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"I WISH IT DID NOT END - Thank you so so much for sharing this with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a new mindset, a new way to be when I’ve suffered with excruciating low self esteem and no confidence my whole life. I’m gutted it’s the end! I have really enjoyed reading and will absolutely take so much from this. Thank you for your love, kindness. Honesty and so much more your CONFIDENCE book has given me. Thank you   thank you again much love ️ xxxxx KB

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"CHANGING LIVES, CHANGING MINDS - Rosemary Nonny Knight has hit her stride with The Deliberate Millionaire's Freedom Book. Her personal exuberance is evident with every page. She is changing lives by changing minds; from her own life's lessons she implores the reader to reach far beyond cultural, religious, familial and professional boundaries. Her challenges are liberating me. Thank you, Rosemary!" - CS 

"Fantastic book! Rosemary shows you how to achieve personal and financial freedom without feeling guilty about it. As you turn each page, you really do feel a sense of her wanting you to push yourself forward so that you can succeed in obtaining the life that you want. This book is a jewel for giving you the courage to break away from the defined norms of what life should be like and to deliberately create a life the way you want to live it." - MB


CHAPTER 1: Slapped In The Face By The Hands You Loved, Fed & Would Have Given Your Life For

CHAPTER 2: Where The F**k Is The Divine When You Need Him?

CHAPTER 3 - When Being Brilliant Is Not The Safest Thing To Be

CHAPTER 4 - When Choice Is Taken Away

CHAPTER 5 - Beaten Up For Being Brave

CHAPTER 6 - 7 Ideas For Handling The Fear That Freezes You In The Past

CHAPTER 7 - The Throwaway Baby & Friend

CHAPTER 8 – Rejected For Being Myself

 CHAPTER 9 – Financially Destitute For Being Helpful

 CHAPTER 10 – Owning The Power

CHAPTER 11 - It's Time For Confession

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You Can Expect to...

 ✅ Stop holding back on taking advantage of the opportunities available to you

 ✅ Start speaking your mind and asking for what you want out of life.

 ✅ Dissolve the self-doubt that keeps you from going places, making new friends, starting THAT business, making the difference you want to make.

 ✅ Stop paying so much attention to what other people think of you

 ✅ Start feeling very proud of who you are & what you have been through

 ✅ Truly appreciate your own importance so that you stop downplaying your strengths

 ✅ Become a lot more self-assured, assertive and focused so that you do increase your income, create empowering relationships, gain body confidence and youthful energy, do meaningful, fulfilling work that feels more like play than 'work'.

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Let me explain a little more…

You are that person who has created some success and you are that person who SHOULD be happy with it because you have more than most. However, you are not happy and you wonder if you are just a little too greedy or maybe you just want too much and so you procrastinate and dither on trying to go for the big dreams.

This is about reinventing your life, not because there is anything majorly wrong with your current one – At least not to people looking on the outside in but because YOU KNOW you are meant for more.

Your life is disappearing before your eyes and you are nowhere near where you thought you would be by now…

You are not impacting the people or making the money you had hoped to be making…

Rosemary Nonny Knight

You are not all that much in love with yourself anymore, if you ever were…

You are living to fulfil the agendas of many others but struggle to get your own true vision off the ground…

You feel resentful (though you may not admit it because you do have a loving, giving heart) that you do not seem to have the time to follow your own pursuits while everyone else is being supported, BY YOU, to get theirs…

And yet, your lack of deep inner confidence keeps you stalling


Because honey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I was you, once upon a time.

Pretending that I had it all sorted.

People looked up to me, even before I became a pharmacist and had the house, 2 cars, cleaner and the trappings of wealth…

(I have always been leader though I shied from it thinking that dampening out my drive was ‘humble’ and a ‘good’ thing to do.)

And yet, I had none of the freedom.

Because there were all these rules of what I was allowed to do and what I was not…

Relationships that manipulated me…

Religion that stifled me and kept me from real relationship with the Divine…

I was shrouded in fear, guilt and shame…

And finally, after hitting the rock-bottom of bankruptcy and depression (which still no one saw – they still thought I GOT IT!), I decided to reinvent my life.

And I did.

Within 18 months, I had started a business and replaced my full-time pharmacist income…

I started saying ‘FUCK NO’ unapologetically to anything and anyone that did not take me closer to my vision…

And now, I have built 2 businesses that surpassed my pharmacist income…

I have had the plastic surgery (#Operationbiggerboobssmallerwaist) I dreamt off…

Been to various different countries all round the world, just because I wanted to…

Worked with millionaire coaches to immerse my mind in greater opportunities and possibilities (I now see just how small my life had become!)…

I am closer than ever before to the Divine and helping others do the same…


And I have helped lots of clients with that too…

I got over my sad family story with lots of fear, sexual abuse, physical abuse and so on to live free of the rules, traditions and all that nonsense, some of which you will hear about in the book.

Honey I reinvented my life and now, I help other driven spiritual people, like you, to do the same.

So, are you still feeling indecisive?

Leave now – this is not for the weak -minded!

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