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14 Day Experiment For The Deliberate Life Community
14 Day Experiment For The Deliberate Life Community




"I listened to your webinar today for the 7 day prosperity surprise. After listening at lunchtime I went out to buy a journal to devote to this . I am already aligning to prosperity as this afternoon I received two free bunches of flowers , a reduced bus ticket from a driver who was singing and happy !!, I saw the numbers 222 on my taxi home , and been seeing the word ' BIG jumping out at me from billboards and messages . I am getting into alignment and looking forward to the surprises popping up this week"  

- JF  

"I am on day 6 of this experiment and I am so happy with my results - it’s hard to believe the power of doing these simple things! But it has had such a positive effect on my life - I am more open to learning from others and receiving. Oh and for actual physical results I have had a new sign up to my business opportunity and 2 messages unexpected from people interested!!  

Thank you so much Rosemary N Knight and to others I encourage you to put your all into it and expect to see prosperity"  

- SD  

"Hi RNK! It was a really amazing week. While I did not win the lottery (which would be too easy and the Universe is asking that I actually add value to the world for my money 😂) I did have some AMAZING spiritual shifts and last night, by pure “coincidence” stumbled across a posting for my dream job."  

- ML

What You Get:

  •  A video and audio training that you have access to forever  
  • Revealed: 7 simple things to do for the 14 days to open up to more prosperity - If you will do these things, you need nothing else to step into a prosperous existence  
  • Discover how to apply prosperity principles that you have probably been hearing about since birth as a spiritual person but you did not know how to make them work for you  
  • Discover one major reason why spiritual people do not achieve the prosperity they know they are born for and how to overcome that  
  • Discover ONE thing you are doing that keeps you stuck and trapped in your current life experience when you KNOW you are born for so much more.  
  • Discover how to live a charmed life where you are speaking to the mountains (obstacles) and seeing them moved swiftly in your life  
  • Discover why affirmations have not worked for you in the past and how to handle that  
  • Understand fully why it is imperative that you use this information to prosper financially and in every other area of life  
  • OPTIONAL BONUS: A simple checklist is made available to you with the 7 simple steps  

I can't wait for you to join us on this journey.

I guarantee this experiment is going to expand your ability to create a prosperous life IN ALL AREAS...

🔴 Empowering loving relationships  

🔴 Work that you wake up excited to take part in - It is fulfilling and it makes a difference and you adore it!  

🔴 Money flowing easily for everything and anything you choose to do and have  

🔴 A body that feels energised, vital and healthy  

🔴 A deep, loving and uplifting spiritual connection to your Source

This will equip you to prosper and the community will support you in keeping it going until you truly return to your true design