11 Spots Only - Move Fast To Get Your Spot.




  • Get consistent with your spiritual practice and learn how to very PREDICTABLY manifest your goals
  • Look for and apply to change job to something more satisfying and with better pay
  • Get the promotion / income raise at work
  • Feel better about yourself in a measurable way
  • Eat better so that you increase your energy levels and improve your body shape
  • Improve your fitness
  • Write that book
  • Heal from a past relationship
  • Meet new friends and start new empowering relationships
  • Do 'THAT' thing that you have been scared of admitting to, but really want to try
  • Learn a new skill
  • Have more sexual encounters that feel good
  • Manage your alcohol or other addictive substance intake
  • Improve the relationship with your children
  • Start that ministry
  • Start or grow that business
  • Improve Your Finances
  • Build Your social media audience so that you can promote your book & make sales
  • Start dating & Meet 'THE ONE'
  • Gather the confidence and courage to leave a relationship
  • Become a better listener
  • Get more assertive about your own needs
  • Become someone who makes clear requests, rather than vague wishes
  • Get better at managing money
  • Book more speaking gigs
  • Prepare yourself to move country/home
  • Wean yourself off aimless social media browsing

These are just a few potential examples of goals that can be achieved in 40 days. Anything goes, as long as we can measure your progress in some way.

Of course, everything we do together is completely confidential so ANYTHING GOES

We will get a lot more specific in our initial 45 Minute Phone session together and you can expect to end that 40 days on a high as you would have changed on the inside and lots of things would have clearly shifted on the outside too.

If you are a driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more and you are determined to overcome procrastinating on a specific goal while also retraining your brain for success, wealth, abundance and prosperity, click the button below to work with me personally for 40 days to make your goal happen.



Enough sitting around waiting for something out there to manifest your goals for you...

Enough waiting on another sign from the Divine...

Enough with all the wishy-washy spiritual platitudes that sound great but do not actually get you anywhere because you are NOT TAKING ANY ACTION!

Before I continue, LET ME BE CLEAR - I believe in ease and flow

I believe in fun and play as we create life

I believe in simplicity & speed when manifesting any goals.

I DO NOT believe in sacrifice and suffering and struggle - that is all part of an old paradigm of life that I no longer align with - One where everything is so hard to come by, where you have to sell your soul and do hateful things in order to make anything happen.

NOPE!  that is not who I am.

That is not what this is about

However, my love, I do believe that you gotta partner all the inner work with outer practical stuff

It is not one or the other

And I see too many spiritual people sitting around hoping and praying and affirming but NEVER EVER receiving what they want

And there is always a great sounding spiritual reason why this is the case

Mostly, they blame the Divine - "It is not divine timing, It is not the will of the Universe, I seem to be going against Divine flow so let me sit here and wait for another sign from the heavens before I continue" and so on...

Some are honest enough to know that THEY are the only thing in their own way but then, THEY STILL END UP PROCRASTINATING!

Surely, you are done with that...

Surely, you are done with waiting and waiting and praying and begging and pleading (you may call it prayer) and NEVER EVER receiving

It does not have to be that way but you gotta RISE UP, my love

You gotta stop waiting.

You gotta start moving.

You have your goal

You know what you want

You have got to stop procrastinating

You have to got to take ownership of the fact that this is your life and you are the authority in it.


Your focus is more than just an inner stance, though that is SOOOO IMPORTANT

FOCUS is also about practical action

If all day, everyday, you are busy focusing your practical action on things you do not even enjoy or love, then how on earth will you EVER create what you do want in life?

It takes energy to create a life and right now, all your energy is going to maintain a life you no longer want


It is time to put your formidable energy into creating what you do want

It is time to treat the important stuff AS IMPORTANT by making it a priority (inner and outer priority) in your life

It is time to love yourself enough to start creating things you truly desire

You are worthy of a great life

You are worthy of prosperity

You are worthy of the very best of everything

But you can only get this, if you CHOOSE TO CREATE IT

No matter how much praying and affirming you do, the Divine cannot give you anything without your cooperation

So, please COOPERATE!

Stop looking only at your fears and doubts

Stop listening to the doubtful lies that tell you that it is all too much and you can't do it and you have no time, no money, too many responsibilities and it is all a pipe dream anyway

Stop thinking that the only way to your goals will be painful and horrid

And instead, say YES to you...

Say YES to prosperity

Say YES to thriving

Say YES to success

Say YES to being truly, deeply happy

Say YES to being fulfilled

Say YES to remembering just how powerful you are

Say YES to remembering your creative ability

Say YES to the life you truly desire

And determine to do what it takes, until it takes...

START by partnering with me for 40 days to kickstart you and push past any tendency to procrastinate and ultimately, LET'S MAKE YOUR GOAL HAPPEN



We need to reprogram your subconscious mind for prosperity or else, you will continue procrastinating and sabotaging yourself. So you will start, from Monday 20th December, to receive BRAIN TRAINING FOR DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES (Updated For 2021 - Breakdown below)


We need to get clear on your goal and map out a strategy to get there so you and I will have a 45 minute one on one phone call between now and Monday, 3rd January, 2022.


From Monday the 3rd, there will be a quick daily (Monday to Friday) check in over email from you ( I will provide the format when you sign up). It will include...

✅ What your plan is for that day in terms of your goal

✅ A summary of the day before - Did you do what you said you would do? How did it go? Why was it not done? etc

✅ Any trials to be sorted out and overcome

✅ Any wins to be celebrated and enjoyed

I will respond within 24 hours (usually within 6-12 hours) to encourage, inspire, suggest ways to accomplish what you desire easier and faster, notice any limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way, provide any resources that will help you move forward faster etc

If I do not hear from you on any of the 40 days, I will chase you up to remind you to send in your check in. I will be your partner in ensuring you do what you set out to do and accomplish all that you want to accomplish.



10 Weeks In The Deliberate Millionaires' Incubator and total access to all my Deliberate Millionaire Library (Business Hero Bootcamp, Build My List Now, Financial Freedom With Facebook etc) and total access to the entire ABUNDANCE LIBRARY (See Breakdown below) - You will be informed how to access this once you sign up


with me for the duration of time that you are working personally with me. Each Saturday or Sunday, over the internet, we gather to address different topics around prosperity in all areas of life. You get cleared, elevated and accelerated. You will be informed of the exact times via email, when you join. You will be able to access this whether you join the Incubator or not as a private client of mine

Let's shift the energy together.

Let's go deeper into the Divine together

Let's heal together

Let's rise victorious into greater prosperity together

If you are a driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more and you are determined to overcome procrastinating on a specific goal while also retraining your brain for success, wealth, abundance and prosperity, click the button below to work with me personally for 40 days to make your goal happen.


Let me explain why this is ESSENTIAL WORK that you MUST begin before we start our 'one on one' work...



You have been programmed to struggle, to sacrifice, to suffer.

You have been programmed to believe that every good thing can only come after a long, long period of hardship

You do not even question this.

You think it is normal.

It seems so real, so true, so definite.

And you are that hardworking, driven individual who is willing to work your socks off to uplevel your life circumstances

Except there is a part of you that is soooo done with the 'struggle for everything' life

There is a part of you that still believes that there must be an easier way

There is a part of you that knows you are destined for something more than what your family, friends, colleagues settle for.

Yes, you feel deluded for believing that there can be a different way when everyone around you seems to just settle for any old nonsense but you cannot shake this deep knowing within you that you are meant for more than this.


You ARE meant to thrive and prosper in life

You ARE meant to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched

But there is a war going on within you between what you think you have to settle for and what you truly desire

So far, the war is being won by your old programming because you have not focused on changing that.

Let's change that...

We start our work together with you reprogramming your brain for easy success.


Each day, you will receive one statement. It will either be...

✅ A CORE BELIEF that you need in order to prosper... or...

✅ A common LIMITING BELIEF that you need to eliminate in order to prosper

I will teach you how to apply the 4 step reprogramming strategy to each statement. It will take about 15 minutes a day.

8 weeks – Monday to Friday with the weekends off.

First Part Is Delivered, Via Email, On Monday, 20th December 2021

There will also be Divine Downloads to complement the work

You will also learn how to do this work while connected to the Divine so that you are deepening your relationship - THIS IS CRITICAL to the goal achievement work we will do together.

The main work is done within a notebook/journal.

You will learn to FOCUS as you stop allowing drama, noise and nonsense to control you and your behaviours.

There will also be some audios to supplement your learning.


The goal can be anything from getting a business off the ground, to healing after a breakup, to losing a certain amount of weight, to starting up a new relationship and finding 'THE ONE', to having a certain conversation with a certain someone that you have been delaying on, to ANYTHING that has a clear end that can be measured by you.

THIS IS ACCOUNTABILITY at its most flexible and awesome.

No longer are you alone in your quest to reach your next level

No longer will procrastination have the final say over what you do or do not do

Take back dominion over your life as you choose, very deliberately, to be held accountable for your own goal.

There is something magical about knowing that someone will pull you up and ask you why you have not done what you said you would do.

There will be no room for excuses

I will help you see clearly just where you are getting in your own way

I am an objective voice in your life. My only agenda is to see you win at the goal that you have decided to achieve

It is so incredible the power at work when 2 people agree on anything and when you bring in the Divine, WHICH WE WILL, we will be unstoppable!

This is the power of the mastermind at work and you will be astounded by how much you get done in the 40 days we work together

And the great thing is that it will NEVER be anything you do not want to do. It will not be you doing horrid hard things you do not want to do, like you possibly have felt you had to do in your regular life.

I KNOW that there is always an easier way to get what we want and I will assist you in finding that so that you do enjoy the 40 days while accomplishing things you had been procrastinating on for ages.

That is not to say that there will be no fear. You will probably be challenging your old ideas of what you can do so there may be some fear but because you are not alone in this and because you have been working on retraining your brain with the BRAIN TRAINING FOR DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES bootcamp, you will find yourself daring to do things you had thought you could not do before.

Oh how exciting it will be to see YOU awakening to your true potential. I have seen it, time and time again, with clients and now it will be your turn in the most convenient & focused coaching package I have ever offered

Again, it will surprise you to see how much you accomplish in our 40 days together.

If you are a driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more and you are determined to overcome procrastinating on a specific goal while also retraining your brain for success, wealth, abundance and prosperity, click the button below to work with me personally for 40 days to make your goal happen.

My diary will be delivered to you to book in your initial session to get us set up for the 40 days which will officially start on the 3rd January, 2022


1. Join With Paypal - Full Payment of $997


2. Join With Paypal - 2 Payments of $555 (2 payments, once a month for 2 months)

3. Join With Paypal - 10 Payments of $111 (One payment every month for 10 months)

4. Join using an alternative (stripe) For Full Payment Of $997 / £755

Order Summary
Make Your Goal Happen

Order Summary
Make Your Goal Happen


If this program resonates with you and you would like to talk to someone to ensure that it is a right fit for you, you are invited to book in a 15 minute private meeting over the phone with me by clicking the button below. During the call, we will discuss if MAKE YOUR GOAL HAPPEN/ BRAIN TRAINING FOR DMs can support you in reaching your goal



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🔴 HOW TO LIVE LIFE INTUITIVELY - 4 Part Immersion Program That Awakens Your Intuition

If you are a driven spiritual person who knows you are meant for more and you are determined to overcome procrastinating on a specific goal while also retraining your brain for success, wealth, abundance and prosperity, click the button below to work with me personally for 40 days to make your goal happen.


Hey Honey!  Lovely to have you here!  

I have always known that I was born to do something more but after years of a fairly rubbish early life, seeming success and years of dreaming, I started to give up and allow distractions to take my mind off my calling and my desires...  

I had gone bankrupt and depressed, despite all these lovely ideas of being meant for more and having a calling and all of that and so, I truly started to despair that I would never get to where I felt I should be.  

I sold all my personal & spiritual development books and settled into living a life as a regular person with regular sized desires...  

And I even convinced myself of this for a little while by distracting myself with feelings of depression, with entertainment, with my children, with fiction, with EVERYTHING except looking at the fact that I was not living the right life for me.  

It came to decision time when I realised that unless I got my ass off the floor, I was going to have to put my princesses in nursery and return full time to a pharmacist career I despised and give up the last remaining dreams I had of home-educating my daughters.  

That got me awake!  

I pulled my head out of my awesome arse and decided to find a different way to make an income that would allow me stay home.  

I found it.  

I focused.  

I worked with coaches.  

I prospered.  

I showed private clients how to do the same...  

And now, this bootcamp.  

Let's work together to bring your goal to life...

You will reprogram your mind for increasing peace and prosperity

You will learn how to focus, how to be consistent, tenacious & resilient 

And every day, you will do something towards your goal. You will make more happen in the 40 days that we work together than you have in the last year and it will feel EASY, SIMPLE and FUN!

Honey, your desires are not given to you to taunt you.  

Your desires are yours to fulfil and in return, they will make you feel fulfilled and free as you learn how to deliberately design a life doing ONLY what you want to do.  

Join me NOW if you are done with playing small  

Join me NOW if you are done with being distracted  

Join me NOW if you are fed up of having birthday after birthday with no fulfilment, just despair that you are getting older.  

Click the button below to cultivate and maintain unstoppable focus and accelerate the physical manifestation of your goal.