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✅ Get Rid Of The Cap On Your Income & Create Financial Freedom As You Discover & Use The Spiritual Laws Of Prosperity

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Let me start by telling you this core truth...


Without This Divine Connection, You WILL Struggle In Life

You are meant to have LIFE IN ALL ITS FULLNESS...

You are meant to have...

✅ A Calm, Peaceful Mind

✅ Empowering, Loving Relationships

✅ Fulfilling work that you love waking up to do each day

✅ A dependable bank balance that just keeps growing

✅ More than enough money to support the life you desire to live

✅ More than enough money to create generational wealth

✅ A healthy vibrant body with lots of energy to spare, getting more and more youthful in each passing year as you open up more and more to the love of the Divine and all your cells get rejuvenated with love, joy and light.

The Freedom to do, be, have whatever you want in life




Even if you are over 100 years old, you have not lived long enough to know everything you need to know to create the magnificent vision you want to create.

And no one you know has done the things you dream of doing, yet you keep listening to them

You have been told that...

1. It is shameful and greedy and definitely NOT spiritual to think about making more money

2. It is reasonable and common sense to expect to work really hard, probably in a job you do not like, for money

3. You need to give up yourself & your own dreams for everyone else in order to be worthy of money or any good thing

4. It is foolhardy & irresponsible to pursue your life's purpose work when you have a good enough job - JUST BE HAPPY! they say.

5. God is taking or giving success dependent on his judgement of how good or bad you are so you better watch yourself & be so careful

6. Every opportunity for financial success is probably a 'get rich quick' scam & so you better stay trapped in an unfulfilling but 'safe' life in order to be secure

7. If you just tithe and perform all your religious/spiritual activities then you will be happy and even if you do not make that much money, just be content and grateful that you are alive.

8. If you just deny yourself until retirement then you will finally be able to do the things you want to do

I could go on with all the 'wisdom' that has been imparted to you, to ALL OF US, over the years

So tell me this... HAS IT WORKED?

Are you happy?

Are you peaceful?

Are you wealthy?

Are you really willing to wait until you are 65, 70 or older to finally live your life... maybe? (if the pension plan does not fail you!)

Are you already at 60+ and finally realising that working hard your whole life and denying yourself everything has not actually created anything other than MORE self-denial and NO fulfilment?

Or are you still pretending that you believe that the 'next life' will be better?

Or are you just going through the motions of life with a smile slapped on your face, hoping that you will miraculously wake up to a better life when the heavens deign to bless you with it?

Again, I tell you...


The problem is that life with all its curveballs and challenges has stripped you of that innate Divine confidence that used to be yours.

You feel abandoned by the Divine while at the same time, craving intimacy with the Divine

You long to understand the secrets of the Divine, the universe.

You feel as though you are moving through life in a fog, even though you deeply desire to know how to wield your power to create wealth and anything you desire.

You know you have the power to create whatever you want because you know you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine & your spiritual text even tells you that you have this power to create wealth, to speak things into existence, to live life in all its fullness...

But nothing you have tried (praying, fasting, tithing, affirming, manifesting strategies, law of attraction etc), has worked so far...

And so, you have been left with begging and pleading with the heavens and STILL NOT GETTING ANY RESPONSE

Which makes you feel even more distant from the Divine, though you would never actually admit it.

So, you slap on the smile and keep trying to keep up appearances for all those who look to you for guidance.

Except you feel drained.

And tired.

And fed up.

You know you are missing something and you are so FED UP of pretending to have it altogether when you just don't.

AGAIN, I tell you...



It only works as you fall in love with the Divine & fall in love with YOURSELF!


Let me say it another way...


The Divine has all the wisdom you need and is very willing to share, if you will learn how to hear back from the Divine

The Unconditional Love Energy You Access In Connection To The Divine Is The Power That Creates All Things and without it, you are like an electric car that has run out of its charge. You become like an energy vampire, trying to get your needs met by the wrong people and from things like dissatisfying jobs.

That energy is limited so it is only a matter of time before you feel drained, empty, frustrated - Sound familiar?


How will you ever open up to Divine love if you think there is something wrong with you, you think you are not enough, you think you are not worthy?

How will you ever allow yourself to be truly loved if...

🔴 You do not even really know who you are because you are so busy trying to be what everyone else expects of you

🔴 You are continually putting your own ideas and opinions down while favouring what others tell you to do

🔴 You are allowing others to treat you like a doormat as you give, give and OVERGIVE to the detriment of your own sanity and health

🔴 You are continually doubting yourself and your ability to create the life you want

🔴 You are continually trying to fix yourself and jump through hoops for the Divine and for all the people in your life, hoping that finally you will be gifted with prosperity and love


It is not working now AND YOU KNOW IT!

Are you ready for something different?

You need to put yourself in an environment that allows you to connect, stay connected and hear the Divine's words to you...

You also need to learn how universal prosperity law works so you can apply it consistently to your life.

And you need to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past so that your true design self can come back out to play!




1. The Daily #SpiritSpeaks DIVINE DOWNLOADS

Each Monday To Friday morning, you will receive what I call #SpiritSpeaks - these are downloaded messages from the Divine that I receive for the community each day.  I used to make them available exclusively to those in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE INCUBATOR but I know that more people need to hear this stuff, for their spiritual evolution. These daily messages will be exactly what you need to hear each day to give you wisdom, direction, clarity and certainty to handle whatever the day brings. They will also be the prompt that sets you on path to hear even more personally what the Divine is saying to YOU. Let these messages prime the pump for you, putting you at the right frequency to hear even more wisdom for your specific situations.

Hearing back from the Divine is so critical to the creation of a peaceful, fulfilling, wealthy life. We are made to live in connection to our source and without this connection, HOW CAN WE THRIVE?

Each day, you will be stirred, you will be called into a deeper connection to the Divine, you will stop caring so much what others think of you so that you can boldly create your true design life and you will start hearing the Divine for yourself and never ever feel abandoned again.

You are sooooo completely loved and it is time you truly felt this to the core of your being. The Daily Divine Download is exactly what you need to wake up to life in all its fullness.

2. Money Manifestation Tools

As soon as you join the EVOLUTION, you will take part in the 14 Day Prosperity Miracle Experiment, which will teach you how to align yourself with prosperity now. When I did this first, I manifested over $1800 in the first week alone and then I went on to manifest many other money amounts as well as relationship changes, body changes. This is why, this experiment is a key part of your membership of EVOLUTION.

This will start immediately on joining and you will be introduced to the Deliberate Millionaire Daily Ritual designed to keep you using these manifestation tools - A simple daily spiritual practice that connects you to the Divine, focuses you on your purpose, clears any blocks in your way and supports you in charging into the day with power, purpose and joy.

3. The Daily Prosperity Affirmation

Every Monday To Friday, you will receive an affirmation written specifically to help you reprogram your mind for financial abundance

You may also receive a money manifestation journaling prompt for you to work with within your journal as part of the Daily Ritual.

4. The Deliberate Millionaire Gathering

This is a critical part of EVOLUTION. It is also the part that you may be most tempted to hide from as you have been hurt by people and now, want to avoid people. And yet, we are created to do life with others.

We grow spiritually and personally around other people

The problem has been that you were choosing the wrong people, possibly because you thought you had no choice.

Well that changes now.

Come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE GATHERING (Currently a group on Facebook)

This is a place for connection, conversation, support, spiritual and personal growth, leadership growth and more

This is a place where you can be real

This is a place where you can be seen and where you can heal.

We are all immersed in a society that is all about fear - It promotes a need to protect ourselves from each other and in doing so, we learn to put on a facade in order to come across in a specific way. This facade takes a lot of energy to maintain and it ends up draining self-confidence because you are permanently telling yourself that the real you is not good enough for the world and so you need to have this facade to hide behind.

Coming into the group will demolish that idea.

As you allow yourself to be truly yourself with me in the group, you will release the need to hide.

You will rediscover the beauty and awesomeness of your inner being.

You will feel loved and cared for.

You will start uncovering the layers that have kept you from the life you desire

You will regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of your life.

You will regain the confidence to make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

All I ask is that you come into the group with a willingness to be your REAL, TRUE DESIGN self.

No lurking.

No putting on facades.

We are all in this together.

This is the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE REVOLUTION and you are welcome to join in.


These livestreams serve 2 purposes

1. To teach you simple spiritual practices that will supercharge your ability to manifest money quickly

2. Whether you feel lost or overwhelmed on your spiritual journey or you are facing real everyday life challenges/obstacles that prevent you from living your true design life, the LLD livestream will support you in moving forward. See it as your own personal 'Agony Aunt'/spiritual advisor - you do not have to figure things out alone anymore

Twice a week or more (depending on the number of questions that come into the group), Rosemary Nonny Knight - the Money Minister - comes into the group to offer intuitive guidance, support and wisdom to help you navigate any difficulties you may be facing. Whether you're struggling with financial restriction, relationship issues, health problems, or just feeling stuck in your spiritual growth, I am here to listen and offer practical, actionable advice to help you move forward.

Within the Incubator, you'll have the opportunity to share your challenges and ask questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment and then during the 'Live Life Deliberately' livestream event, I intuitively discern exactly what you need to do next to prosper in whatever area of life, as in, personalized guidance and advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, drawing on wisdom gleaned from connecting with the Divine. You will get crystal clear clarity on your next moves. No more indecision. This is what private clients pay thousands to access and now you can access this wisdom more cost-effectively as long as you are willing to ask for support in the group. 

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just starting out on your journey, the 'LIVE LIFE DELIBERATELY' event is a valuable resource to help you stay on track, overcome obstacles, and stay connected to your true purpose and values. So make sure to take advantage of it when you join EVOLUTION for just $7 a month

6. The Weekly OPULENCE Experience

This is a powerful, high-vibe, 90 minute-long weekly event (over ZOOM) where you will open up to ever-increasing prosperity in all areas of your life.

Expect to get into Theta (a more relaxed) brainwave state with live music and affirmations within the first 10 minutes of the Experience and expect to connect more deeply to The Divine. Your money blocks will be cleared because you are in a more receptive state for new, empowering beliefs. The music will raise your energy and normal emotional set-point, the affirmative words will speak new life into you and you will become a clearer channel for Divine love and for prosperity in every area of life.

The answer to every prayer is YES but if you have been blocked within yourself for some time, you can be sure that your answers have not been getting through. This OPULENCE EXPERIENCE is designed to clear the way within you to receive your answers. The Divine withholds nothing and now as you attend these weekly events, you can expect to start seeing more of the things you have been asking for manifesting in your world. No more will you just work harder and harder to get nowhere, your efforts will suddenly start to be more productive.

Each OE compounds so that the more of these you attend LIVE, the freer, the clearer, the lighter you become.

DO NOT MISS THIS! Building a successful, wealthy, purpose-aligned life ALWAYS goes beyond just taking lots of physical action. You must handle the inner parts of your subconscious mind that will sabotage your results. The OPULENCE EXPERIENCE is EXACTLY what you need to be set free to thrive and prosper, not just in business but also in EVERY SINGLE area of life.


Life is easier, happier and more peaceful when you are receiving and acting on wisdom from the Divine.

And as you feel better, safer and more confident in how loved you are, you will expand into greater prosperity in all areas of life as you receive personal messages directly to your heart.

It is inevitable that closer contact with the Divine will empower you to live at a higher level than ever before.

When caught up in the daily noise, nonsense and drama of life, it can be so hard to hear what the Divine is saying to you.  You can feel disconnected and alone but it does not have to be that way.

Choose now to add EVOLUTION to your life and you will…

✅ Feel Renewed & Re-energized Every Morning

✅ Hear The Deep Still Voice Of The Divine Bringing you peace in The Midst Of The Noise, Nonsense & Drama Of Daily Life

✅ Deepen Your Connection To The Divine

✅ Heal your body and eliminate low-level sadness and depression

✅ Open up to increased prosperity as you open up to the Divine

✅ Discover more meaning and fulfilment in your life as you get increased clarity on your TRUE DESIGN vision

✅ Experience greater financial abundance as you are guided to next level opportunities for wealth and success

✅ Feel a deeper sense of peace and calm, rather than the overwhelm and anxiety that tends to dog you.

✅ Feel Increasingly self-confident as you start to realise just how loved and worthy you are.

✅ Experience more empowering relationship dynamics as you become more self-assured and begin dropping the old stories that have controlled your every interaction

✅ Evolve your relationships as you attract higher level connections and draw out the best from those around you

✅ Dissolve old painful recurring patterns as you set yourself free to be free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched

✅ Experience the winning combination of a richer spiritual life while also growing in prosperity in every area of life

If you are fed up with feeling disconnected from your Source of power, wisdom, love, clarity, joy, peace & confidence and you are ready now to reestablish a deep connection to Source and evolve into a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life, click the button below to join EVOLUTION for just $7 a month



  • Going from being a pharmacist to more than replacing my income within 18/24 months in my own multi-6 figure real estate business
  • Making my transition to a more fulfilling career as THE MONEY MINISTER where I get to combine my passion for empowering people with my desire to create wealth for myself and my family.
  • The creation of about 12 books (including Amazon Bestsellers), over 12000 empowering posts, videos that daily empower over 137000 people every hour of the day - This is a huge part of my purpose
  • The creation of my first music album and I am in the process of creating more.
  • The creation of a 21 year marriage (It will be 23 years on August 31st since we officially started dating) to my amazing hubby
  • The releasing of over 35 pounds of excess body fat

There is so much more I could tell you but this is not about me...

It is about you, realising that you too can access Divine wisdom and you can understand spiritual law and I can help...

EVOLUTION came out of conversation with the Divine. I had got into the habit of sharing these Divine downloads with my clients and it had been shifting them, even more than my teaching on strategies and tactics were. The Divine dropped the thought into my heart that more people need to access this, particularly those who feel unable to confidently hear the Divine for themselves.

And so, EVOLUTION was created and I am excited to share it with you.

Whatever you desire out of life, you can be sure that there is a Divine solution to every physical problem and as you choose to daily receive and USE these downloads, you will feel yourself being drawn into deeper connection with the Divine. What I send you will begin to seem like a prompt to prime the pump within you.

The more and more you practise with the Downloads I send you, the easier it becomes to hear and trust your own direct connection to Source.

And that is why you are not tied in to any specific length of contract - A month may be enough to prime the pump within you or maybe you need 5 years or maybe something in between- Whatever option is okay because I assure you the Divine is not short on strategies to get you where you want to go. The only limitation is your ability to hear and your willingness to then act upon what you hear.

For now, come on in...

Set aside at least 30 minutes each morning (Mornings are my preference, not a rigid rule)

Start the Daily ritual and then open up your email program, access the email you will receive from me each morning with the freshest wisdom from the Divine...

Read it - 2 minutes

Allow the words to percolate in your mind and heart

Read the affirmation or journal on the prompt - 5 minutes

And then just allow whatever is within you to flow on out - You will be surprised at how easy it feels to hear and record what the Divine is speaking to you. YOu may even think it is just you talking to yourself but the level of profound wisdom you will start to record will leave you in no doubt that this comes from the Divine within you.

And then come share your thoughts in group, let me intuitively speak into your life as you ask your questions and share where you are in life. Let me teach you deep spiritual principles that supercharge your ability to manifest/create whatever you set your mind and heart upon.

I will help you see the really easy next steps that will create financial happiness for you

You can expect to experience spiritual evolution, more peace, more happiness, better relationships and greater financial abundance.

Come now...

If you are an action-oriented spiritual person DETERMINED to live life to the fullest while leaving behind the pain, the noise, nonsense and drama of everyday life, then come now and click the button below to start your evolution into a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life


Start Immediately To Listen To This Video Training I did To Explain The Process Of Freeing Yourself In the Different Areas Of Life. Expect To Be Surprised By the Places That Have Kept You Bound Up In A Life That Is Far Beneath Your True Potential.

If you are fed up with trying to figure life out alone, Join EVOLUTION Now

Expect the first divine download early in the morning the day after you join in (Monday To Friday). Today, get yourself a notebook, if you do not already have one and earmark it for your spiritual practice. Start listening to the bonus program, and listen to the 14 Day Manifestation Experiment and start your journey to becoming deeply connected to the Divine and an irresistible magnet for more money than you know what to do with.