it is absolutely possible for you. No more self-doubt and fear holding you back. You will be ready for that next step.  

🔴 You will start to trust yourself again…deeply. Your procrastination came from a lack of trust. Your inability to create the results you desired to the full extent you know you are capable of, came from a lack of self-trust. You doubted yourself for so long and dampened out your power. This immersion will change that for you. You will begin to love, accept and trust yourself more deeply than ever before and this will enable you to move more quickly when opportunities that resonate with you arrive, be more certain about what you say and do, KNOW that you are always safe and fully supported and so you become free, totally, deeply, completely.  

If you are that ambitious spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are ready now to set yourself free from doubt, fear and mass mind programming so that you can, more easily, create a 6 figure income (or more) while living in your life's purpose, then...

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