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Heal & Grow Rich

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HEAL & GROW RICH [50% DISCOUNT] - 7 Part Audio Program For Inner healing: Release the blocks that prevent your PROSPEROUS TRUE DESIGN LIFE now.  

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Starting Immediately, you will receive an audio and a worksheet with simple actions to take to support your healing.  

🔴 Discover how to stop being plagued by negative images, thoughts, feelings and memories  

🔴 Discover how to handle self-doubt so that it stops keeping you from your true destiny of prosperity  

🔴 Discover how to eliminate generational pass-me-downs that are still holding you in a familial pattern that you want to break free of  

🔴 Get clear on what relationships in your life are simply holding you back and keeping you from your good and what to do about them  

🔴 Did something someone say over you or your belongings bind you up in a fear pattern that you long to see broken? Here’s how to handle it  

🔴 Find out how to get away from the continual repeating of certain words someone else spoke over you  

🔴 Discover what parts of you need healing so that you are no longer trapped and playing out the wounded heart pattern that will never allow you to prosper  

🔴 Learn why you keep going for the same relationships with different partners. It always starts so promising and somehow, it ends up the same  

🔴 Free yourself to see how you can begin living out the calling on your life to make a difference while at the same time creating wealth  

🔴 Clear the pathways for prosperity to come to you: Prosperity in your relationships, health, wealth and the work that you do.