You’re about to build and grow a spiritual business that will change your life, your family's life and the lives of everyone you’re connected to!

Calling New Or Experienced Coaches, Healers Or Holistic Practitioners...

Here's How To Consistently & Predictably Attract Paying Clients That Love Your Work & Go From Zero To A Realistic 10k Per Month, Even If You Have Not Done It Before, Have Limited Time And Nobody's Ever Heard Of You

LET'S BE HONEST - You had thought you would be living out your calling profitably by now.

You had thought that you would not be going through the same internal fears, with the same doubts and worries, at this point in your life

You were sure that you would have been making a difference, changing lives, impacting and influencing the world by now

And you also knew that your financial situation would be one of abundance & relaxation by now

And yet...

Here you are...

Life is not where you thought it would be

Instead what you have is regret that you have wasted so much time...

And disappointment in yourself because you KNOW you are capable of so much more

You KNOW you are called to help others with the skills, wisdom and knowledge inside you

You have been through & overcome so much

There is so much you have inside of you to teach & help others with

You KNOW their difficulties

You KNOW their pain

And you KNOW you can help (except in those moments when self-doubt makes you feel unworthy and those moments are becoming your whole life!)

You want to help people heal

You want to coach them, counsel them, EMPOWER them to live in their true design

You feel deeply called to do it and you long to make helping others your life...

You even have some, or a lot of, training to help them...

And yet...

Here you are...

Trapped in a career/job/business that drains you with its purposelessness...

But hey, it pays the bills

Or maybe, you are doing ANOTHER course that you hope will make you feel confident enough to get out there to start changing lives

You hope that if someone ELSE endorses you with ANOTHER certificate then you will finally be ready and feel sure and feel confident

Even though doing that course is taking time, energy and money away from your family

Everyday, you feel the pain of embarrassment & regret as you, once again, feel like you have let your family down by not living to the fullness of your potential

Because YOU KNOW!

You ABSOLUTELY KNOW! that you are meant for more than this struggle life

And yet, here you are...


Feeling like nothing you do ever seems to work...

While at the same time, knowing that you are not doing the things that you need to do to get your message out into the world...

Knowing that you are holding back...

Knowing that you are playing scared...

Are you done yet?

Is it ENOUGH yet?

Is the pain of stagnancy painful enough yet?

Are you ready to take simple, simple, SIMPLE steps to make your first $100k within 12 months while doing what you love and feel called to do?

The time will pass anyway

And you can stay here, full of regrets and wishes and disappointments, telling yourself that nothing ever works for you


You can DECIDE to RISE!

You can choose to learn and do simple, SIMPLE things to grow your business, step by step

And this time next year, EVERYTHING can be different...

Let me help


If you are fed up with waiting for your real life to begin and you are ready now to go from feeling stagnant, stuck and frustrated to having your own 6 figure spiritual business that helps people and sets you and your family up financially, click the button below and let's get started.

Your First Part Is Delivered The Morning After You Join


Enough regrets

Enough disappointment

Enough procrastinating

It is time to RISE VICTORIOUS in your true design

And it is not that difficult to do

Your mind is lying to you to keep you stuck in a life that seems safe but feels dreadful as you daily, bury your true self away and try to be whatever the world has told you that you have to be.

It is time to BREAK FREE from all of that

It is time to RISE!

Now is the time for fortune restoration and expansion



✅ Each day for 14 days, you will receive a single step - A simple single step delivered via audio &/or text. All you need to do is DO IT!

✅ Each day, you will receive simple inner work strategy as well because you are not stalled due to lack of practical capability, it is mental and emotional blocks that have been keeping you from your destiny so I need to support you in managing those or else, you will not do the simple practical step each day.

✅ In this 14 days, you will deepen your connection to the Divine which will also bolster your inner man and cause you to keep taking the next step

✅ In this 14 days, you will build out a 6 figure spiritual business and as long as you keep doing the simple daily steps, you will absolutely hit 6 figures in a lot less than 12 months

It does not matter how technical you are. If I can do this stuff, ANYONE can

All that matters is that you are FED UP with making excuses

And you Are WILLING to be consistent.

And of course, it is a business you are building, you will need to invest time, energy and about $100 to get all this off the ground

Are you in?


(Limited Number Available)

The Deliberate Millionaire's


One-On-One Coaching Consultation ($597)

During this 25 minute session, we will work together to ...

- Get crystal clear clarity on your ultimate business vision, your product/service/offer, your income goals and identify a simple, swift path to get there

- Discover the hidden challenges that keep you procrastinating, second-guessing and holding back from creating the income you want.

You will leave this session...

✅ Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire

✅ Knowing how you can make the most of the Bootcamp to achieve your goals, demolish all money blocks & boldly claim the free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life you desire and deserve

✅ Knowing if it is a fit for us to work together in Money-Making Messenger Of Light or The RISE Membership Your choices will be presented. There is no obligation for you to work with me

You will leave this session inspired and empowered to achieve your goals.


This only works, if you work it.

If you are someone who needs hand-holding before you stay consistent with anything then this is not going to work for you...

This is only for action-oriented spiritual people who KNOW they are meant for more and are willing to do what it takes to create the more.

The actions I describe are rather simple, so simple that you may be tempted to jump days, to overcomplicate it, to tell yourself that it cannot work for you

And if you allow that inner craziness to win, you will fail.

Ultimately, it is consistency and a firm refusal to quit that will change your life. This bootcamp is the foundation of your 6 figure spiritual business but if you will not do it consistently for 14 days straight and beyond, please do not bother to buy it.


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The 6 Figure Spiritual Business Bootcamp

"I listened to your webinar today for the 7 day prosperity surprise. After listening at lunchtime I went out to buy a journal to devote to this . I am already aligning to prosperity as this afternoon I received two free bunches of flowers , a reduced bus ticket from a driver who was singing and happy !!, I saw the numbers 222 on my taxi home , and been seeing the word ' BIG jumping out at me from billboards and messages . I am getting into alignment and looking forward to the surprises popping up this week"  

- JF  

"I am on day 6 of this experiment and I am so happy with my results - it’s hard to believe the power of doing these simple things! But it has had such a positive effect on my life - I am more open to learning from others and receiving. Oh and for actual physical results I have had a new sign up to my business opportunity and 2 messages unexpected from people interested!!  

Thank you so much Rosemary N Knight and to others I encourage you to put your all into it and expect to see prosperity"  

- SD  

"Hi RNK! It was a really amazing week. While I did not win the lottery (which would be too easy and the Universe is asking that I actually add value to the world for my money 😂) I did have some AMAZING spiritual shifts and last night, by pure “coincidence” stumbled across a posting for my dream job."  

- ML