✅ An unexpected cash amount? Be it an income bonus at work or cash from an unexpected source like the tax office, insurance company, lottery or maybe your partner gets a raise

Maybe the lover comes back and is more attentive than ever before

✅ Maybe the headaches go away and you feel so full of energy

✅ Maybe you pay off any overdue bills or loans/credit cards, without knowing where the money would come from

✅ Maybe the child gets into that school with a full scholarship

✅ Maybe you find a new sweetheart who is EXACTLY what you have been longing for.

✅ Maybe you get lucky on the lottery and pick winning numbers

✅ Maybe you heal yourself and baffle the medics

✅ Maybe your partner starts treating you better and the intimacy deepens considerably

✅ Maybe you eliminate wrinkles and look more youthful than you have in years

✅ Maybe you get the car and/or home you have been dreaming of

✅ Maybe you start dropping the weight far easier than ever before, without doing anything different

✅ Maybe the money 'they' owed you from years ago, suddenly gets paid back

✅ Maybe you get a new wardrobe of clothes that look and feel amazing

✅ Maybe you go on a trip to that faraway land you have been dreaming of

✅ Maybe you get that promotion at work and greater respect from your boss and workmates

✅ Maybe you get new invention ideas

✅ Maybe you stop smoking, drinking, taking drugs with ease

✅ Maybe clients and customers start flying in from everywhere and your business grows exponentially, after years of struggle

✅ Maybe your book or album or art suddenly starts selling and you get invited onto a national talk show

✅ Maybe you suddenly get approval and support to build that retreat centre that you have been longing for

✅ Maybe all your bills randomly get paid in full, on time, with money left over

✅ Maybe you get invited out for lunches and dinners without needing to shell out a dime.

✅ Maybe your children's behaviour improves

✅ Maybe you house-train your pet that has been struggling to get it

✅ Maybe you give a speech with confidence and poise


“I assure you that if you have faith, you could say to this mountain, ‘Go from here to there,’ and it will go.

There will be nothing that you can’t do.”
From The Bible (Emphasis mine)


Do you struggle with doubt, low-level sadness and a nagging anxiety a lot of the time?  

You KNOW you are born to do something more and yet, you cannot get started and stay on path simply because you feel low & you doubt yourself

Are you frustrated that still, after all this time, you are not quite where you want to be in life?  

And you have always KNOWN that you are born to make a difference in a bigger, bolder way and when you were younger, you were so SURE that by the time you got to now, you would be in a completely different place…  

You were full of hope and certainty that you would be the different one, the one that broke free and lived your dreams…  

You spoke with such excitement about the future...  

And yet, here you are…  

Yes, you have experienced some success…  

Done a few things here and there…  

Others might be happy enough with what you have done… BUT YOU KNOW THERE IS MORE TO YOU…  

And so, here you are...  

Stifled by fear, doubt…

Feeling low in energy and motivation...

Uncertain as to whether you can actually bring your big ideas to life…  

Scared that you will forever be trapped in a ‘less-than’ existence  

And wondering if you should just reconcile with it…  

But you can’t…  

There is a longing inside you…  

A deep desire to prove the truth of the things you have believed in, since forever…  

A deep longing to live out the FULL vision and see it all come to life in glorious colour…  

And let's be honest, you want to show people that you were not just talking when you mentioned your big ideas...  

You are that spiritual person who believes that the Divine is on your side… 

Maybe religious, maybe not…  

You know there is something more out there that you can partner with to create a big amazing life but…  

It just has not worked for you… YET!  

You have worked your freaking socks off for every single little thing you have ever achieved…  

And if it means you have to keep doing that then there is a part of you that thinks you should just settle…  

But again, no…  

You are done with being subject to fear, disappointment, frustration, doubt and uncertainty…  

You want to build up your faith, confidence, enthusiasm and certainty again because you KNOW you are meant for so much more and you refuse to go to the grave with your music still in you


You are in the right place - INTRODUCING MY BRAND NEW BOOTCAMP

Use this 10 day bootcamp to raise your vibration, elevate your thinking, open your eyes to new opportunities and unlock your power to create whatever you want in life

You will receive a confirmation email immediately & PART 1 Is Delivered In The Morning After Your Purchase



In this 10 day bootcamp, you are going to be immersed in high vibrational music and teaching that will give you all that you need to create whatever you desire in life

✅ Starting DAY 1 with a recorded workshop that teaches you the 3 simple steps to create/manifest whatever you desire in life

✅ And then for the next 9 days, you will receive a high vibrational, professionally-produced affirmation song, a Divine Download & a simple task list to raise your vibration and utilize what you learnt on day 1.

By the end of the 10 day period, you will have permanently made a shift in your frequency and have a set of tools that you can use at any time to consistently rise above the noise, nonsense and drama of everyday life...


🔴 You will KNOW exactly how to daily get yourself into a high vibe state where everything is possible and you are no longer in your own way, self-sabotaging and allowing fear, anxiety and self-doubt to rule the roost.  

🔴 You will learn how to use simple daily actions to create the life you want with ever-increasing speed

🔴 You will no longer leave the design of your ideal life to chance. You will learn how to live as the authority in your life while deepening your connection to the Divine

🔴 You will learn simple tricks to welcome in prosperity to the 5 key areas of life - Money, work, spirituality, relationships and your body/health  

🔴 You will discover how to transcend the fear, the doubt and stop allowing it to determine your life  

🔴 You will discover how to identify and conquer hidden fears and once and for all, RISE above all of that to deliberately design a prosperous life.  

🔴 You will reconnect with the Divine in a useful way so that you are being guided every single moment of every day - you have tried to do this stuff based on experience, now it is time to see the difference your intuition makes to your results.  

I am so excited to share this very practical bootcamp with you.  

All I ask is that you commit 20-30 minutes a day (after the initial day) to applying what you learn - You will not be the same in 10 days.

So, if you are a driven spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are fed up with not being as prosperous as you had hoped to be by now and you are ready now to claim your divine birthright of a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant and love-drenched life, click the button below to work with me for 10 days to learn exactly how to very deliberately build your faith / raise your vibration so that you predictably create ever-increasing prosperity manifestations in your life.


This only works, if you work it.

If you are someone who needs hand-holding before you stay consistent with anything then this is not going to work for you...

This is only for action-oriented spiritual people who KNOW they are meant for more and are willing to do what it takes to create the more.

The actions I describe are rather simple, so simple that you may be tempted to jump days, to overcomplicate it, to tell yourself that it cannot work for you

And if you allow that inner craziness to win, you will fail.

Ultimately, it is consistency and a firm refusal to quit that will change your life. This bootcamp is just the beginning of you understanding and being able to use your power but if you will not do it consistently for 14 days straight please do not bother to buy it. And if you are unwilling to keep learning about your power to create, DON'T BUY IT! I do not sell magic bullets and I work with action-oriented spiritual people ONLY.


Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight. I work with clients to regain their confidence, leave behind the pain & limiting beliefs of the past and rise victorious in their TRUE DESIGN. I show each person clear strategies that can be used to reclaim their birthright of prosperity in every area of life. I believe we are those who are here to positively impact those around us, as we take back our power to create and live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives.  

I used to be a pharmacist, and before that, I lived in a 3rd world country.  

I thought I was going to have stay a pharmacist for the rest of my life because like many, I assumed that being an adult meant giving up your own dreams and desires and just doing whatever you need to do, to get by.  

THANKFULLY, I went bankrupt and suffered with depression for 4 years AND, in addition to that, I had the privilege of bringing 3 amazing princesses into the world. Finally, the Divine was able to get my attention because I started truly listening to myself, instead of just going along with the mass mind programming I had received. No, the Divine did not cause me pain - I did that to myself by trying so hard to be everything BUT myself. As I teach my clients now, you cannot prosper in the wrong life for you.  

Yes, you can create a small amount of success and I guess, if you are able to live with the low level depression and dissatisfaction that will dog you, then you get to keep that small amount of success!  

I finally gave myself the opportunity to go for everything that I desire.  

I transitioned out of pharmacy and more than replaced my income.  

I am happily married to the love of my life. This was a relationship that most people tried to deter me from but again, I trusted the Divine rather than mass mind conditioning.  

As I mentioned, we have 3 amazing daughters that I get to home educate and travel with, whenever we want to.

We have real estate investments, as we create generational wealth.  

We live in a beautiful home.  

I am healthier than I have ever been, rocking a body that feels more energetic than it did prior to having children.  

The relationships I have, empower me.  

And the relationship I have with the Divine is pretty intimate and it gets deeper all the time.  

I tend to only ever do things that I want to do and in any area of life where there are still things that I do not enjoy - I get rid of them.  

And now, like I have wanted to do since I was a 9 year old, teaching my fellow students how to go deeper into the Divine, I get to teach people spiritual and very practical principles of all-round prosperity. I do what I love to do and create a great income from it.  

The thing is, ANYONE can do this.  

We are all created in the image and likeness of the Divine.  

It is not for ‘special’ people.  

IT IS FOR EVERYONE, if you will claim it.  

And this 10 day bootcamp is designed to show you, VERY SPECIFICALLY, how to rebuild your faith, raise your vibration and shift your personal frequency until you are permanently living at a frequency that allows the manifestation of your every desire with ease, simplicity and speed.

It does not matter where you were born, where you live, the colour of your skin, the mistakes you think you have made, whether you have young children or not, whether you are in business or not, how much time you have, how old or young you are. None of these things matter.  


If yes, Join in now. Do not delay. Do not procrastinate. There is no more time to waste in a false life.

So, if you are a driven spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more and you are fed up with not being as prosperous as you had hoped to be by now and you are ready now to claim your divine birthright of a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant and love-drenched life, click the button below to work with me for 10 days to get the tools to very deliberately build your faith / raise your vibration so that you predictably create ever-increasing prosperity manifestations in your life.


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