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Imagine with me that there is a switch within you...

It is either set to lack, scarcity, struggle, sacrifice, hard, anxiety, self-doubt, uncertainty and fear


It is set to...

✅ RICH IN MONEY - More than you know what to do with so you can save, invest, spend, give.

✅ RICH IN EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIPS - Everyone prosper you and you prosper everyone

✅ RICH IN FULFILLING, DIFFERENCE-MAKING WORK - You can wake up each day thrilled to be alive

✅ RICH IN HEALTH, ENERGY, VITALITY - Your body supporting you in the creation of your visions and dreams





If you are ready & determined to flick the switch within you to rich...

I can help...

Get The Deliberate Millionaire's


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In this session, we will work together to...  

✅ Clarify your true design vision, your life's purpose, your money goals and the difference you are here to make on the planet

✅ Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to live in your purpose & stopping you from creating a higher income to support the life you want to live (The problem is NEVER what you think it is)

✅ Devise a next step plan, that may include working with me, to bring your true design vision to life easily and swiftly.

You will leave this free consultation with crystal clear clarity, renewed certainty about your calling and purpose and enhanced self-confidence to get out there and make it happen.

This initial session is normally $597 but I am offering it at no cost for a limited time. Please click the button below to express your interest and enter your details.

Once you have done that, you will be contacted via email, text or a phone call by one of my team or by myself a few times within 48 hours, to book in a session time that suits you. Please keep an eye on your phone/inbox for our messages (it will be a Florida Number or a UK Number) as if we do not reach you or hear back from you within 48 hours of you signing up, the opportunity will be lost.



"While most people celebrate their birthdays by taking the day off, I was fortunate to be exposed to the impact of the mastermind herself, Rosemary sharing her gift of insight, expertise and strategic planning.  

I left our consultation with the tool of information to immediately implement into my business with a clear plan for success. I would recommend that any person that desires to be great in the marketplace invest their time with a conversation and apply the plan and enjoy the results. I was given a life changing program name that will revolutionize my business and I have you to thank." 

Z. Moss

"This is to certify that I worked with Rosemary Nonny Knight for three sessions over six weeks. During this time, I experienced her advanced intuitive skills, insight into business problems and caring guidance. She successfully pointed out aspects of my situation I could not see or gave different perspectives to difficulties I had. Her focus & ability to concretize issues is truly phenomenal and definitely rubbed off on me. I feel more confident in my abilities, skills and knowledge that the Divine fully supports my endeavors. I unreservedly recommend working with Rosemary as a Coach & also recommend listening to her songs and watching her videos. Bright Love to Rosemary, her goals and intentions, from the bottom of my Heart."

G. Daniels. MasterHealer|Poet| Inner Transformation Facilitator.

"Being coached by Rosemary was an extraordinary experience for me. Rosemary was able to listen to all of the debate and chatter that had been going on in my mind for months. She was able to understand where I had been stuck and to help me pinpoint exactly what I did want from the next stage of my life. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Rosemary." 

L Reid

Rosemary Nonny Knight

From Rosemary Nonny Knight, The Money Minister To Driven Spiritual People Determined To Live Out The Calling On Their Life & Make Their Mark on The Planet

March 2022

The first thing to know is that I am all about freedom! What does that mean? 

Freedom from yuk relationships – Family, friends, intimate relationships, the whole shebang - Improve or create new ones 

Freedom from yuk careers – If it no longer feels good then why keep doing it? 

Freedom from rules about your sexuality and how you play that out – This is so critical if you are a leader, you need your creativity and that arises from a free sexuality and the ability to love all of you, whatever that means to you. 

Freedom from conventional rules about how your whole life should play out – If you are anything like I used to be, you feel pretty constrained by people’s agendas and expectations of you. And you may have always felt you had to live that way but NOPE, you don’t! 

Freedom from your past – How you began is definitely not how you have to end… 

Freedom to follow your calling, whatever that is 

Freedom to impact as many or as few people as you want wherever you are in the world… 

Freedom to start your own business and make as much money as you want… 

Freedom to travel and see more of the world in which you live… 

I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I woke up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It worked! and still works – I completely quit pharmacy 9 or so years ago. 

And then I started to work with driven spiritual people from all over the world enabling them to create life the way they want it. 

Working with me means you get the benefit of my experiences of living in Africa & the UK, of dragging myself up from the depths of debt & bankruptcy, of facing physical and emotional abuse and turning it all into running successful businesses & living a fulfilled life – This enables me to speak with insight into your situation and shake you up ready to take on any challenges in your world and WIN! 

In this session, I hold nothing back, I will give you the facts, give you strategies and your life will change as a result. I do whatever I need to do to bring transformation to your life. 

If you are that driven spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are ready now to wake up and start living your fulfilled, rich life, click the button below and book yourself in to a free FLICK THE RICH SWITCH session with me.

I look forward to speaking with you - CLICK THE BUTTON NOW.

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