Here's A Quick Summary Of What You Get With The Full Breakdown Later...

1. The Deliberate Millionaire's 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book ($9.97): The Simple Step-By-Step Business Growth Blueprint: How To Use Social Media, Advertising & Email Marketing To Sign Up New Clients Easily, Simply & Swiftly

✅ 2. The Unapologetic Rise Of The Queen ($77) - The Attitude & Steps Required To Take Back Dominion Over Your Income, Your Work, Your Life

3. Manifest Increased Income Now Using The Power Of Affirmative Prayer ($77) : 7 Part Video Program Plus Worksheets To Teach You How To Create Money Miracles

✅ 4. The Deliberate Millionaire's Confidence Book ($9.97): For Driven Spiritual People Who Know They Are Meant For More But Feel Stifled By Self-Doubt

✅ 5. PRAY. AFFIRM. RECEIVE - The Workshop ($147) - How To Overcome The Limiting Beliefs That Have Been Holding You Back For Decades So That You Can, Right Now, Get Every Single thing You Desire. EASY. FUN. SIMPLE!

6. SPIRIT SPEAKS eBook ($9.97) - 15 Divine Messages To Help You Find & Fulfil Your Life's Purpose - Includes Bonus Journalling Points & Affirmations

✅ 7. The Deliberate Millionaire's FAITH Book ($9.97): For Driven Spiritual People Who Are Determined To Open Up To Prosperity In Their Health, Wealth & Relationships

✅ 8. THE ULTIMATE CLEARING TOOL FOR DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES ($37) - 60 Minute Audio Training on how to clear limiting beliefs and money blocks

✅ 9. EMBODY YOUR DIVINE RICH IDENTITY NOW ($77) - 5 Part Audio Training: How to Attract More Wealth To You Faster That Ever Before As You Deliberately Become Someone That Money Enjoys Being Around

10. THE 'I AM WORTHY' MUSICAL CONTEMPLATION ($7) - During this active meditation, you will be guided to realise that you are worthy of the very best in life, because you are.

✅ 11. DIVINE GUIDANCE ($77) - How To Hear The Guidance You Need To Step Confidently & Permanently Into A Financially Abundant Lifestyle Simply, Swiftly, Easily.

✅ 12. STAY ON YOUR THRONE ($77) - 5 Part training on how to stay above the noise, nonsense and drama and be in a position of total dominion over all the areas of your life, including your finances

✅ 13. STAY ON YOUR THRONE Musical Contemplation ($7) - 10 Minute Meditation that focuses you on the creation of your vision. Clients have used this to create money miracles easily, simply, swiftly.



(Limited Number Available)

The Deliberate Millionaire's


One-On-One Coaching Consultation ($597)

During this 25 minute session, we will work together to ...

- Get crystal clear clarity on your ultimate business vision, your income goals and identify a simple, swift path to get there

- Discover the hidden challenges that keep you procrastinating, second-guessing and holding back from creating the income you want.

You will leave this session...

✅ Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire

✅ Knowing how you can make the most of the 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Collection to achieve your goals, demolish all money blocks & boldly claim the free, fulfilled, financially-blissful, love-drenched life you desire and deserve

✅ Knowing if it is a fit for us to work together in the 6 Figure Business 90 Day Accelerator. Your choices will be presented. There is no obligation for you to work with me

This collection is designed to help you rebuild your confidence, silence the doubt, dissolve money blocks & give you the tools YOU NEED to create new paying clients & manifest a 6 figure income fast.


Now, if you are that determined spiritual woman, ready NOW to create a 6-Figure Spiritual Business, click the button below and get your copy of this amazing upgrade at a massive discount



Freedom to be who you want to be.  

Freedom to travel to all kinds of places all around the world.

Freedom to work from anywhere doing only what you want to do...

Freedom to believe that you can make as much money as you want to make.

Freedom from worrying, stressing and panicking about money.

Freedom to spend on people you love without reservation.

Freedom to give to causes you believe in, without obligation.

Freedom to employ & support family members if you want to.


Of course, it also includes the freedom to take off the false layers and facades that life and circumstances have placed on you.  

Freedom also includes the ability to step out of the boxes that others have placed you in and get back to your true design.  

Which then leads to the freedom to be fulfilled and successful, as defined by you.  

You were born free & knowing your ability to create and attract money to cover your every single need and desire but then all manner of nonsensical things happened to tear away that freedom and to keep you feeling out of step with your own life. 

Doubt & Fear Became Regular Companions.

Anxiety, stress, depression started to hang around too regularly.

And an internal battle between who you know you COULD be and who you are currently being, keeps you trapped in a financially restricted life beneath your full potential.

And you do not always see where you are trapped.

It seems so normal to live this way, but...


Well, ENOUGH!  

It is time to make your transition back to YOUR TRUE DESIGN.  

And from that true foundation, deliberately design a financially abundant life that feels EXACTLY RIGHT to you.  

I have a method that leads to a highly profitable spiritual business AND a fulfilling life.

It is the method I used to exit my unfulfilling pharmacist career and more than replace my income in my own fulfilling business.  

It is the method clients have used to build free lives, as defined by them.  

Most action-oriented spiritual people think that building a highly profitable, purpose-aligned business is just about working harder or working longer hours. You try to do it but find yourself unable to stay consistent and then being the powerful woman you are, you blame yourself...

And then you wonder if you just did not pray, affirm and beg and plead with the heavens enough...

Maybe you need to be more grateful, give /tithe more in order to appease the Divine and experience magical manifestation but again...

It does not work!

The life you DO NOT WANT to live any longer seems to continue to thrive while the one you are trying hard to create seems to keep getting further away!

And it is because you do not understand...



Connecting & Remaining Connected To Your True Source. Understanding how to hear back from this source of limitless wisdom and resources - To live a bigger life than you have experienced to date, you NEED this connection and you NEED to clear any false ideas that block this connection.

This is where your limiting stories & beliefs about money, business & YOURSELF need to be eliminated, if you are ever to allow yourself to start, grow and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond. Clearing/Healing is essential or else, you could earn a million dollars and somehow manage to get rid of a million and 1 dollars.

This is where most action-oriented spiritual people spend their time but without taking into consideration, the other 2 aspects, they remain in struggle. Working harder is NOT enough to achieve your big dreams of making a difference and a great income, as you have already seen in your life and the life of those around you. And WORKING HARDER on the WRONG STUFF will CERTAINLY not get you where you want to go in life!

Do you begin to see why you have struggled to achieve your 6 figure business dreams?

This collection of deliberate immersion programs handles all 3 aspects.


1. The Unapologetic Rise Of The Queen ($77)

It is time to stop apologising for being alive.

It is time to stop apologising for being yourself.

It is time to stop apologising for being TOO MUCH.

It is time to stop being anchored to a painful past.

It is time to RISE and take full ownership of the QUEEN within you.

That person who KNOWS she is born for and capable of more.

That part of you that has always known you are something special.

I still remember being a teenager, crossing the street and there was this quiet sense of KNOWING that all the cars must simply stop to let me through because I was the QUEEN.

And of course, they did.

Now as a driver myself, I do not recommend that to any pedestrian but I want you to remember those moments in your life when you just KNEW that things simply had to work out for you.

Those moments when you DEMANDED what you wanted and it JUST WAS.

You did not even have to say it out loud a lot of the time, there was just this quiet expectation that things would go your way and then they did.

That still happens for me but somehow along the way, I stopped believing that it did.

I started believing that others, particularly the men in my life, had authority over me

I started believing that I always had to demean myself (usually in very subtle ways) to keep them happy

I started believing I had to make excuses for all the shitty things that people did, in order to keep the peace.

I started believing that I was a BAD PERSON if I did not play the people games that they wanted me to play

I started believing that there was something inherently wrong with me

I started sabotaging myself whenever I got too close to success

I stopped myself from shining in subtle and not-so-subtle ways

And life got tough.

And hard.

And I actually thought that this was normal.

Then I wondered why I could not make money.

I wondered why I felt sad all the time.

But I just slapped a smile on my face and carried on.



And even now, when I forget how things really are for me, things feel yuk.

And I see you, honey, trapped in YUK.

Trapped being all things to all people, EXCEPT YOURSELF.

Isn’t it time you stopped following all the rules for a moment and realised that you are NOT GETTING WHAT THEY SAID YOU WOULD.

You feel low-level depressed all the time.

Some days, it is the full blown depression and numbness inside.

You wake up with dread at the day you have to get through.

You go to bed with relief that another day has finally ended.

You feel so far away from where you thought you would be by now.

And your relationship with the Divine is so-so, if you are really honest though you rarely are.

You eat too much or exercise too much to drown out some of the pain.

Should I go on?

Honey, it is time to RISE!

2. The Deliberate Millionaire's 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Book ($9.97)

Business growth is not supposed to be so complicated.

Business growth can be easy, simple, swift and predictable when you are internally clear about the purpose of your business (Most coaches, healers, teachers have hidden agendas that they are not aware of)

Getting to 6 figures and beyond is just a matter of using very clear strategies and this eBook will talk you through EXACTLY what to do. These are strategies I have used with my clients to get them results fast.

Work through it, step by step and easily grow your business. The world needs you to be fully expressed and YOU want a life of freedom, peace and wealth that a well-oiled machine of a business will give you.

3. Manifest Increased Income Now Using The Power Of Affirmative Prayer ($77)


You have been taught about prayer but not like this…  

You have been taught that prayer is effective but it has not always been your experience

What if we break down prayer into steps, with our focus on increased income?

What if we handle all the blocks and issues you may have had in the past and give you a way of realising the miracle you desire?  

Prayer is supposed to be a straightforward affair

It is not supposed to feel hard and complicated but like most things, we humans have a tendency to complicate the simplest of things and then be unable to come back to simple again...  

Prayer is supposed to work.  

Would you like to learn how to make it work for you?

In this program you will discover…  

🔴 The steps to effective prayer  

🔴 The difference between affirmative prayer and the begging and pleading that most do and call it prayer  

🔴 That the answer to every prayer is always ‘YES’ and the missing piece that kept you from your positive answers  

🔴 The secret to knowing what to pray for so that you definitely get a response  

🔴 How to clear your abundance blocks so that you are able to allow and receive the increased income you desire

🔴 What EXACTLY prayer does so that you can take back control of the process.

4. The CONFIDENCE BOOK ($9.97)

"A DELIBERATELY AMAZING READ Rosemary is such a beautiful soul and this book brings more of her beauty, wisdom and love to light.

She delivers the hard truths with such a delightful humor and down to earth relatedness that it's easy to resonate with the stories she shares.

I love the very practical self-love exercises peppered throughout the book. They're simple, effective and feel more accessible unlike other self-help books that make "enlightenment" or any other form of evolution feel semi-exclusive.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone seeking DELIBERATE self-improvement! You will beautifully surprise yourself little by little if you consistently apply the helpful tips Rosemary shares to boost your confidence.

Also who doesn't want to live a successful, fulfilled, completely love-drenched life?!!

Get the book to help you do so!" - Jaiye

"I WISH IT DID NOT END - Thank you so so much for sharing this with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a new mindset, a new way to be when I’ve suffered with excruciating low self esteem and no confidence my whole life. I’m gutted it’s the end! I have really enjoyed reading and will absolutely take so much from this. Thank you for your love, kindness. Honesty and so much more your CONFIDENCE Book has given me. Thank you. thank you again. Much Love ️ xxxxx KB

This OVER-THE-TOP Offer Expires Soon - Do Not Delay!


CHAPTER 1: Slapped In The Face By The Hands You Loved, Fed & Would Have Given Your Life For: What happens when you give and give and GIVE to those you love and yet, your giving is thrown in your face and you begin to wonder why you bothered to care for anyone. You begin to doubt your usefulness and you begin to feel rising resentment which thinly veils a growing feeling that you are not as capable or worthy as you thought. In this chapter, you will discover the foundational principle of self-confidence that will support you in riding any storms of life as you will start the process of installing confidence at the very core of your being.

CHAPTER 2: Where The F**k Is The Divine When You Need Him? : Lots of spiritual people feel abandoned by the Divine in their everyday life. Things happen and they feel unprotected and unsupported. This chapter deals with those questions, those deep feelings and gives you simple strategies to use to manage your thoughts and feelings as well as a novel way to connect with the Divine so that you are able to predictably get responses to your challenges.

CHAPTER 3 - When Being Brilliant Is Not The Safest Thing To Be: What do you do when you feel called to do and be more but there is a huge part of you that also wants to remain hidden. Most spiritual people are walking around cloaked in a high tower, with a smiling facade on the outside but lots of pain hidden behind the walls of their tower. While this tower remains up, the good you desire will always elude you. This chapter gives you a simple strategy for overcoming the need to remain unseen when you also want to make your mark on the planet.

CHAPTER 4 - When Choice Is Taken Away: Lots of people feel powerless to change their lives because of family responsibilities, abusive relationships, corrupt politicians and policies, depressed economies and much much more. This is damaging to one's confidence. However, there is always another way to perceive what happens around you. This chapter will show you how to more easily live prosperously, regardless of what is happening around you. And not only that, you can then support your loved ones in living empowered lives too. As you rise, you take others with you.

CHAPTER 5 - Beaten Up For Being Brave: I have lived through physical & sexual abuse which resulted in my feeling forever afraid of living full out in life. Sometimes, there is a VERY GOOD reason to be afraid and yet, despite that, I no longer wanted to be controlled by fear and doubt. I had to overcome and I teach you how to get past real situations that have the ability to stop you in your tracks, if you continue to let them. Yes, people may have physically attacked you but you can still rise victorious as you implement this simple strategy.

CHAPTER 6 - 7 Ideas For Handling The Fear That Freezes You In The Past: Here is a whole chapter dedicated to handling fear and the events in your past that still haunt you. You will experience a deep shift in your confidence as you apply this simple technique to any area of life where you feel stifled by fear.

CHAPTER 7 - The Throwaway Baby & Friend: Are you always the one that keeps relationships going? Are you always the one to call, to suggest activities? Does it sometimes feel like others do not care for you as much as you care for them? If that is an underlying belief within you, you can be sure that your self-worth & self-confidence will be feeling quite low. This chapter gives you a tactic for handling these kinds of relationships with finesse and power so that you create powerful relationships that are empowering to all parties.

CHAPTER 8Rejected For Being Myself: When did you learn that being yourself was not a cool thing to do? I detail my story around this and also help you understand how to break free from the need to be anything other than you. Many people claim to know what it means to be themselves, they also claim not to care what others think of them - Most people are simply not aware of how much what they do, is controlled by the opinions of others. You will read this chapter and begin to really TRULY discover an inner courage to be disliked, if necessary as you will finally see just how critical it is to you and to those around you and to the people you are called to impact, that you be completely yourself.

 CHAPTER 9Financially Destitute For Being Helpful: The theme of giving to the point of self-destruction comes up for air again in this chapter. How much do you put your life on hold for the advancement of everyone else? I know you tell yourself it is the 'good, nice' thing to do and I know your intentions are pure but I also know that you will have more of a positive impact on the planet when you get this need to be self-sacrificial handled and dissolved. It is all based on a deep feeling of lack and you only create more lack when you are acting from a foundation of lack. Use this chapter to break free and start to be the difference-maker you desire to be as you find yourself supported by the DIvine as you live into your TRUE DESIGN.

 CHAPTER 10 Owning The Power: There is latent power within you that you are definitely not accessing and this chapter helps you to truly understand what it means to be a Divine being living a human experience and how to tap into that power to create the life you desire.

CHAPTER 11 - It's Time For Confession: I have made some horrid mistakes in my time and done some things that I am ashamed of. I used to believe that this meant I could not expect to prosper. I used to punish myself for my errors though I would never have admitted that that was what I was doing until I grew in self-awareness. Do you see certain sabotaging patterns continually repeating in your life? Do you almost reach the finish line, only to find that something goes wrong at the last moment? Are you ready to break free and let yourself off the hook of self-punishment? Yes? Then Read this chapter.

5. The Replay Of The 'PRAY AFFIRM RECEIVE' Workshop (Sold For $147)

"ROSEMARY!!! I loved it!!! I took 6 pages of notes !!!!! I am soooooo ready for this, I really didn't think that things like this would or could be beneficial, but you are right we can't do it alone and need help like this!! You really are a God sent" TMW

"That was a beautiful and powerful workshop last night, I heard what I needed. Thank you for being you. Nobody has ever been able to connect with me before." SM

"That was brilliant! Thank you so much.

 I've got nine pages of very interesting notes but my light bulb moment was when you explained that you get rid of all the past, even the good, and start with a clean slate, designing and creating a completely new life.

 I can't believe it's taken me all this time to fully understand that. At last I see it. Thank you very much. I feel so excited." SAW

Pray Affirm receive Rosemary Nonny Knight
Pray Affirm receive Rosemary Nonny Knight
Pray Affirm receive Rosemary Nonny Knight


15 Divine Messages To Find & Fulfil Your Life's Purpose, Includes BONUS Journaling Prompts & Affirmations 

🔴 Clarify Your Life's Purpose

 🔴Feel Freer, Happier & More Energized

 🔴Clear Emotional & Mental Blocks To Living In Your True Design

 🔴Remember Who You Really Are

🔴 Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

7. The FAITH Book ($9.97)

You are a powerful being.

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

The same power that created everything in the physical reality, is available to you.

You can create your life any way you want it, though most people do not truly believe this.  They may have been religious/spiritual their whole life and there is still a part of them that does not truly believe that life is moldable to their whims.

Look at people who have done great things in the physical reality, they are humans just like you, with the same thoughts and feelings that you have and yet, they have risen to great heights, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs and regardless of their backgrounds.

Some of these successful people would be considered by spiritual people to be unworthy of such prosperity but clearly, the Power behind the scene did not care to judge them.  These people, good or bad, decided what they wanted and powerfully created it and nothing stopped them.

You have that same power to create.

And the fact that you know the Divine/ Universe/ Higher power/ God should, in theory, allow you to experience life in all its fullness to a greater degree than those who do not acknowledge a higher power than themselves but I have found that this is not the case for most spiritual/religious people.

For the most part, spiritual people are caught up in lack and disempowerment.

Not all.

But quite a lot of spiritual people live limited, ‘settled-for’ lives.

I want you to begin to believe that this no longer has to be the case for you.  I want you to know that there is no limit to how much good you can experience in this life and continuing into the next.  And this goes for everyone that will choose to believe it to be true.

You are the magic.

You are the miracle.

Your vision is your permission.

Within you is untapped potential, waiting to be acknowledged and utilised.  

And all it takes is deliberate focus, dedication, persistence and resilience.

All it takes is FAITH and this book will give you the techniques, strategies required to build powerful faith

8. CLEAN, HEAL & CLEAR ($37)

Let's make cleaning and clearing the inner world a whole lot simpler than it can sometimes seem to be.

You have an advantage over most spiritual people

YOu may not know it, but you do.

It can make your life so simple, if you let it

Listen to this EMPOWER EXPERIENCE and discover your secret sauce that makes clearing/healing simple

It will speed up your manifestations too.

See you in class 

9. Embody Your Divine Rich Identity ($77)

Attract More Wealth To You Faster That Ever Before As You Deliberately Become Someone That Money Enjoys Being Around


✅ Understand why you are not rich yet and what to do about it  

✅ Learn simple exercises that will propel your financial abundance forward  

✅ Discover the biggest block to creating prosperity in every area of life  

✅ Discover why ‘acting as if’ can backfire badly and leave you worse off.  

✅ Discover the simple things you need to do to grow a highly-profitable side hustle or main business that will release you from EVER having to do anything you do not want to do.

10. The 'I AM WORTHY' Musical Contemplation ($7)


During this meditation, you will be guided to realise that you are worthy of the very best in life, because you are.

You will start allowing yourself to see opportunities to bring in the best to your life

You will open up to more joy, fun, laughter in life

You will partner with the Divine to create a delightful life

You will dissolve any and all barriers to the life of peace and plenty that is yours by divine right


11. Divine Guidance ($77)

This program goes into great depth on how to hear the guidance you need to bring your desires to life. Nothing is withheld from you! You simply need to learn to tap into all the wisdom available to you so that you are not just doing more of the same things and creating more of the same results.

🔴 Learn how to hear back from the Divine clearly and every single time, rather than feeling unsure, unclear and scared that you are just making it all up.  

🔴 Reduce the number of negative emotions and thoughts that pass through your mind all the live long day and instead feel calm, inspired and joyful more of the time  

🔴 Experience greater sense of purpose as you find yourself guided to align with who you really are  

🔴 Increase your energy levels as you do less of what you do not want to do and feel safe and supported in moving to only doing what you feel called to do  

🔴 Experience deeper levels of peace as you eliminate the worry and fears that come from living a disconnected existence  

🔴 Expect to see manifestations happening quicker than ever before. You are linked to the source of all that is, it becomes easier to bring your desires to life faster.  

12. Stay On Your Throne ($77)


Have you noticed that it is easier to feel limited than to feel abundant?

Have you noticed that it is like there are powerful elastic bands snapping you back to sad & limited, every time you have a few moments of happiness & abundance?

And I know you probably have many, many, MANY reasons why you feel you have no choice in the matter...

After all, there is a pandemic

After all, there is not enough money in the bank

After all, there is no job

After all, your child is ill

After all, your partner is/was cheating on you

After all, the clients are not signing up in droves like you thought they would...

After all, you are now sleeping on your best friend's couch

After all, those people hurt you soooo badly and you just don't know how you can trust anyone ever again...

After all, you are in so much physical pain a lot of the time...

After all, you live in a third world country and have no access to resources

After all, after all, after all...

There are so many REALLY TRUE reasons to be sad & limited and it can feel like you have no say in the matter.

Except... you do.

And it is critical that you realise this.

The choice is ALL yours.

No one else can choose how you feel

Yes, you can give your power away to many, many things and people, if you so choose

But ultimately, the choice is YOURS

It took me a while to understand how important this was

It took the Divine showing me through so many voices, so many teachings, for so VERY LONG before finally I realised that I was the one putting a stop to receiving all my own good because I kept falling off my throne and staying off my throne.

What is my throne?  What is YOUR throne?

It is your rightful place of dominion over the affairs of your life.

It is your rightful place of a love-drenched life of fulfilment, financial abundance and freedom.


And it is a place that is created first within you - THE KINGDOM IS WITHIN - before it starts to manifest OUTSIDE OF YOU.

It is a place that YOU ALONE have all the choice about...

And it is from that throne within, that you design your life

And yes, your feelings, your words, your thoughts influence whether you remain on that throne or not.

This 5 part training program will ensure you take back dominion over money, now and always.

13. Stay On Your Throne Musical Contemplation ($7)


This contemplation will support you in rising above the noise, nonsense and drama and it will assist you in staying fully connected to the Divine, feeling a deep sense of peace as you realise that you have the power to change all your financial circumstances. There is even a simple exercise in this contemplation to energize your vision and see it come to physical manifestation FAST.


(TOTAL VALUE - 1022.94)

So, if you are a driven spiritual entrepreneur who knows you are meant for more but feels unable to create the 'more', regardless of how hard you work, click the button below to immerse yourself in THE 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Collection and take back dominion over your life & your business.


Life has made you suspicious.

Anything that seems too good to be true, has usually proved TO BE too good to be true.

And so you may look at this offer and wonder what the catch is...


I Know I can support you in achieving the goals and desires that you have buried for way too long and I want to give you so much value up front that you too will know this and choose to work with me in a deeper way.

Yes, you can expect me to send you invitations to various things that I am doing.

And yes, you can always say NO and just take the collection and never do anything further with me.

However, as I said, I KNOW I can help and I KNOW that the Divine brought you here in response to your requests, prayers, pleadings.

The choice is always yours.

Even the Divine will not force or guilt you into doing anything further with me.

It is always your choice and I will ALWAYS be very clear about what I am inviting you too.

I do have a lot to say about the Deliberate Millionaire Path To Peace & Plenty so if you choose to stick around on my email list, then you will hear from me VERY regularly with inspiring, empowering articles as well as invitations to the next step.  Again, you can always get the 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS COLLECTION and immediately unsubscribe - They are yours forever.

And if you do use the collection and then realise that you made a mistake to leave, you are welcome back anytime.

Just don't let your fears and suspicions keep you from transformation, my love.

NOW IS YOUR TIME for Fortune Restoration & Expansion, if you are willing.

So, if you are a driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more but is feeling unfulfilled & financially restricted, click the button below to immerse yourself in THE 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS Collection and take back dominion over your money.