Get Your Copy Of "Find Yourself Again In The Midst Of Crazy Daily Life"

14 days to Remember who you are, Release limiting behaviours & beliefs and deliberately design a fulfilling life of FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE

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Find Yourself

Rosemary Nonny Knight

Here is what you get...

14 Days of reflection with deep audio training to help you come to the forefornt of your own life again, partnered with simple daily exercises and journalling questions to work through

If you are ready to...  

  • Take time to remember who you are, the full power that is yours...  
  • Get crystal clear clarity on what you are here to do - your life purpose 
  • Tap back into all the power that is accessible to you - There are parts of you that you have been denying, including your sexuality, and I will help you tap back into it all.  
  • Discover how to take back your time and your power without all the guilt, shame and the fear of punishment that sometimes tends to dog you and prevent you doing what you want to do  
  • Remember what it is like to have fun and allow yourself to experience fun and joy and peace again  
  • Face your fears and look within you for the message you know you are here to deliver to the world  
  • Take back your place as deliberate designer of your own abundant life, following your calling
  • Experiment with new strategies to live out ideal normal days which will then add up to a fulfilled life lived on purpose  
  • Eliminate destructive behaviours and release hindering beliefs that keep you from your destiny  
  • Develop a close, intimate relationship with Spirit that empowers you to create the abundant life  
  • Release old relationships and discover how to bring in new ones that enable you to create your most empowering version of life.  
  • ...then join me for 14 days of audio training partnered with worksheets, enabling you to deliberately consider various areas of your life increasing self-awareness and getting you back in touch with your intuitive power so that you can design your purpose-driven, fulfilling, FREEDOM life