- To Be Financially Free

- To Live A Life Of Joy, Purpose & Positive Impact

- To Live A Free, Fulfilled & Love-Drenched Life

(Stop Being The Only Thing In Your Own Way!)

You work hard

You work SO. VERY. HARD!

If hard work alone was an indicator for wealth, you would be pretty darned rich with all the HARD WORK you do...

And not only that, as the devoted spiritual person that you are, you also pray hard, You affirm hard, You beseech the heavens... HARD

You have jumped through all the spiritual hoops you can think of... HARD πŸ˜ƒ

And still, money feels... hard.

Money feels limited.

Some money comes...

Even MORE money goes away... VERY QUICKLY...

Life feels like you are bashing yourself against a brick wall and it just will not move

Life feels like a mass of sacrifice, struggle, suffering and HAAAARD!

OK, ok ok... I may be exaggerating a little as I know you have created some great things in your life... 

You are pretty powerful & determined so I know life is not completely terrible...

I know you feel you 'should' be grateful - After all,  life could be a lot worse and there are lots of people who have it worse than you and I know you don't want to be greedy, discontented, selfish and ungrateful...

But you know what, honey?!


πŸ”΄ You could have an abundance of money, instead of feeling like you need to scrimp and save every single penny in order to keep your head above water.

πŸ”΄ You could feel great when you go shopping, instead of feeling tense as you wonder if the money will run out

πŸ”΄ You could say YES to whatever you want, instead of worrying about whether you have enough money

πŸ”΄ You could quit the job you dislike instead of staying there just because you need the money

πŸ”΄ You could have a holiday or even retire, rather than working every hour the Divine sends just to make ends meet

πŸ”΄ You could pay off all your credit cards and loans from your excess money rather than putting your life on hold as you try to pay it all down little-by-teeny-tiny-little each paycheck

πŸ”΄ You could support joyously the charities or organisations that mean something to you, rather than feeling obligated (because you think the Divine will only bless you if you give) or manipulated into giving something that you do not feel you have

πŸ”΄ You could get that business off the ground without worrying about running out of capital

πŸ”΄ You could drive a nice new car, rather than put up with a banger of a car (or none at all)

πŸ”΄ You could live in an area you love and feel safe in, rather than a house/apartment in a location you don't feel you have a choice about

πŸ”΄ You could wake up enthusiastic and spend the day doing things you WANT TO do, rather than wake up with low-level sadness and full-blown frustration that you have to do THAT JOB again

πŸ”΄ You could pay for your kid's activities & desires with ease, rather than dissuading them from ever wanting to do anything or yelling at them for 'ALWAYS ASKING' for stuff.

πŸ”΄ You could get the surgery you want, be it necessary or optional

πŸ”΄ You could help your parents out, rather than watch them suffer with very little money in their retirement years

πŸ”΄ You could have your own money, rather than be dependent on your partner, your parents, your children or whoever.

πŸ”΄ You could relax, breathe and finally stop stressing & panicking about how to make the money go further

πŸ”΄ Money could become predictably available, attainable, accessible.

πŸ”΄ Money could feel easy and simple

πŸ”΄ Money could feel really, REALLY good.


Yes, OF COURSE be grateful for what you do have but also, allow yourself to acknowledge the fact that you are meant for a heckuva lot more

Admit that you WANT that 'more'

Admit that you are fed up with struggling for everything

Admit that you are SOOOO DONE with limiting yourself and tightening your belt and trying, trying, TRYING SOOOO HARD to make the money go further than it does

Admit that you are frustrated with saying 'NO' to things that you really want to buy for yourself and for others

Admit that you want life in all its fullness and the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want.

Admit that you want financial freedom, financial abundance and financial OVERFLOW!


And STEP 2 - DECIDE TO GET WHAT YOU WANT and REFUSE to take 'NO' for an answer!

πŸ”΄ I know you believe you are doing everything you can and it just ain't working

πŸ”΄ I know you sometimes think the Divine is holding the money back from you, possibly because there is some test or trial you need to overcome before you will finally be allowed to prosper

πŸ”΄ I even know that you sometimes think there is something so wrong with you that you cannot seem to get your money act together no matter how hard you try

And yet, can I tell you something that you may not want to hear but actually, it is the best news ever...


You are the one who gets to choose what you allow yourself to experience. 

You literally have ALL the choices and the Divine is not withholding anything from you.

This means that you can change things in your life...

βœ… Without waiting for another sign from the heavens

βœ… Without waiting to get a better job or getting more qualifications

βœ… Without waiting on a new client or customer

βœ… Without marrying some rich dude/dudette for his/her money

βœ… Without begging your parents/siblings/friends to bail you out again and having to put up with their horrible lectures about being responsible (assuming they themselves are not struggling, of course).


The problem, my love, is that you have been programmed to accept struggle, sacrifice and suffering as the normal way for life to play out

You have been programmed to remain in lack and limitation and you do not even know it

You have even been programmed to dislike thinking about, talking about or even having money while at the same time, longing to have more of it

There are deep issues at work within you that get in the way of your money breakthrough

Deep issues that block your ability to manifest money with ease, simplicity and speed, even though it is your divine right to experience the rich, fulfilled, happy life.

And until you CHOOSE to identify and handle those deep issues, they will continue to get in your way and you will think that you are excluded from life in all its fullness.


βœ… Money is an energy and that energy can be manipulated by you, if you will learn how

βœ… Money exists to serve and support you in the creation of your rich, fulfilled and happy life

βœ… Money is available to EVERYONE who will allow themselves to create it.  There is ABUNDANCE for all.

And frankly, I personally believe that money needs to be in the hands of ambitious spiritual people like you so that you can show up more powerfully in the world and make the difference you are meant to make.

I know you have big dreams of all the things you would do if you had more money

I KNOW you would help so many people if you had more money

I KNOW you would do good things with money, if you just had more of it

βœ… So, honey, are you willing to learn the very practical spiritual principles that govern the receiving and expanding of money?

βœ… Are you willing to consistently do the very simple things that allow the easy and swift manifestation of more money than you know what to do with?

βœ… Are you willing to LOVE & TRUST YOURSELF enough to listen to that intuitive nudge within you that is telling you to get on the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY?





This course is made up of 55 insightful trainings, delivered 5 days on, 2 days off and then you have access for life to use as and when you will - It starts immediately after you join in. Each part may be delivered as audios, divine downloads, affirmations, contemplations, journaling prompts, worksheets and even music.

All designed to help you understand why you are not making the money you would like to make and WHAT to do about it. The program will teach you how to manifest money easily, simply, swiftly and it will also immerse you in the energy of prosperity and money abundance.

We will go through the most important 7 Money Manifesting Concepts over the 55 parts.


This is a simple daily ritual including music, affirmations, clearing techniques and more that you can do in about 30 minutes a day. This will turn you into a money magnet as you do it consistently


The foundation of Deliberate Millionaire Money Manifesting is connection to Source, your higher power. Without intimate connection, it is impossible to step into financial overflow. You will learn how it all works, how the energy of money works, how connection to the Divine can be cultivated, how prayer works to create the money you desire and so on.

And more than anything, when you know how loved you are by the Divine, you feel safe, loved and supported and it gives you the courage and confidence to do whatever you set your mind to doing. You become unstoppable when connected intimately to your Source and you learn how to access unlimited supply.


You have forgotten who you are. You have forgotten how powerful you can be. You are a divine being, having a human experience but you are living as though you are just a body on a planet getting by, just one of 7 billion people. This bootcamp will help you remember your true design so that you become master over money, rather than acting as though you have no choice but to do whatever you have to do to make money.

Take back Dominion over your life and money as you remember who you are.


You have so many false ideas about surrender. You think surrender is all about laying your life down for your deity or for the people in your life but that kind of surrender leads to lack, scarcity and frustration. This false concept of surrender is due to societal and religious programming that is completely unhelpful to your ability to manifest money.

True surrender empowers you.

True surrender allows you to flick on the rich switch within you.

True surrender is necessary for money freedom.

True surrender is about completely ALLOWING yourself to have what you want, instead of continually fighting with yourself because of all your flawed ideas of whether it is selfish or greedy to BE YOU and HAVE what you desire.

Join this bootcamp and I will show you exactly how to apply TRUE SURRENDER to your life so that you can flow speedily to the fulfilment of your desires and the vision you have for your life.


I guess it goes without saying that FOCUS is essential to accomplishing anything great. I will teach you how exactly to focus with ease and consistency and get the money results you desire. I will teach you how to elevate above the noise, drama and nonsense in your current life that keeps you from your highest good. I will teach you how to make your vision a priority in your own life so that you fulfil the money desires of your heart.

I will also teach you how to overcome procrastination so that you do the simple things you are led and inspired to do. Yes, money manifestation involves a lot of inner work but there is also some practical work to do. It is never anything you do not want to do - EVER! However, if you allow procrastination to rule you, then you will continue to miss out on the opportunities for advancement and so, I include simple strategies that help you ditch all the dilly-dallying that you have indulged in the past.


You need to become a clear channel for money to flow to you so as you learn about the concept of allowing, you will begin identifying all the limiting beliefs and emotional trauma that get in the way of your money channel and how to dissolve them so that you are continually increasing the amount of money you create and keep. You will become one with an awesome amount of money and never have to worry about bills or not being able to afford things ever again.

Yes, this will take some practise but by the end of the 77 days, you will KNOW exactly what to practise and you will have experienced money miracles too.


Expect to receive practical, easy ideas for increasing savings, increasing income, starting a side hustle that fulfils you. Expect ideas to support you in growing your business, without working harder and harder. As you clear the nonsensical ideas that kept you trapped in scarcity, it will be soooo much easier to do simple things that increase your overall wealth. You will start seeing new opportunities for growth and increase. You will see money completely differently.

I am soooo excited to share these concepts with you!

You will stop the crazy under-earning you have been experiencing and end the financial restriction that has become normal and step by step, day by day, you will start making choices and taking actions that enable you to earn more, keep more, invest more money.

So, if you are that driven spiritual person who is so FED UP with worrying about money, click the button below to start NOW to clear the inner blocks that keep money from flowing into your life with ease, simplicity and speed.


Immersion in empowering new ideas will accelerate the growth of your income and so, in addition to receiving the Money Freedom Curriculum, you get access to the Abundance Library _ all you need to do is listen to any of the trainings for 20 minutes a day.

Right now, you are immersed in an environment that keeps you in struggle, sacrifice and scarcity so that needs to change and this ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will do exactly that, if you will simply LISTEN to something in there for 20 minutes a day. Of course, go longer if you can but choose to do 20 minutes as a bare minimum each day.

The Abundance Library is an ever growing collection of audio/video trainings that cover spiritual, business and personal growth. I created this Library over a period of time as I made my transition away from self-doubt, unfulfillment and lack to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

I am returning home to who I truly am and I am documenting the journey as I go, for anyone done with the status quo and ready for a new path back to their own TRUE DESIGN.

And as you are someone who has been in my world for a little while, you already know that you feel drawn to and resonate with the work that I do.  

Again all I ask is that you LISTEN to the immersion programs for just 20 minutes a day


πŸ”΄ ROCK SOLID SELF BELIEF - 16 part immersion program: Turn You Into A Spiritual Maverick That Goes After Everything You Desire In Life & Business

πŸ”΄ EMPOWERED TO WIN - 10 part immersion program: Kick Hopelessness To The Kerb & Claim Your Freedom, Your Purpose & Your Rich Life Now

πŸ”΄ REIGNITE THE FIRE WITHIN - 12 part immersion program: Realign with your purpose, reconnect with unlimited power within, wake up and get back on path to your destiny

πŸ”΄ Focused. Fulfilled. Free - The Workshop

πŸ”΄FIND YOURSELF AGAIN IN THE MIDST OF CRAZY EVERYDAY LIFE - 14 Days to Remember who you are, release limiting behaviours and beliefs & deliberately design a fulfilling life of freedom and abundance

πŸ”΄Set Yourself Free

πŸ”΄ SELF-LOVE PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT - 28 Day Bootcamp To Love Yourself Into the Creation Of Purpose-Driven Profits & a Freedom Life You Adore Waking Up To

πŸ”΄ASK TO RECEIVE - 5 Part Immersion Program: Allow Divine intervention in any area of life

πŸ”΄ Money Mastery

πŸ”΄BUILDING BELIEF - 7 Part Immersion Program: Drive Fear Lack & Uncertainty Out Of Your Life Immediately

πŸ”΄ When Family Relationships Hurt

πŸ”΄Rise Victorious Out Of Victim Mentality

πŸ”΄SELF- ACCEPTANCE - 4 Part Immersion Training: Stop attracting the relationships & financial situations you fear, take the deliberate life pathway to more money and love

πŸ”΄ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE RICH - 7 Part Immersion Program: How to build trust in your ability to create as much wealth as you desire while living life the way you want to.

πŸ”΄How To Forgive When They Don't Deserve It

πŸ”΄ Worthy To Be Wealthy

πŸ”΄ PERSISTENCE - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to keep going when nothing is working & it all seems so bleak

πŸ”΄ BE PRODUCTIVE - Discover how to overcome procrastination, get focused and be your most productive self

πŸ”΄ BREAKTHROUGH TO PROSPERITY: A step by step plan for prosperity in all areas of life

πŸ”΄ HOW TO GROW YOUR SELF ESTEEM: 7 Part Immersion Audio training

πŸ”΄ Money Mysteries Revealed

πŸ”΄ STAY ON YOUR THRONE - 5 Part Immersion Program PLUS Empower Experience - 7 Powerful Strategies That Stop You From Giving Into The Everyday Nonsense That Keeps You From Your Prosperous Destiny.

πŸ”΄ DELIBERATELY CULTIVATE LOVING RELATIONSHIPS - 7 Part Immersion Program That Teaches You How To Develop Relationships That Feel Good, That Are Empowering, That Are Life-Enhancing

πŸ”΄ THE REBIRTH: Perceive the kingdom realm in your life as you experience this immersion training

πŸ”΄ THE DELIBERATE LIFE METHOD TRAINING - 10 Part Immersion Video Training: Increased freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

πŸ”΄ THE MAP TO PROSPERITY - How to Easily Create Money & Success By Following The Deliberate Life Pathway

πŸ”΄ PERSON OF INFLUENCE - 7 Keys To Being A Wise, Financially-Abundant Change-Maker With A Huge Platform That Changes Lives & Makes A Difference Now  

πŸ”΄ Open To Receive  

πŸ”΄ FIELD OF GOLD: How To Handle Relationship & Work Issues To Access True Lasting Prosperity In Every Area Of Life.  

πŸ”΄ PRAISE: The Pathway From Trial To triumph  

πŸ”΄ Resurrect The Vision

πŸ”΄ Wellspring of Prosperity  

πŸ”΄ Expand Your Capacity For Prosperity  

πŸ”΄ BRING YOUR DREAMS TO LIFE: 5 Keys to becoming the deliberate creator of an abundant happy life

πŸ”΄ Decisive Life Designer 

πŸ”΄ How To Change Your Life

πŸ”΄ It Is Done

πŸ”΄ Against All Odds I Rise

πŸ”΄ The Power of Decision


πŸ”΄ DISCERN YOUR TRUE DESIGN - 2 Hour Immersion Workshop: Change lives, make money online rapidly and be ridiculously happy as you uncover and be you unapologetically

πŸ”΄ DILLY-DALLYING DESTROYER: How to overcome procrastination, stop self-doubt in its tracks and put yourself back in the Driver's Seat of your life so that you can make money online...rapidly, change lives and make your mark on this planet now

πŸ”΄ THE UNAPOLOGETIC RISE OF THE QUEEN - 7 Part Immersion Program: The Attitudes & Steps To Take Back Dominion Over Your Life & Affairs

πŸ”΄ LIMITLESS - 14 Part Immersion Program: Repair Your relationship to God, to Love, to Money & Start Now to Experience Limitless Living

πŸ”΄FREE YOUR INNER CHILD - 5 Part Immersion Program: Recover your zest for life & allow yourself to truly prosper in every single area of life

πŸ”΄ YOU HAVE THE POWER: 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Powerful techniques that enable you to deliberately design & manifest the prosperity you want easily, simply, immediately

πŸ”΄ TUNING INTO WEALTH - 5 Part Audio/Video Immersion Program

πŸ”΄ BUSINESS AS YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH PATHWAY - 5 Part Audio/Video Immersion Program

πŸ”΄ FORGIVENESS - The Path Of Power - 3 Part Immersion Program That Teaches you a step-by-step process to forgive yourself & others. It also sorts out the reasons why you would not forgive.

πŸ”΄ HEAL & GROW RICH - 7 Part Audio Immersion Training: Release The Blocks That Block Your Prosperous Life  

πŸ”΄ Live Large & In Charge - Thank & Grow Rich

πŸ”΄ Remember Who You Are 

πŸ”΄ 7 Ways To Shorten, Overcome & Get Past A Struggle Season  

πŸ”΄ LIGHT OF THE WORLD - 21 Day Bootcamp: Reconnect with Your divine calling, conquer mental blocks to success and find the courage to take action to build a platform that allows you to make the difference and the income you desire to make

πŸ”΄ Pray Your Way Prosperous  

πŸ”΄ Path of Peace

πŸ”΄ Outrageous Joy

πŸ”΄ Massive Acceleration  

πŸ”΄ I AM ENOUGH - 5 Part Immersion Video Program: Release The Need To Look 'Good', Return To Your True Design, REset Your Set Point for abundance as you learn to love, trust yourself and open up to new opportunities to prosper

πŸ”΄ Divine Guidance

πŸ”΄ While You Wait...  

πŸ”΄ The Abundance Overflow  

πŸ”΄ Level-Headed

πŸ”΄ THE FEARLESS WARRIOR - 10 part immersion program: Breakthrough for people ready to make money, live life & build business more courageously

πŸ”΄ The Science Of Getting Rich 10 Day Challenge

πŸ”΄ CHARISMATIC - 5 Part Immersion Program: Dump the self-doubt, own your greatness, deliberately design the prosperous life you desire and begin impacting & influencing others to join you on the journey back to the charismatic, powerful self.

πŸ”΄ How To Handle The Toxic Relationship With Mother

πŸ”΄ PROSPEROUS ATTITUDES - 8 Part Immersion Program: The BEatitudes Reimagined - Deepen your Connection To The Divine, Expand Your Awareness & Allow Yourself To Experience Greater Prosperity In all Areas

πŸ”΄ EMBODY YOUR DIVINE RICH IDENTITY NOW - 5 Part Immersion Program: How to attract more wealth to you faster than ever before as you deliberately become someone that money enjoys being around

πŸ”΄ SELF-AFFECTION - 5 Part Immersion Program - Leave behind survivor mode and unleash your thriving warrior



πŸ”΄ HOW TO LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY - 4 Part Immersion Program That Awakens Your Intuition

πŸ”΄ HOW TO BUY/SELL/RENT YOUR DREAM HOME FAST - The 3 Part Immersion Program with clear strategy to manifest a new home immediately

πŸ”΄ LONELINESS DETHRONED - The 2 Part Immersion Program

If you are a driven spiritual person, determined to master the energy of money so that you can easily create whatever you need whenever you need it, Join THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE'S MONEY FREEDOM Bootcamp Now by clicking the button below.

Your first part will be delivered in the morning following your purchase so that you can start up a new morning practice.

Start immediately to immerse yourself in the Abundance Library - ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN!


πŸ”΄ Get Crystal Clear Clarity On Your Purpose & Calling - Let there no longer be doubt about how life is supposed to look like for you.


πŸ”΄ Become Passionate About Life - For so long, you may have been walking around with a low level depression but now you will become one of those that are too excited to be alive, waking up with a spring in your step. IT IS TIME!

πŸ”΄ You Will Learn To Love Yourself & Put Yourself First - Knowing that it is only as you are living to your true design that you can help others properly anyway. 

πŸ”΄ Set & Achieve Goals That Make You SOOOOOO Happy: You will create YOUR OWN agenda and prosper at it instead of just watching everyone else prosper WITH YOUR HELP!  

πŸ”΄ You will transition into a life of calling and get aligned to success: Discover how to increase your income doing what you feel called to do. And beyond that, see how easily you will now be able to receive all the things that you have been longing for.

πŸ”΄ Become More Productive: You will discover why you have struggled to make things happen in the past and now learn how to get yourself more organised and do more in less time and a way that feels so easy!

πŸ”΄ Conquer Fear & Self Doubt: Learn simple strategies to get past these debilitating emotions. It is time for you to rise beyond this and live from a place of connection and love.

πŸ”΄ Stop being caught in lack and poverty in any area of life - relationships, health, wealth, work. PROSPERITY IS YOUR DIVINE RIGHT! It is not time to expand and allow it in!  

πŸ”΄ Get Charged Up With Confidence & Self Belief: You will start to do things that before you only dreamt about doing and it will seem so obvious and easy. It is time to get rid of the nonsensical feelings of fear and rise up as the champion you know you are born to be, FOR YOU and also for your family

πŸ”΄ You will release and forgive any past mistakes, done to you or BY you: Finally, finally, FINALLY, you will realise deep within the toll this emotion is taking on you and you will FREELY let go so that you can be free fulfilled and abundant. I am with you every step of the way with this. It is time for you to overcome!

πŸ”΄ YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE in a complete, 'never go back', transformational way: As you deeply connected to your Higher Power/Intuition in a way that makes life feel so easy because you know you are NEVER EVER alone. And you will stop feeling overwhelmed, alone, anxious, stressed out and all those low-level emotions that keep you trapped in self-sabotage town. AND You will learn how to stop buying into the belief that life has to be hard and a struggle and instead create something that flows and is simple 



OK, so now let's talk about pricing…  

But before I tell you that, let me explain why I do what I do…  


I am committed to supporting successfully 334000 people to live prosperously wherever they are in the world…  


We live in a world that needs us, those connected to a higher power, to come alive and live to the fullness of our potential…  

We live in a world that will only change as people like you and I, rise up and fully own what we are here to do…  

You cannot do it while you are concerned about the everyday issues of life…  

You cannot do it when you are worried about money or worried about your relationships, health or hating your work…  

Your mind is far too concerned with the mundane and we cannot impact the world when you keep looking at the problem…  

It is time to raise your awareness, detach from everyday nonsense and choose instead to live COMPLETELY AND POWERFULLY as you…  

And you probably do not have the hundred thousand dollars that I paid to learn the stuff I am going to teach you…  

You probably would rather not go down to the bottom like I had to do numerous times to find my way up…

And you do not have to.  

I am called to serve you…  

To help make it easier…  

And to make it accessible to whoever is serious enough to play this game with all of their heart.  

Because if you will, YOU WILL WIN…  

And so, instead of selling this for $7.5k which would be the equivalent of 3 months working with me one on one…  

I have chosen to create a program that is cost-effective for the right people  

The price on this program was going to be $997, even when I created it but then I felt led to make it even more accessible and so it is only...

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO FIND OUT...(Payment is not taken when you click the button, so click the freaking button and find out!)

So, if you are a determined person who is fed up with just getting by and is now ready to live a more prosperous existence in all areas of life, click the button below to grab your spot.