Will You Fully Respond To The Calling On Your Heart & Deliver The Message That Can Change Lives?

I heard the voice of the Divine, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

You are holding back, honey.  

You, POWERFUL CREATURE YOU, are holding back!

Though you sound as though you are going for it, and you LOOK as though you are going for it, there is a level beyond this which you do not want to go to.  

Because to go there and cross this invisible boundary you have set up in your mind, would mean no return.  

It would mean that you would be going all the way in.  

And that scares you.  

Because there is a part of you that doubts your ability to bring your vision to life. . There is a part of you that wants the pursuing of your dream to be a safe game that you only play when you can predict everything  

And so, you are doing something towards it but you are not doing EVERYTHING towards it.  

You are not making the bigger moves.  

You are trying to play it safe.  

Which means you are not playing to win.  

Instead, you are playing NOT TO LOSE  

And that will never get you the true design business & life you desire.  


You may as well stop right now and commit to living a half life that goes nowhere. At least then, you will not be burning yourself out trying to maintain a regular, 'upstanding citizen in the community’, average and boring existence and at the same time, dabbling VERY HARD at your business - the real life you want to create.  

The truth is, if you keep doing this half and half thing, it is only a matter of time before you quit anyway  

And you know it  

But you hide from the knowing.  

Because you want to be able to pretend to yourself that you tried and nothing worked for you.  

Well, I will not let you get away with that! 


TRYING is not enough. . YOU ARE DABBLING and dabblers get NOTHING. Nothing at all. (Take it from someone who did this too)  

The crazy thing is that you and I know that you are capable of so much more than this.  

You and I know that you are unstoppable when you get fixed on a specific goal and choose to bring it to life  

You and I know that the Divine has your back  

You and I know that you are called to deliver a specific message on the world  

You and I know that you have known this call for such a long time now  

You and I know that you deeply desire THAT life where you are living to your true design.  

So, why do you play this game with your life?  


Stupid fear!  

It is like the spider in the room that i am writing in, right now - so teeny and small, I could squish it in a second but in my mind, it is yucky and scary and it could get in my hair and crawl all over my body and maybe even bite me or do all manner of horrid things to me and so, I am even too scared to go close to it with my slipper in case it suddenly jumps on me and takes me out. And so I keep looking up to make sure it has not moved while I write this epistle to you. If it moves, I am out of here!!!!  

Logically, I can see it is just a freaking teeny tiny spider.  

About 1000th my size.  

Of course, I can defeat it but…  

AAAARGH! Fear!  

And so it is with your vision.  

You KNOW you can defeat it.  

You have defeated many things before.  

You have built a life that others admire and you have done it despite overwhelming odds.  

And yet, now you are older.  

You have more responsibilities  

You wonder if you are just a little bit too deluded to believe you can do this at this stage in life.

You wonder if your time is over.  

You wonder if you should just give up now and settle into living a good enough life gracefully  

But something inside of you, yells 'NO! I AM NOT DONE YET!”  

However, you are allowing the fear to tell you a different story.  

Are you done with that yet?  

Because the truth is that you could create an amazing life for you and for yours, starting right now  

You could build the highly profitable business that you desire, based on the message you feel called to deliver on the world.  

And in building the business, you can give yourself the freedom you deeply crave.  

Freedom to spend lots of time going deeper with the Divine whenever you want to - this has always been a heart’s cry of yours  

Freedom to travel to wherever you want to, whenever you want to.  

Freedom to do ONLY what you want when you want, with people that you feel called to serve.  



TRUE DEEP HAPPINESS as you wake up each day and only do what you are born to do.  





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How To Handle The Fear Of Pursuing The Vision
How To Handle The Fear Of Pursuing The Vision


You are called  

And unlike the relative triviality of what to do about a spider, THIS IS YOUR LIFE - The path to the best life you could ever live.  

Will you go?  

Or will fear determine the rest of your life here on this planet? 

If you are ready to say yes, FOR REAL, to your calling but you know you could do with a little assistance in handling the fear that keeps you petrified and stuck in your comfort zone, then I created this audio immersion training for you.

And this Deliberate Immersion Audio will show you quickly how to handle the fear of pursuing your true design life and business.  

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