It's simple really.

You come with the issue that you need handled.

We talk, connect to the Divine, go deep for 25 minutes and you leave with one solution that you can implement (or not) to bring resolution to your issue.

Life is supposed to be this simple all the time.

However, we are human and we like to complicate things with the stories we tell ourselves

It is not your fault, of course.

Things have happened to you.

Horrid things, sometimes.

Other times, it was just the slow, slow, SLOOOOW dissolution of your self-belief as this person said something, that other person did something, the government did something else, you tried something and failed, you got into the wrong relationship, a loved one betrayed you, you got stuck in a seemingly successful life that bores you and so on, and so on, and so on.

And so, here you are, faced with a particular issue and you just cannot seem to see a clear way forward.

You want to make the right decision but you are just not sure what it is, at the moment.

And so, you feel stuck.

I can help.

This is what I know, for sure.

✅ You are loved, really deeply completely and utterly loved by the Divine.

✅ The Divine is always speaking.

✅ Nothing is withheld from you

So, if you are sure that you want an answer and clarity on what to do next, then together, you, I and the Divine can come up with a solution.

And it will resonate within you, when we come to it.

I will come prepared to tap into the superconscious/Divine realm. I will support you in reaching that realm too and together, we will uncover your solution within the session.

However, let me be clear here...

You may not like what you hear, even if it resonates.

You may feel scared to actually implement what we uncover, even though you will, deep down, acknowledge that it is the right thing to do.

So, I suggest you only do this if you are sure you want to move forward.

OK... so having said all that...

Let's talk, if you are ready for crystal clear clarity and direction.



"While most people celebrate their birthdays by taking the day off, I was fortunate to be exposed to the impact of the mastermind herself, Rosemary sharing her gift of insight, expertise and strategic planning.  

I left our consultation with the tool of information to immediately implement into my business with a clear plan for success. I would recommend that any person that desires to be great in the marketplace invest their time with a conversation and apply the plan and enjoy the results. I was given a life changing program name that will revolutionize my business and I have you to thank." 

Z. Moss

"This is to certify that I worked with Rosemary Nonny Knight for three sessions over six weeks. During this time, I experienced her advanced intuitive skills, insight into business problems and caring guidance. She successfully pointed out aspects of my situation I could not see or gave different perspectives to difficulties I had. Her focus & ability to concretize issues is truly phenomenal and definitely rubbed off on me. I feel more confident in my abilities, skills and knowledge that the Divine fully supports my endeavors. I unreservedly recommend working with Rosemary as a Coach & also recommend listening to her songs and watching her videos. Bright Love to Rosemary, her goals and intentions, from the bottom of my Heart."

G. Daniels. MasterHealer|Poet| Inner Transformation Facilitator.

"Being coached by Rosemary was an extraordinary experience for me. Rosemary was able to listen to all of the debate and chatter that had been going on in my mind for months. She was able to understand where I had been stuck and to help me pinpoint exactly what I did want from the next stage of my life. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Rosemary." 

L Reid

And in addition to this session, you will get...



How to tap into your intuition - Discover a very clear pathway to digging deep within yourself and clarifying answers to your deepest longings and prayers. This can be predictable and with a little practise on your part, you will see just how easy it is to tap into Divine wisdom


Sharpen your intuition - Simple exercises, journalling points, strategies that will enhance your ability to work directly with your intuition. How to interpret what you are sensing. How to make it even more predictable. How to know what action to take based on what you are receiving from the Divine


Heal & Free Yourself With Your Intuition - Break free from your current way of looking at the world so that you can, more easily, discover the deep wisdom that has always been available to you but unfortunately, invisible while you lived on the wrong frequency to receive this information. You will find your whole life begins to shift as you clear the obstacles in your path to claer vision, clear intuition, clear KNOWING.


How to Create Your Life Deliberately, Using your Intuition - Start using your intuition to get clear on your purpose, clear on what you desire to create in life, clear on where you have been holding back from your own truest path. Step into a happier, freer, more exhilarating life as you learn to live from innocence, rather than continually living from past experience


You also get a copy of my book - Use it to reinstall your confidence at your core. It covers a wide range of strategies for ditching self-doubt and owning your own powerful self.

Plus You get the whole Divine Confidence Collection (Valued at over $130)

Which includes...


Listen to this repeatedly to remember your true design nature


4 Part Video training detailing the 4 step strategy that, when applied, will defeat self-doubt and restore a high level of self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and self-trust

3. The Amazon Bestselling Book The Deliberate Millionaire's FREEDOM Book

Stop Living For The Weekend & Start Doing What You Want, When You Want... Deliberately


It is a 5 part bootcamp which you get full access to immediately and it takes you through a process of breaking free.  

1) Freedom in Relationships
2) Freedom In Sexuality & the Ability to love yourself fully
3) Freedom In Religion
4) Freedom In Your Work
5) The Deliberate Design Of A Powerful, FREE, Wealthy Life  


15 Divine Messages To Find & Fulfil Your Life's Purpose, Includes BONUS Journaling Prompts & Affirmations 


This will reinforce all you learn in HOW TO LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY. Hear it said in different ways to really cement intuitive practice within you


We grow spiritually and personally around other people

The problem has been that you were choosing the wrong people, possibly because you thought you had no choice.

Well that changes now.

Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES' INCUBATOR (Currently a group on Facebook)

This is a place for connection, conversation, support, spiritual and personal growth, leadership growth and more

This is a place where you can be real

This is a place where you can be seen and where you can heal.

We are all immersed in a society that is all about fear - It promotes a need to protect ourselves from each other and in doing so, we learn to put on a facade in order to come across in a specific way. This facade takes a lot of energy to maintain and it ends up draining self-confidence because you are permanently telling yourself that the real you is not good enough for the world and so you need to have this facade to hide behind.

Coming into the group will demolish that idea.

As you allow yourself to be truly yourself with me in the group, you will release the need to hide.

You will rediscover the beauty and awesomeness of your inner being.

You will feel loved and cared for.

You will start uncovering the layers that have kept you from the life you desire

You will regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of your life.

You will regain the confidence to make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

All I ask is that you come into the group with a willingness to be your REAL, TRUE DESIGN self.

No lurking.

No putting on facades.

We are all in this together.

As part of this program, you get a month within the Incubator and if you choose to stay on board, you will get access to the rest of the DM Incubator program.

Are you ready to experience clarity like you have not experienced in a very long time?

If you have an issue that you want a solution for, work with me for 25 minutes to move forward by clicking the button below


Here are examples of the areas we can look at during the session - the more specific you can be, the better...  

  • Get crystal clear clarity on your goals, your life purpose and calling...  
  • Eliminate any blocks due to religious conditioning...  
  • Eliminate any blocks due to cultural heritage and/or extended family demands…  
  • Eliminate any blocks in your sexuality – This is key to creativity and confidence  
  • Put plans and strategies together to build a life around your purpose and calling...  
  • Get free of toxic relationships or alliances that keep you from your destiny and calling  
  • Hold you accountable to take simple actions to go after the life you desire  
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed, alone, anxious, stressed out and all those low-level emotions that keep you trapped in self-sabotage town  
  • Connect even more deeply with your higher power/intuition and to live an even more powerful life walking by Spirit/intuition – This adds a certain magic to the results you get.  
  • Get unstuck after a tragic event such as a break up, death of a loved one, redundancy/layoff, divorce  
  • Help you tap into your strengths and use those in your daily life - You are always a lot more powerful than you realise and sometimes, it takes an objective opinion to help you see that and start to live out of that.  
  • Help you create more wealth in your current job or business by helping you see what simple things can be done and then walking it out with you so that you find the courage to take the additional steps to get what you want.  
  • Get you writing and self-publishing a book, if that has been something you have been wanting to do for a long time  
  • Give you strategies to manage and eliminate the negative mind chatter that keeps you stuck in a life you no longer want and help you grow in confidence to ask for and go after everything you want  
  • Receive divine guidance for your next steps so that you can be absolutely sure that you are on the right path for you.  
  • Get your business started up, if that is something you want to do – Identify your ideal person, set up all the technical things to run an online business and coach you on exactly what to do every step of the way to monetize your calling…  
  • Take your current business and make it less overwhelming - True prosperity includes fun, not just work!  
  • Heal the hurts you have experienced in the past – hurts that seem to keep you trapped in an ongoing pattern, maybe even a pattern that you saw playing out in your parents and you swore this would not be you and somehow, here you are, repeating the same old stuff…  

These are just examples of what we can do together but ultimately, the time we coach together will get you what you want and so I will customize the coaching plan to suit your end goals. 

Rosemary Nonny Knight

From Rosemary Nonny Knight, Prosperity Minister To People Who Want To Live Out The Calling On Their Life & Make Their Mark on The Planet

August 2021

The first thing to know is that I am all about freedom! What does that mean? 

Freedom from yuk relationships – Family, friends, intimate relationships, the whole shebang - Improve or create new ones 

Freedom from yuk careers – If it no longer feels good then why keep doing it? 

Freedom from rules about your sexuality and how you play that out – This is so critical if you are a leader, you need your creativity and that arises from a free sexuality and the ability to love all of you, whatever that means to you. 

Freedom from conventional rules about how your whole life should play out – If you are anything like I used to be, you feel pretty constrained by people’s agendas and expectations of you. And you may have always felt you had to live that way but NOPE, you don’t! 

Freedom from your past – How you began is definitely not how you have to end… 

Freedom to follow your calling, whatever that is 

Freedom to impact as many or as few people as you want wherever you are in the world… 

Freedom to start your own business and make as much money as you want… 

Freedom to travel and see more of the world in which you live… 

 I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It worked! and still works – I completely quit pharmacy a few years ago. 

And then I started to work with men and women from all over the world enabling them to create life the way they want it. 

 Working with me means you get the benefit of my experiences of living in both Africa and the UK, of dragging myself up from the depths of debt & bankruptcy into running successful business & living a fulfilled life, of facing physical and emotional abuse – This enables me to speak with insight into your situation and shake you up ready to take on any challenges in your world and WIN! 

I pull no punches, I will give you the facts and your life will change as a result. There is no holding back, I do whatever I need to do to bring transformation to your life. 

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