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You will discover...  

🔴 How to easily use what you CURRENTLY have to manifest what you desire in any and all areas of life - Most people think they need more money, more connections, more support or more time BEFORE they can even begin to design the life of their dreams. Come and fully understand why that is such a lie that keeps good-hearted people from their own opulent life  

🔴 The Biggest opulence secret of all about your true nature. When you really get this, you will know how to wield power to create the prosperous life you deeply desire - Be it in relationships, health, wealth, work.  

🔴 How learning and living the deliberate life method will cause you to prosper in all areas of life. This is essential information, if you are determined to make a difference and a purposeful income while being love on this planet  

🔴How I went from dissatisfied pharmacist working 60-80 hours to building a prosperous life doing only what I want to do, when I want to do it. Deepening my spirituality, living my purpose, home-educating my princesses, creating time, wealth and freedom, on my own terms and why I KNOW you can do it too


🔴 Do you feel, deep down inside you, that you are born for a prosperous, fulfilling, happy life? 

🔴Are you fed up with procrastinating and telling yourself the same story year on year, about how you will change things and STILL finding yourself stuck in the exact same place?

🔴Are you frustrated with holding yourself back because of self-doubt, low self-esteem & fear?

🔴Do you often struggle to be happy & feel sadness and despair for no apparent reason?

✅Are you willing to do ONE simple, easy thing for 30 days, if it will change your life and make it easy for you to do and have more of what you desire?



You sense the truth in that statement.  

You know you are here to experience joy, adventure, happiness, wealth, unconditional love and freedom.  

And yet, it is not your experience to date.  

I can tell you why.  

You are conditioned to hold yourself apart from the very things you desire.  

The mass mind thinking that we are all exposed to, tells us that life is struggle, pay bills, just get by and then die.  

From school to religion to the jobs we feel we must take on, in order to survive, it all tells us that we cannot have what we desire, we must just do what we are told until we die.  

Some try to break free but without changing your mind about what you are allowed to experience, you simply keep creating the same situation in any environment you break away to.  

Because whether you realise it or not, you are a much more powerful creator than the world would have you believe.  

And so, when you are convinced deep within you that you are here to struggle and just get by, you will find that that situation continues to create itself for you, over and over and over again.  

Relationships will feel hard.  

Making money will feel hard.  

Trying to get your own business going will feel hard  

Whatever you do, will just feel so very hard.  

And you will be convinced that that is just the way it is supposed to be.  

But it is not.

It is just what you have chosen and keep choosing because you do not realise there is another way.  

I grew up on the parable of Adam and Eve, supposedly the first two people on the planet living in a paradise of all paradises - The Garden Of Eden. . And they were given a simple choice…  

🔴 Be supported, loved, guided through life, going from one degree of glory to another as you decide what you want and get guided to it without any stress.  


🔴 Decide that you are being scammed and deceived, Choose to depend on your limited knowledge and experience to think your way through life, work your way through life, struggle to make anything work and feel as if the world is on your shoulders.

Like most humans, they chose to walk away from love and try to make it happen on their own. . Though to many, the Adam & Eve story is the story of creation, I have no opinion either way but I do know this - this is the same choice we are given each and every day and most people keep choosing the path of struggle instead of the path of peace. . And most people have been searching for a way back home. . A way back to that initial childlike innocence. . You have been 'most' people for a long time now and I sense you are ready to break free, which is why you are here.


On the one hand, you sense deep inside that there is another more peaceful way to do life.  

You feel the pull within you to return to that calm, restful, prosperous, purpose-driven way of living that calls out to you form deep within your soul but…  

You also find it hard to trust what you are hearing within you, to trust that the Divine/Universe will truly support you or to trust anyone that offers to show the way.  

You have been conditioned since birth to think in terms of struggle and dog-eat-dog and work hard forever and stay in painful relationships because you will be alone otherwise and so on.  

You catch glimpses of there being another way but… but… but it seems so unrealistic in the world you live and work in today.  

The media showers you with stories of wars and abuse of power and diminishing resources and robots/foreigners taking over your livelihood and there are always more horrific stories all the time of people hurting people, people being scammed etc.  

So fear underpins your every move but you do not even realise it because everyone around you lives this way. . Except you keep hearing the whisper within you saying…


Are you willing to break free and find your way to it?  

You cannot think your way to it.  

You cannot fight your way to it.  

You cannot solve your problems at the same level of consciousness that caused the problems - I am sure Einstein said this.  

It will take reprogramming you from the inside out, over a period of time.  

A process of immersion in a different way of thinking and being to break you free from mass mind thinking.


An ever growing collection of immersion audio/video trainings that I have created over a period of time as I have made my transition away from unfulfilment and lack to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love. I am returning home to who I truly am and I am documenting the journey as I go, for anyone done with the status quo and ready for a new path.  

And as you are someone who has been in my world for a little while, you already know that you feel drawn to and resonate with the work that I do.  

All I ask is that you LISTEN to the immersion series and trainings for 30 Days.  

No actions to take (Unless you feel intuitively compelled to do something. I think you probably will be)  

No scary things to do.  

This is focused and personal inner work.  

Just immerse yourself in the Deliberate Life trainings, which will continue to increase while you are a member so you will never run out of things to immerse yourself in.  

Do this for 30 Days and preferably keep away from the news.  

Change your thoughts.  

Change your life.  

Simple to do.  

Simple not to do.  

Your inner fighter and struggle-machine will tell you to ignore this offer.  

It will tell you to stop believing anything can change just by immersion.  

I can only invite you to another way. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE PLUNGE. After all, what you are currently doing, is not working!

My calling is to give you the option of returning to your true design.  

It is on you to decide whether you can choose to immerse yourself and LISTEN to trainings for 30 Days with the full intention to see elevation in your level of prosperity.  

And to help make it more of a no-brainer...


The OPULENCE 28 DAY BOOTCAMP to really prime your mind to prosper in all areas of life, including your money. 

The BONUS program alone is sold for $97 so the bonus alone is worth more than you are paying for THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.  

No Facebook groups.  

No other demands on your time.  

As I said, this is personal inner work between the Divine and yourself.  

And that is enough to elevate everything.  

You KNOW that, right?!  

And here is a list of the programs you will get access to - As I said, expect them to increase over the 30 days as my calling is to continually create immersion trainings and teach spirit-driven souls to leave behind the past & achieve financial independence while making their dent on the planet by living to their TRUE DESIGN.


🔴 Rock Solid Self Belief

🔴 Empowered To Win

🔴 Reignite The Fire Within

🔴 Focused. Fulfilled. Free - The Workshop

🔴Find Yourself Again In the Midst Of Crazy Everyday Life

🔴Set Yourself Free

🔴 Self-Love Personal Transformation Project  

🔴Ask To Receive  

🔴 Money Mastery

🔴Building Belief

🔴 When Family Relationships Hurt

🔴Rise Victorious Out Of Victim Mentality

🔴Self Acceptance

🔴Allow Yourself To Be Rich

🔴How To Forgive When They Don't Deserve It

🔴 Worthy To Be Wealthy

🔴 Persistence

🔴 Be Productive

🔴 Breakthrough to Prosperity

🔴 The Rebirth

🔴 The 10 Part Deliberate Life Method Training

🔴 The Map To Prosperity  

🔴 Person of Influence  

🔴 Open To Receive  

🔴 Field Of Gold: How To Handle Relationship & Work Issues To Access True Lasting Prosperity In Every Area Of Life.  

🔴 Praise: The Pathway From Trial To triumph  

🔴 Resurrect The Vision

🔴 Wellspring of Prosperity  

🔴 Expand Your Capacity For Prosperity  

🔴 Bring Your Dreams To Life

🔴 Decisive Life Designer 

🔴 How To Change Your Life

🔴 It Is Done

🔴 Against All Odds I Rise

🔴 The Power of Decision


🔴 Discern Your True Design

🔴 Dilly-Dallying Destroyer

🔴 Heal & Grow Rich  

🔴 Live Large & In Charge  

🔴 Remember Who You Are 

🔴 7 Ways To Shorten, Overcome & Get Past A Struggle Season  

🔴 Light Of The World  

🔴 Pray Your Way Prosperous  

🔴 Path of Peace

🔴 Outrageous Joy  

🔴 Unstoppable Confidence  

🔴 The Quantum Leap  

🔴 Massive Acceleration  

🔴 I Am Enough  

🔴 Divine Guidance

🔴 While You Wait...  

🔴 Manifest Increased Income Using The Power Of Affirmative Prayer  

🔴 The Abundance Overflow  

🔴 Level-Headed

🔴 Fearless Warrior  

🔴 The Science Of Getting Rich 10 Day Challenge

🔴 Charismatic



We all have been trained to believe that we have to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and I do believe there is a time to take action but how can you act on the desires of your heart if your mind is clouded by thoughts of despair, low self-confidence and low self-worth?

How can you act when you have been conditioned to believe that the only path to prosperity is the normal mass mind path? 

How can you act when you have been trained to believe that YOU and YOUR DESIRES are not to be trusted?

And if you did get past all that, when you act, you need to act on the intuitive nudge but what if you have spent your whole life silencing your intuition, like we have all been conditioned to do?

How can you hear it?  

What if you have beaten down by all the experiences of life and there is a hard layer of pain keeping you from your good?  

How can you elevate?  

First we must prepare the soil of your subconscious mind for new seeds.  

🔴 You must learn to love, trust and accept yourself again.  

🔴 You must learn to value your right brain because it is your connection to Source as well as the power engine that propels you forward when you have given it time and space to heal and awaken fully.  

When you do this initial preparation work and immerse yourself in these trainings…  

✅ You will feel ideas coming to you.  

✅ You will notice opportunities that you had not seen before.  

✅ You will start automatically taking action to move away from environments that drain you - They will no longer be acceptable to you.  

✅ You will also then KNOW WHAT TO DO to bring about the manifestations you desire in your life. 


🔴 Empowering loving relationships

🔴 Work that you wake up excited to take part in - It is fulfilling and it makes a difference and you adore it!  

🔴 Money flowing easily for everything and anything you choose to do and have  

🔴 A body that feels energised, vital and healthy  

🔴 A deep, loving and uplifting spiritual connection to your Source

AND you will be excited to do whatever needs to be done, rather than the procrastination and self-doubt you experience now.




If the answer is yes, and you are VERY DETERMINED to see change in your life then click the button below to see just what an amazing offer I have for you...